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Any interest in a Bead swap?

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On another thread each person sent a bead (to put on a 'labor' bracelet/necklace) and a blessing to the other people on the list... kinda like a long-distance "blessingway" of sorts. Anyone interested in doing something along that line?
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That sounds like a wonderful idea!!!! I'm definately all for "positive bead vibes" from you wonderful mommas!!! Maybe you could explain it a little more...any specific type of bead? I'm not too terribly crafty and I've never done this before...I'm assuming that any bead is fine ~: pregnancy brain gets the best of me and I tend to ramble...
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I did this at my shower for DS. I loved it. Plus my DS has a special keepsake. Count me in!
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Just one bead? I can definitely handle that. What kind of wish goes with it? Something personal? A poem? Never done this, so I'm just not sure!
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Nice idea--sounds great. Count me in too!
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Hmmm...sounds interesting...how would it work?
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sounds neat.....definitely want to hear more!
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I'm in! Say where and when!
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Oh great now I have to attempt organization!
I've never participated in a swap so I really don't know how that all works, I guess everyone interested could pm me their addresses and I can put together a list and pm it back to everyone, and then we can all send a bead or two (depending on how many people want to participate) and blessing to the others on the list.

I don't think there needs to be any criteria for the beads... just something pretty that you enjoy looking at, maybe it gives you a certain feeling or the shape/material is symbolic of some maternal quality for you.

As far as blessings go, just a simple message- maybe a favorite quote or poem regarding motherhood.
Another idea is writing an affirmation on a nice piece of paper so the recipient could put it up like this lady did:

The following texts may be inspiring as far as blessing-writing goes:

I guess that's about it... Anyone who's interested feel free to pm me your address and I'll start compiling the list. We'll see how many people are on board and decide on the amount of beads in a week or so.
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I'm in!
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Cool idea!

I am definetely in!!!
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Ok, so far I have 6 addresses! Keep 'em coming!
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I'd like to do this! My friend was on one of these mdc bead exchanges and her necklace looked really neat (Oct. 05 ddc)

I live in Canada; can we do this cross border?
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Sure, we can put you on the list! If anyone has problems shipping to Canada you may get less beads but it's worth a try!
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9 people! yay!
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Ok we're still at the 9 person mark... I think we've got just about everyone who wants to participate. 9's a good number, not too much shipping, but let's do 2 good sized beads or 3 smaller ones to make it fit around a necklace!
Sound good to everyone? I'll give it today yet to see if we can make it an even 10 and I'll post the list tomorrow!
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Is it too late to join in? Just now seeing this...I'd love to participate!
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just pm me your addy, I'm trying to get the list up today
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Ok I sent out the list, let me know if you didn't get one!
Does the 15th sound ok for everyone to get their beads out by? That's really getting down to the wire- hopefully all our babies stay in until then!
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As soon as my husband gets home from his week away I'll get right on it!! So I'll try to send mine out this week.

Just a question...any particular diameter for the bead holes? I know bigger would be easier for my boys to help me with. Just didn't know if it mattered.
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