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Anyone TTC or has conceived after a D&C?
My husband and I have been TTC after a D&C that took place in December 2005 and no luck yet.

My first pregnancy went so smoothly, no problems. First try and we got pregnant and my beautiful baby was born in July 2004. My second pregnancy ended in MC and the D&C and we had only tried for two months and got pregnant.

After my D&C we waited a few months before starting to conceive and thus far, nothing. I'm getting really anxious and worried that the D&C left scar tissue, etc. which would cause problems with fertility.

I had a leep surgery about 5 years ago to remove cancer cells in cervix and due to the scar tissue it left, had to have a c-sec with my daughter (did not dialate past 3 cm) and now having the D&C is making me nervous.

Anyone ever encounter this? Any words of wisdom would help!

P.S. Thought I may be pregnant this month, am 10 dpo (i think) and no +hpt yet. ( a few internet cheapies looked liked bfp, but not sure, they could be evap. lines).