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17 months = NO naps???

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My just about 17 months old DS gave up two naps at about 11 months. Now it seems he isn't wanting to take a nap somedays at all - these are very, very long days.

I truly believe he is not getting enough sleep. He sleeps 8-10 hours at night. He looks horrible somedays, eyes glassy, sunken, and he can be cranky at times. He is a super mellow kid, so even his cranky isn't all that bad. He refuses to sleep for me, I haven't been able to get him to sleep at all in the past two weeks without putting him in the car for a ride ($$$$)....he still takes two naps when he's home with just DH though and he'll nap well for my mom or sister when they watch him. So what am I doing wrong?!?!? They all are able to just rock him or read a book with him.

I've tried nursing to sleep - doesn't work any more. Rocking - he nurses while rocking until his eyes are doing the rolling thing, then "boom" his up and wants to get down. He won't rock with me without nursing. We lay down in bed, on the floor, on the couch. We read, listen to quiet music. We've tried walking in the stroller, ERGO, biking...

It used to be until about 13 months that I had to stand and sway to music to get him to sleep. I can't do that anymore, I have such a bad back and it was getting so bad I couldn't walk.

So what to do? I gave up today and have tried a few times to get him to sleep and he just won't - so forget it. Maybe I'll just give up entirely and never try to let him nap, let him get sick because he's so tired....feeling very snotty right now... Anyone else have a babe that won't sleep for them, but will for anyone else? I'm starting to wonder if I'd be better off having him go to a daycare or somewhere, at least maybe he'd get sleep...
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My dd, now 19 months had that same problem. She was never a really good napper so it was always a struggle. I started standing and rocking in a very dark quiet room and that seemed to help. I would also lie down with her because she would wake up if she felt me leaving. Didn't get a lot done but the nap was totally worth it.

I also find getting out and doing something helps nap time. Get her tired, but NOT exhausted. It is harder when she is over tired.

Good luck
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Naps were always a struggle w/my dd too. I finally gave up fighting her to take a nap when she was 21 mo (now 28 mo) because we'd both end up in tears and it wasn't worth it. She did fine all day w/out a nap until about 4-5pm. She was still going to be at 8pm. She still woke up alot a night. She was sleep deprived. Then I read the No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and watched for signs of her being tired. She now goes to bed between 6-6:30pm...WOW what a difference! She started sleeping 4+ hrs straight right away which she had never since she was born. She wakes up at 7am. Getting her outside before 10am to play has also helped her sleep longer at night (last night she slept 6+ hrs straight). Also she's been having some fruits in the am before going out and then is ready for a real breakfast after coming inside.
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my 17 month old fought her nap today and it didn't happen after an hour and a half of trying- her naps are on their way out as well- and she is not a mellow child so when she is cranky it's over the moon bad- she banged her head on the floor at around 5 pm purposely in frustration- she just kept banging her head in a fit. I have never seen her do this before- it was scary. She's not mellow but she's usually friendly and happy... anyway- just wanted you to know, you're not alone. Mine wouldn't even sleep in the car today. Spending hours trying to rock a child who isn't tired to sleep is not fun- my patience wears very thin. The only consolation is that children who give up naps often go to bed earlier so you may have more free time in the evening. And you aren't housebound in the middle of the afternoon- you don't have to structure your day around a nap. There's potentially more freedom in it...
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My DD stopped napping completely from about 19 months to about 21 months. I gave it up as a lost cause, and counted myself lucky if I could get her to sit quietly and snuggle on the couch for 10 minutes as a break in the middle of the day. I'd tried everything under the sun, and nothing could get her to sleep during the day.

Amazingly enough, once I'd decided to just roll with it, and stopped pushing her so hard, it only took about a week and a half before she started napping again.

So my experience-won advice would be: let it go for a few days. In a week or two, or maybe a few more weeks, try again. It may just be a phase.
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I find that the quality and length of my daughter's nap depends almost completely on the amount of activity she gets in the morning. On most days, she has breakfast right away and then we're outside playing right away. She sleeps best when we go to a park and I just let her run for two hours. I also find that a protein-rich breakfast, a mid-morning break for fruit and a good lunch will also help her sleep longer.
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No naps

Thanks for your replies. Well, he didn't nap yesterday at all...and we totally do the outside thing all the time...he's an outdoor nut. He crashed at 6pm and wanted to get up at 4am (ugh!). I did manage to settle him back down until 5:30am...so that's good. The bummer is my DH leaves for work at 6:30ish and gets home a little after 5pm, so it's not much daddy time. We'll see what happens.

I do watch his cues closely. It used to be at the first yawn, diaper change, nurse and he'd be asleep (after 30-60 minutes of swaying to music)...now I can't seem to catch him early enough.
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