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Yerba Mate?

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i drink too much coffee. I dunno how I'd get through my day otherwise!


But I'm trying to get healthy now, and pre-babe I used to drink Mate when i quit/cut back on coffee. A midwife told me not to drink mate while pregnant. does anyone have any idea bout drinking it while breastfeeding?

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I don't know, but it does have caffine whih isn't great when nursing.

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I can't tell from your post if you're nursing already or not. If you aren't I would avoid ALL caffeinated drinks when you start. Some resources tell you that up to 5 cups of coffee is OK when nursing. For my twins all it took was ONE . Starbucks gave me the real thing by mistake and DH and I paid for it all night. If you must have some caffeine stick to things that have the least amount. I can get away with a glass of iced tea or one Coke without much problem.
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Actually I've been nursing for four months, and i am one of the lucky ones...dd does fine with me having a cup or two of coffee. I just want to cut back for my own health--and also because even if it doesn't seem to be affecting her, me drinking less couldn't possible do her harm and might be good. ooo but i love my .

My understanding was that yerba mate has a stimulant in it which is imilar to caffiene, but not caffiene., anyone know anything about that?
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