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Infants and the pool

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My wife and I disagree on when it is appropriate to take our new twins to the YMCA for a swim. Can anyone speak authoritativly on the subject of infants in pools? They are 9 weeks old and I say lets do it!
Dw says no way...chlorine is bad for their skin, etc., etc.
And I'm all "c'mon it'll be rad"
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I was told 6 months by my step-mom who is a NICU nurse. Really a bummer because I'm ready to do it, too.
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Interesting. I was told we could take our firstborn in at 3 months. The twins though I waited until they were a little older (I think they were 5 months) because they were always sick with rsv. Our ped said he took his kids starting at 3 months.
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I took my daughter in at 2 months, and they start infant swimming "lessons" here at 4 months.
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i took my oldest a couple of weeks old. Do they do bath time well? After six weeks they are fine to go in the pool. Its not like you are goingto drop them in and let them swim, so take them and let them enjoy the water. I'm sure they will have fun.
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oh yeah with our twins we did take them to a water park when they were 4 weeks old. Our second was about the same age as well.
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I'd feel comfortable around 2-3 months depending on the baby. The biggest worry is keeping them warm enough- they can get chilled easily in those early months.

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I taught swimming lessons for 12 years, and I didn't usually take kiddos under 6 months. Let me say though, that this was not just based on age, but also size, whether the babe was premature, and the season. Swallowing pool water is really problematic for small infants. It is not just the chemicals/ possible bacteria in the water, which are not good, it the fact of swallowing a quantity of ANY water. Would you give your little ones a bottle of plain water to drink at their age? If not hold off on the swimming for a bit. There is plenty of time.
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Water play should be fine and fun, I think. Just as an fyi, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend swim lessons until age 4.
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i can't remember exactly - I know for sure we went to a hotel with a pool for my birthday and they were 5 months old (3 adjusted) and this was in august in miami. I am almost positive this was not their first time in the pool but I can't say 100%

actually if I go watch the video maybe we said on the video "aww this your first time in the pool!" or something like that LOL
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I can see why the AAP says age 4. Children younger than that lack the gross motor skills, coordination, and plain common sense to actually "swim". Not to mention their feet don't touch the floor. Most kids aren't really independent swimmers until 5 or 6 for the same reason. All of my pre-k lessons for 2 and 3 year old at the YMCA invovled flotation belts, not independent swimming. I think the OP was referring to something like the mommy and me type classes where you swim and just have fun playing and singing together in the water.
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