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this morning's ordeal..

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So last night I woke up in the middle of the night with some very mild cramps.. I kinds blew this off and went back to sleep. Well, this morning after going to the bathroom I noticed some brown spotting on the toilet paper.. I checked again a half hour later and the spotting turned pink.. I am 11 weeks along and ofcourse I freaked out.. I ended up going to urgent care and I have to say they were great there.. Did a pelvic exam and ultrasound. Baby measured 3 days ahead and had a heart beat of 162. No one knows why the bleeding happened.. One thing though, is that I had a really busy day yesterday. I walked for about three miles in the morning then took DD to the wading pool, then walked another 2 miles in the afternoon.. I felt like crap last night.. I wonder if over doing it could have caused some bleeding? Anyway, I just wanted to share my story. It looks like all is well, but I still feel worried.. I love being pregnant but, sometimes I can't help but wish for the baby to be born already...
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Sorry for all of the stress! Sounds like you just overdid it a bit. Put your feet up and have a nice beverage (and dream of a frosty Margarita...).
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oh how scary! i'm glad everything is okay. maybe you just overdid it a bit yesterday. hopefully you can find some time today to relax for couple hours. take care!
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Sorry you had such a scare (you poor thing!), but glad to hear that everything is OK now!
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I'm glad all is well It's probably really hard to take it easy with a toddler....
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