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Let's do a Round robin :)

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One person start a timed writing entry to a story, let's say two minutes. The next person continues the story in the same amount of time. It's OK and good to read the above post before setting your timer

I'll start,

remember, this is a quick, timed writing...don't worry about being 'good', just write, take the story in different directions.

We sat in silence for only a minute, it felt like hours. Time stopped as we gazed into each others eyes. His intense stare bore through me. His face changed before me, morphed into someone I didn't recognize.

My vision clouded as I unfocused my eyes, then he looked away, perhaps I scared him with my fire. I wondered if my face changed as much as his did.

I felt recognized, as if I had been truly seen. I wanted to reach over and kiss him. I wanted his tongue to explore my own. It wouldn't happen though, we were just friends, he saw to that. We sat in silence because there was nothing to say.
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Finally, I broke the silence.

"Well, don't look so smug! What was the big secret you were going to tell me?"

He rocked back in his chair. The tension broken. His face took on a much more sombre expression and I became worried. He really did have something important to tell me! Oh my gosh, did I really want to hear it?

"You've never been one to savour a secret have you Miranda?" he half-joked.

I swallowed. No doubt he could read my emotions clearly on my face. Did he really know how I felt about him? I had tried so hard to hide it. I looked down to avoid giving any more away than I already had.

He opened his mouth to speak, but then hesitated. I braced myself for what was to come next.
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"You know, you're not very pretty when you pout."

Pouting? "I beg your pardon, I must've eaten something that didn't agree with me." I scowled ferociously.

Now he laughed outright, his posture relaxed. "Oh, Randie, you needn't put on airs with me. I've known you, how long now? Since you toddled out of leading-strings, the bane of your brother & I's existence. You really were a dreadful pest, you know."

"I know", I muttered, darkly. Would he never think of me as anything but the nuisancy poppet that dangled after him a decade and more before?
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Noting my irritation, he got to the point.

"Alright Randie, I asked you here because I needed to talk to you alone without all the family distractions."

"I'm listening." I avoided eye contact. Expected the worst.

"I'm ... leaving. Don't know when I'll be back. I bought an open ticket around the world. I just wanted to tell you without Mike and everyone around because I knew ... " his voice trailed off like the steam from my cup of coffee.

"I leave on Monday."

I could tell by his beaming face that he was excited about it. He'd always wanted to travel. As kids he was always relaying exotic information regarding places he was reading about: Cairo, Istanbul, Budapest, Prague.

"Oh, how exciting for you! I'm envious! Have a great trip!"

But I wondered why I was sabotaging any possibility of telling him how I really felt.
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I kissed him on the cheek and walked off. My eyes filled as I thought about going on without seeing him. My heart was breaking.

Suddenly, I had an idea.

I rushed to the bank, to the store, to the travel agents. By dinner time I'd bought my own open-ended ticket, some cheap luggage, a few outfits.

Now, I needed only the courage to follow through. I could hardly just invite myself on his trip!
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What choice did I have now, but to show up?

Monday morning, I threw my bags in a cab and headed to the airport. I knew his first stop was Venice and that he was leaving on the first flight. I checked my bags, made it through the long snaking security line, and finally made it to the boarding area.

I tried to be non-chalant, but my heart was pounding too loud. My face was too red. My hands too sweaty. Then my heart sank and I instantly wished I could melt into the crowd when I spotted him, and realized he already had spotted me. He motioned me over. Those steps, those ten steps were longer, were harder, than the lifelong journey I was about to embark on.

"Randie." He said with tenderness, as he offered me the other coffee cup sitting next to him. "What took you so long? Your coffee is getting cold."
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At that moment I was shaking so hard. I could feel the blood in my body rushing to my head. "Keep it together" I told myself sternly.
I smiled. Not my usual smile. The kind of smile you see on a mothers' face when her child does something embarrassing. It was mocking and seemed fake but was all I could muster.

I took a deep breath and sat down.
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I was so irritated with the both of us. He KNEW i would show up. He knew it so solidly that he bought me a cup of coffee. I was eternally his, and he knew it. He had this power over me, the power to make me do whatever he wants without me even knowing it. It's somehow humiliating and amazing to be known so well. I have issues, though, with being manipulated. I looked at him as he smiled over his cup. He put me through hell, all so that he could save himself the indignity of admitting that he needed me. I suffered greatly the night he told me he was leaving. I cried myself to...well not to sleep because I didn't sleep that night. I cried myself into exhaustion. And I carried self doubt and fear over my plan to surprise him. I was worried that he wanted to get away from me. But this whole time he knew I would come. He made me need him so that he would have the power.

I was about to turn and walk away when he pulled me to him and used that voice, that voice that he knew drove me wild, and whispered in my ear "Randie, I would have never left without you." He put his hand under the hair at the base of my skull and and said "I need you."

It was no use. I melted into him knowing that I was his and that I really didn't want that to change.
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It wasn't until we were sitting side by side in the aircraft that I gave attention to the tiny seed of doubt that was sprouting in my heart. I had been so relieved to be welcomed along on his jaunt and so ecstatic to be welcomed into his arms that I hadn't considered whether this was a wise decision or a good way to begin a relationship. What if things went terribly wrong? What if family and friends disapproved? What if, now that I was close enough to learn more about him, he was not the ideal man I thought he was?

Buying my ticket and tagging along was the most reckless and impulsive thing I had ever done in my life. I became afraid that I had made a dreadful mistake.

Looking over at my worried expression, he tossed his head back and laughed insensitively. "Don't tell me you're afraid of flying!"

Without skipping a beat I replied, "Well maybe just a little," and let him take my hand as we braced ourselves for the shuddering cliff-jump of take off.
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I watched him watching me and let him believe our staredown was my fear of flight and not for the true course of there was nothing on this earth I'd rather be seeing.
A low whistle escaped the part in his lips, and in a flash I pictured us plunging violently to the earth below. For what was easily the thousandeth time in my life, I thought how amazing it would be for him to love me into eternity, and was giddy with the possibility of dying beside him. That had to count for something didn't it? Wouldn't that qualify as a shoe-in in the eternal love department?
The action that put me on board this plane beside this man, that refused to pull my hand from his, and the maniacal thoughts resembling those of teen angst and unrequited love, were completely out of character for me. I smiled then, as with my lonely hand, I fingered the 'page-a-day-calendar' sheet I had torn from my desk top that morning, feeling the tender separation of shining ink on low grade paper, CHARACTER IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH FATE.
"What?" he asked me with his eyes, his lips pursed in questioning humor, a look that made by heart soar and drop heavily in one simultaneous beat.
I lifted an eyebrow in reply and managed what I hoped was a mysterious and sexy smile, though behind my eyes I could feel confusion and panic. It was this he was looking for.
He laughed, his head tossed back, his incredible mouth open in a relaxed and confident illustration of knowing.
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"You want to join the Mile-High club?" he asked.
"I thought it was an urban legend."
"It's real," he stroked my arm. "We'll go after take-off."
I waited nervously while the plane climbed into the sky, wanting to go with him yet not wanting to be caught.
The seat belt sign finally blinked off. The bathroom was tight, confining, uncomfortable. After one long kiss, there was a pounding on the door.
"This is a security risk, you cannot stay in the forward bathroom for a long time, sir, I'll have to ask you to leave."
I jumped out of his arms and he quickly left for our seats.
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Let me tell you that there are many ways to be discreetly creative under a black trenchcoat, the flight attendant had her eyes on us though.
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