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A funny question...

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We called one of our friends up after our ds was born and told him the whole story. All about the midwives and filling up the birthing tub in our living room, and how my labour and delivery only took 2 1/2 hours, and how happy we were, etc.

Dh said, "And then, we all got in bed and went to sleep!"

Our friend said, "But then, when did you go to the hospital??"


It took a few minutes of explaining until he realized that it's not necessary to rush a baby to the hospital just because it's been born.

I love that we all have this place to talk here, and I love that so many of us are contributing to changing the views of birthing, parenting, and just plain *being*.

Thanks, everyone
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Welcome and thanks for sharing~isn't it funny how people still perceive birth as a medical event !


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I love talking about my Homeb to my hospb friends.

Even more, I love to talk about homeb to families considering it. A couple years ago, I was on the other side of the room asking the same questions that they are, and now my midwife has taken me on as an apprentice.

OOh, my own funny story. I was considering changing ins. carriers during my pregnancy, and was trying to find one that would cover a homeb. Upon asking that question to one ins. co. rep, she switched to her, "I'm spaeking to a simpleton, " voice.

She said, "We can't reimburse any procedure without someone charging for it." What she meant was that, for example, if I cut my leg and stiched it up myself at home, I could not ask for reimbursement for the going rate from my ins.co.
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I always wonder what people are thinking when I say I had a homebirth and they ALWAYS ask, "Didn't you have a doctor?" like somehow Chiara is deficient because she wasn't hung from her ankles and slapped down on some hospital scale.
My answer always depends on my mood. Sometimes I get all wide eyed and say, "I was supposed to have a doctor?" blink blink. Other times I patiently explain that I had two great midwives and a back up plan blahblah blah. But I guess all the dopey questions are well worth answering if even one person rethinks their tired old ideas about birth being a medical event. And more than one person has said after seeing how alert and happy Chiara is that they think the homebirth and lack of drugs must have something to do with it! So, it's all good. Have a great day everyone!
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