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questions, questions & more questions!

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I need advice, help, whatever words of encouragement someone has to give!

We have a very petite almost-seven-month-old on our hands. Whenever someone asks how old she is they are shocked when I tell them, as though they were expecting the answer to be 3 or 4 months. I have asked her pediatrician, our naturopath, and our midwives what they think, and they all say she is happy and healthy and beautiful. but alas, I am a first time mama, so I still worry!

Here are my concerns (and I apologize if I ramble on, I have a tendency to do that sometimes!)

She nurses every two hours, on the dot, and is latched on for at least 30 minutes, if not longer. She never seems to get enough. She also spits up a lot (or so it seems). I burp her after each feeding for a few minutes, she'll burp a little air and spit up. When I think she's done, I'll hold her a different way or put her down to play with some toys, and she will spit up again. And again. And again.

Next, I recently started pumping so that we could teach her to drink from a cup. That way daddy can participate in the feeding process, and mommy can get a little time to herself if needed. But I only get a few ounces each time, and I usually pump for about 35-40 minutes. I have a friend who would fill a storage bag in 10 minutes! Does this mean I have a low milk supply?

Also, we started her on solids last night. We gave her some yam mixed with breastmilk. She really seemed to enjoy not only playing with it, but eating it as well. Shortly afterwards though, I read in the book "Take Charge of Your Child's Health" that you should wait to start solids at least until 8 months (ideally waiting a full year), especially carbs as they cannot properly digest them until them then. Needless to say, I am thoroughly confused since her pediatrician and our naturopath said now is a great time to start solids and yams are perfect to begin with because they tend not to cause any allergic reactions! Oh, and she still hasn't pooped yet...how long does it take to come out with solids?

Everything I read seems to contradict everything else I read. My husband says I read too much and don't trust my instincts enough. I just want to do what's best for my beautiful girl, but am afraid I don't know what that is! We live in Alaska, quite far from our family and friends, and have few friends here who are parents. So I am feeling a bit overwhlemed and alone. I would love to hear from some experienced mamas.

One more thing, I don't use the computer often, and am out of the loop when it comes to all of the abbreviations you all use, like dh, dd, ds...can someone explain?

Much love to all...

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Easy stuff first; DH - Dear Husband, DD - Dear Daughter, DS - Dear Son, etc. I think there is a thread somewhere that explains most of the common acronyms.

Pumping; The amount you pump does not reflect on your milk supply. Babies are <b>far</b> more efficent at getting at that milk than any pump. I was never able to get more than 4 ounces in a day! But I've been nursing my daughter for over two years now (well, 2yrs and 1 day ).

Nursing a lot; DD nursed every 45 minutes for 5 months or so. She still nurses quite frequently. For your daughter to nurse every 2 hours sounds fine.

Starting solids; This is a tricky one. Some people have food allergies in their families, so want to postpone starting solids as long as possible. I know my daughter didn't express much interest until she was about 8 months. And I don't know why sweet potatoes would be a problem. They are rich in vitamins, taste good, and are generally non-allergenic. So, if your daughter is exhibiting the signs that she is ready to start solids, I would say, go for it. Follow your instincts. If you think she's ready, she probably is. You know your child better than anyone else.

Pooping; It does seem to take a while for them to get a really good poop started when they begin solids. I think DD went for several days when we started her.

Other people's comments; If your daughter's healthy, thriving, your doctor's aren't concerned, that's what's important. My general theory is that people are idiots and don't think before saying something. : Everyone has an opinion, it seems. And everyone also seems to be experts on everything.

I hope this answers some of your questions! Good Luck!

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bec, dear!

you are just what i needed! thank you! i like to think i know my little one better than anyone else, but after several people make comments that i might not, i can't help but second guess myself, being a new mama and all. but you have made me feel like i am doing a good job, that my instincts are right on, and you offered some much needed words of encouragement on a very trying day! thank you for helping out and for putting a smile on my face!

much love...kat
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You are so welcome! I'm so happy I was able to make a difference. I know first hand what poison a few ill thought out words can have. Just keep plugging along, and follow your heart!

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Just wanted to say that my DD is almost 7 months old-- She nurses about every 2 hours during the day too. She's pretty big and long, but DH and I are taller than average too. Oh, and I could never get more than 4 ounces pumping even after 1/2 hour, so don't go by that!

His sister's two girls are very petite (5-10 percentile) but the Dr. isn't worried at all. They have always been little. His sister and her husband are shorter too. No problem.

Oh, and my DD was spitting up a lot and gassy and I gave up dairy in my diet and it has really helped. Soy too actually. There is a possibility something in your diet could be affecting her but if it wasn't happening all along I wouldn't worry. Her digestive system will continue to mature and you can always back off on solids if she doesn't seem to be digesting them well. I'm going really slowly with Brooke.

I think things sound pretty normal and you can follow your instincts! Good luck and hope that helps,

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If it makes you feel any better my dd is 7 months and HUGE (well over 20lbs at 6 months) - but I can't get more than one or two ounces if I pump.

We started solids last week, and she loves yam. I thought it was a good starter food, but this is 2nd time for me so I don't obsess and read all the books - no time for that!

Sounds like you're doing fine.
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thanks so much to all of you lovely ladies for relating your experiences and making this ~paraniod~: first-time-mama feel much better!i think being alone in my cabin all day with just my dd and no other adults to play with gets to me sometimes...i start thinking too much and constantly wonder...is this right? am i doing ok? will this screw up my dd when she is 13? anyhoo, feeling great after reading all of your stuff! thanks!

i did stop consuming dairy products early on due to gassy baby! not sure if there's anything else in my diet she could be reacting to?
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I have to apologize b/c I didn't fully read everyone's posts but it sounds like it could be food allergies. My friend's daughter had this problem and was slow developementally (crawling walking...I don't know if this is a problem) b/c it turned out she had severe food allergies. She spat up a lot, and wasn't gaining weight well.

My ds had allergies that we've been working on. He had a terrible milk allergy (my friend's daughter also) as well as some other things. I found that whenever I eliminated them completely from my diet that he wouldn't spit up but within a 1/2 an hr of eating/drinking something with milk in it (or eggs, soy, rice,etc) that he would be fussy and spit up. I started giving him some solids at 6 mo.s like yams, sweet potatoes, rice and everything that I gave him ended up being an allergy later. Fortunately after eliminating them from his diet he is fine with them now. But it was interesting that everything I gave him a lot of as solids he developed an allergy to, even bananas. Once again though if you can do an elimination diet for yourself (milk takes 4 weeks initially to get out of your system) and start seeing her symptoms improve than you're on to something. Just a forewarning it's really hard to eliminate diary from your diet. Good luck!
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drewsmom...thank you for your input! i did, in fact, eliminate dairy from my diet long ago...i was never a big user of dairy products to begin with, but found that it did make dd mighty gassy. and you're right, it's tremendously hard to eliminate dairy - everything that isn't overtly dairy seems to have a hint of dairy in it (like whey)...there are no developmental delays at all...our midwives, her ped., our naturopath and other mamas i have talked with about this comment on how wonderfully she is developing and how strong she is. i am quite petite and my hubby isn't the biggest guy in the world...small parents = small baby, perhaps? i think i was mostly have a really bad week, reading and worrying way too much, and having way too little confidence in myself as a mom. however, thanks to the many wonderful mamas who frequent these boards, i am feeling so much better, and so much more in tune with my baby! i suppose i am rambling and this is totally off-subject, but thanks to all the moms out there who offer their wisdom and words of encouragement...being thousands of miles away from family and not having a large support base, you have all helped me to believe in myself!

love & light to all you lovely ladies!
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