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Yup to the lightheadedness -- my sis got married yesterday, and everytime there was a prayer I'd start to close my eyes, only to realize that I needed them open to stay standing! And the gagging when I brush my (back) teeth has started this morning. Also the not wanting to eat -- everything sounds lousy, but being HUNGRY... this is how I lose a good 10 lbs. with every pregnancy...makes for a cute preggo belly later on, though. I am SO getting semi-nude preggo pics taken this time!

I also just realized that since I O'ed I've been losing my hair -- that always happens in my 1st and "4th" trimester. I should have known the day after we dtd, lol.
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So, I've heard about breast tenderness--but this is more than tender. Wholly cow! Feels like boulders are hanging from my nipples. I've changed bras and shirts 3 times this am trying to find something that doesn't make it worse! Can't go bra-less that's for sure. I think I'm off to the store today.

And bloated--I can't believe how full my belly is. How strange, this whole journey!
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Yea, I don't know if "tender" is the right word. "Tenderized" maybe...
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Here was my day: decide to go to the store to buy new bra-visit bathroom before leaving-get to store-go to bathroom-try on a million bras and buy one-go to the bathroom-go home-go to the bathroom, etc, etc. I'm excited to be pregnant, but this is getting annoying!

and the smell in my house is Killing me! right now!

(and I might be a bit cranky)
This gets better right?
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I've been peeing more, but that means every 2 hours with one getting up at night, instead of every 4-6, with an 8 hour break at night. I can't imagine needing to pee even more (Well, I won't have to imagine it - just gotta wait 7 months or so!)

So you found a good bra?
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Think I'm pregnant

Too early to test. Don't want to get my hopes up, but really want to be. Stressing about soy, now, since I read scary stuff online. Worried about diet since we're now a cow-milk-free house. Ugh, how soon can I test?
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hehehe, ok well mine were a bit odd compared to everyone elses...but i had my first clue when we went on our daily walk and it was much hotter than normal, i went to the bathroom at the library (halfway through our walk) and there was a tiny drop of light pink blood on the tp...that was my first BIG clue...the other is a bit grosser, but i never have a hard bm when i'm preggers, it always looks like i'm on colace...and nightly heartburn....those three were my biggest hints
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Arwyn--Thought I found a good one (bra), but wearing it right now, its a bit annoying--Arghh, I think that I am impossible to satisfy right now. Is that an early preg symptom.

Re, umm, bowels (is this tmi?), that is weird too! I posted a question re; constipation on the midwife list, learned some good things there. Beginning to suspect it is my vitamin. Can't win for loosing right now. And dh is going crazy trying to feed me something I like after 2 bites. What a guy!

It is amazing that I could live in this body for 34 years and now have everything change so quickly.
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My early symptoms were *extreme* tiredness and implantation spotting. I have felt off since O.
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no nreal symptons yet....well I don't think they are but could be.
had a positive test. reason for taking the test. it hurst when either dd bumped into it. i feel bloated and hungry all the time. and heart burn but I can get heart burn due to allergies (which I have right now)
I was very tired with last dd and moderately naseous.
at least from what i can remember
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I have been *really* tired and cranky.
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Little bit of nausea and light headedness today. Definitely tired, but didn't sleep well a couple nights ago, so still catching up, but still don't want to get my hopes up prematurely!
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