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Big bf baby

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DD is 8 months old and 27 lbs. It is hard to find clothes that fit her right. She's wearing 18mo-2T, but rolled up.
She is not eating solids, just nursing. All day, and ALL night

Ds (who is 2.5 yrs now) was the same way.
But I must have forgotten how much it surprises people. I'm just so used to it, it's all I know. All my babies will be this way I think, as my first 2 have been.

So, what are your suggestions for people's comment? I don't feel the need to justify--So I just 'smile and nod', (can't you just see it)
but I know she's healthy and very happy.

But if they would just listen I would love to just tell them all about it:
She has been crawling for a month, has really great muscle tone and is now pulling herself up to standing.
She's developmentally awesome being able to say "mama" and "dada" and growl sometimes when she means her brother.
Her strength is amazing despite the rolls and chubby belly (y'know those rubber band rolls on the wrists, ankles, elbows and thighs)
She is only breastfed and obviously thriving.
I don't know many babies who are welcome to nurse ALL night.
I don't know many babies that aren't scheduled feeders, Ava nurses whenever she wants/needs.

Okay, I just needed to say these things to people who know and understand and support. Not question and just assume she is not breastfed, or that she eats huge quantities of food. (What do you feed that girl, meat and potatoes??)
My grandparents who we saw when on vacation expressed their concern over her. Argh! I didn't even know where to start with them! They have never even had a baby themselves! (funny, long story. My mom was adopted sort of.)

Anyway, breastmilk is amazing isn't it?

thanks so much!


Mommy to 2 nurslings:
Ava 8.5 months
Jarom 2.5 years
Wife 4yrs
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I have a big-ish baby too. Ds was 23.5 pounds at his 6 month appointment. He's 7 months now and is wearing 18-24 month clothes (like your daughter)

I get tired of the comments. I've taken to turning them around

Them: He is really a big boy - is that okay? He might be too fat. (or some silly variation)

Me: Isn't it great - makes me feel better that if he ever gets sick he'll have lots of stored energy.

Me: Can you imagine how great my milk is? I must make cream! (this is a good one for shocking sales clerks or checkout people who have no business sticking their noses in it)

Me: He's never cold!

Me: Lucky baby, huh? He'll have lots of extra padding when he starts walking!

But my standard reply is: Isn't it wonderful? I'm so lucky to have such a happy, healthy baby.



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