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Early pregnancy signs

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So, any one else with early pregnancy signs? My first sign was fuller tender breasts (starting about a week and a half ago, around 6dpo), and a really vivid dream about getting three positive hpts and nursing a newborn (about 5 days ago, around 10dpo). In the last few days since I got the positive test on Father's Day (around 11dpo), I've also started being hungry about every 2 hours (and when I say hungry, I mean HUNGRY). Plus I suddenly balooned out in the waist, and I'm..ummm.. going through my maternity clothes now looking for something to wear: ... I am only 4 weeks today.. must be some sort of a record. The only sign I'm having concerns about is the occasional cramping, but I'm hoping it's normal... I'm really looking forward to the nausea, which is totally insane since it totally wiped me out during dd's pregnancy. Until then, I'm checking my breasts an average of, oh, about 17,000 times a day to make sure they are still full.
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Hi AstroMom! I'm so excited that there is a March board now, even though I can't actually try to be a member for at least another week, at least I can come here and pretend!

Congratulations on your BFP!

I don't have any signs yet, but it's way to early to tell. My breasts were a little sore this morning, but that's to be expected anyway. They're usually pretty tender before AF.

Last month, I was just sure I was pregnant and my breasts were huge monsters and so so so tender. I could barely keep my hands off them! I think my husband wondered what the heck was wrong with me when every time he looked at me I was groping myself!

Hoping for a pisces!:
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Originally Posted by grapejuicemama

I think my husband wondered what the heck was wrong with me when every time he looked at me I was groping myself!
That's hilarious! My DH has gotta feel the same way. But that's really REALLY frustrating that mother nature did that to you!! I would have lost my mind. I hope that this is your month and you'll get a BFP soon!!! So you'll test in about a week?
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My only sign is being extra cranky. Early on I had Braxton-Hicks-like contractions.

My poor family!

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Congratulations on your BFP Mizelenius! Yep, crankiness. I forgot to add crankiness! (And oh, yeah, forgetfulness.) I already have a really short temper to begin with which I am always struggling to keep at bay, so it's quite challenging to me right now to keep from yelling at everyone. Luckily my DH has an awesome sense of humor and is good at diffusing things. I envy his patience. I hate being crabby!!

I wonder if your BH-like contractions were anything like my crampiness I have going on. That's what I would describe it as too -- definitely a contracting feeling. The thing is, I've read that it can just be normal stretching, but why would a stretching uterus feel like a contracting uterus? It's a bit disconcerting. I just never felt this in any of the other pregnancies. Oh well... the two that ended in m/c started with spotting, not cramping, so I'm trying to just accept it as normal even though the worry creeps in occasionally.
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Congratulations Miz!

Yes, Astro, I do plan on testing in 6 days. Next Thursday. If I can hold out that long!

My breasts have gotten huge over night. I woke up this morning from sleeping on my back and as soon as I sat up and gravity kicked in, they felt huge and heavy. Let the groping begin.........

I'm normally like a 36B, so I really love the way they look when they swell. I just wish it didn't hurt! By the time they shrink again, it can be such a relief.
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I am hoping to join you guys. My smallest is 6 years old so it is hard to remember what signs I had when I got pregnant with her 7 years ago. I hope my breasts don't swell: they are already gigantic to begin with and get in the way of everything. I have this strange burning pain on my right side down low, but I have had it for a week and only getting BFNs. I think it is a ovarian cyst. I am now either 8 or 4 DPO, and still really being hopeful. I want to test in the morning tomorrow.
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Nichole, that's so great! I really hope this is it!! Thursday is slowly getting closer... I can't wait to see how it goes for you!!

CarolynnMarilynn, I hope you'll be able to join us too! I have no thoughts about what the burning pain could be, but it sounds very painful.
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It may sound weird, but honestly, I knew while we were dtd that I was getting pregnant. I had this overwhelming urge to procreate. It was the best sex ever! It just felt right in every way. I knew while, 20 minutes after, the next two days and every day up until I got my BFP.

The physical signs I had were having to pee more often, pimples, vivid dreams, hungry in the middle of the night. I know that when I started to get in my head, "oh, maybe I'm not pregnant, is that a line? Another BFN!" it sucked. When I just listened to my body I knew that I was pregnant. My body always knows.
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Congrats to all the March mamas!!

I too had very vivid dreams starting 8 DPO or so, about BFPs and slinging a newborn. I knew I was pregnant. I just had to wait for the BFP to show up. And show up it did! I have no real pregnancy symptoms, just I'm very hungry constantly and I am taking naps with my DD every day.
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well just posting i don't know if i will be sticking around or not, as i haven't tested or anything. In the past week and a half i have had Three pregnancy dreams, although in one it was my two who sisters were pregnant. plus one of my sisters had a pregnancy dream and one of my friends had two dreams, in one of them two other people were pregnant but she isn't sure who. That friend and i are testing tomorrow. can't say about tender breast as i am breastfeeding a 6 month old. i was insanely tired for a couple of days.

well baby woke up, maybe i will be back

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Hey, I guess I'm officially joining all of you here. I just got my BFP today, and I can hardly wrap my mind around it.

No symptoms at all here; this will be my third and I know I never feel anything until at least 6 weeks. With both DD and DS, my first symptom was always a massive craving for dairy products, and mild nausea whenever I went a half hour without food. So I'm figuring it'll be the same this time.
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Sore breasts, cramping, and complete giddiness. That's it so far. Well, and no bleeding!

Although I think I might be more hungry, and a little more tired.
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I got (still having) shooting pains in my breasts and nipples. I also had a terrible taste/dry mouth. Oh, and tightness in my belly.
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Last night I realized I was 3-5 days late, and then the nipple tenderness when ds2 nursed made sense. I'm starting the peeing all the time, but no nausea yet, thank goodness! Here's a wierd one -- my sweat (non pit, lol) smells different...strange...
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I had plenty of symptoms when I had NO IDEA I was pregnant, but looking back now it all makes sense! I couldn't get out of bed in the morning (DH was late for work several days cos he was taking care of lthe ittle one!), I had bouts of lightheadedness - I put it down to the weather (all those storms we had in the NE), and I was STARVING (I put that down to the WW diet I had been doing for 6 weeks!). Now I am 5 weeks today, and I am getting tireder by the day, and light nausea has set in. I'm hoping it won't be as bad this time around, since with #1 it was a pretty rough 2 months.
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I've been cranky, absent-minded, and forgetful. I feel like I'm starving half the time, too! Mild nausea, and mild cravings (so far). Oh, and I've been exhausted!
Plus, I had two dreams about a girl a couple of weeks ago.
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I'm starving! Also a day or two late and my temps are remaining high (I chart).
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So far for me besides the + hpt is non-stop peeing!! I never had this problem before and thought people were making it up lol. Also my mind has been racing a million miles a minute making me stay up all hours of the night and making for very light sleep.
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oOOoo, yea, lightheadedness, I had (have!) that, or rather got it much worse than usual. Also a slight increase in urination, I think, but that's not really something I keep track of. Although when I was in airports and on the phone with DP, I'd tell him I had just gone to the bathroom, would talk to him for half an hour, then say "hmm, need to pee, where's the nearest restroom?" He totally laughed at me and said "You're so pregnant!!"
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