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Ruby Violet.... finally arrived

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On Tuesday June 20th Ruby Violet finally joined us!
My water broke on at 2:30 AM on the 17, and we had on an off labor till Monday the 19th, when we did castor oil and every other thing we could. I was fully dilated within about 10 hours or so, and (believe it or not) I pushed for 13 hours. Sadly, we ended this story in the hospital with a forced c-section. It was honestly the worst experince of my life (the c-section not the labor) and I feel incredibly traumatized. I know there will be a lot of healing in my future. however...

Ruby made her way into this world the same way she was concieved... with a LOT of work, a LOT of tears, and much more intervention than I'd ever imagined. and, she's amazing. 8lbs 9 oz at birth, 19 inches, with a full head of hair, and apparently an agenda. She's perfect.

Pix are up on my blog, my hubby posted them earlier in the week.

Off to work on the latch and stare and her perfection. Hopefully later I'll have the energy to post the birth story in detail. we'll see. for now I'm working on sleeping, feeding and healing physically.

love you all
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Congrats Korin and Ryan and welcome baby Ruby... Sorry it did not go the way you had planned.

She is beautiful!!!!
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Oh Korin, congrats on your new little girl! I am so happy that you are both doing well and that you have her in your arms now! She is beautiful and you look wonderful, filled with sweet maternal glow!

I am so sorry that the birth did not go as planned. It must have been frightening and frustrating. I can only imagine how tramatized you feel by that whole situation and I hope you are able to connect with others who have had similar experiences to help you heal. I have heard really great things about ICAN.

If you need more help with her latch, the LLL groups around the PDX area are all really wonderful. Loving, healing vibes being sent your way!
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Congrats and welcome baby Ruby!!!
So sorry to hear of the trauma of the c-section, though--time will hopefully heal you...
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What a beautiful name you chose for her! I love it. 13 hours of pushing...I thought I was going to die after 2 and a half. You're very strong. I'm sorry that you had a traumatic experience with the birth. Lots of healing thoughts going your way.
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Korin, congratulations on Ruby's arrival, and I'm so sorry that the experience was not what you wanted. Sending calming, healing vibes your way!
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Mama - she is absolutely a jewel! God Bless you all - what a journey you've endured...she couldn't be more perfect looking...

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Congrats! I'm sorry you didnt' get the birth you want. I hope you are being kind to yourself!
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Welcome little Ruby!! Congrats Mama, sorry it wasn't the birth you planned, but she's here and healthy. My second was an unplanned section too and you will heal emotionallly, I promise
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Oh Korin, happy day with tears. Life gives us both sometimes...I wish you all the best and as everyone said...be kind to yourself with all your feelings. Love and kisses to your family!
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Korin, she's beautiful! just a doll!

Sweet, sweet mama ... you earned your halo after that delivery I know that you know this, but just to remind you of something a very wise friend (YOU!) told me not that long ago ... it does not matter HOW our miracles come to us, only that they do

you did it, Mama! She's here, she's beautiful, and the look of joy on your face in the pictures where you're holding her ... priceless!!!

Babymoon it up!
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comgrats!! welcome beautiful ruby!!!
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Korin: so happy to hear of Ruby's safe arrival and so sad for your unplanned and difficult birthing... please know that i'm thinking of you and sending you peace, wisdom and healing...

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welcome ruby! 13 hrs pushing: you are much stronger than i.
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Korin, I am so sorry to hear your birth didn't turn out as you hoped for.
It sounds like Ruby is big and healthy though, and I'm sure she's beautiful! I pray that you have a fast recovery and healing. :
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Congratulations Korin, she's such a beautiful girl! 13 hours of pushing, I can't even imagine, I'm so sorry to hear the birth didn't go as you'd hoped. However, its wonderful to hear that she's healthy. Recovery can be so hard, I'm wishing you the absolute best. Don't be afraid to take all the time you need to process the birth, so much of the healing is emotional... I know I don't need to tell you that, but sometimes it helps to hear it. Its okay to just experience those emotions. I think we all go through some sort of processing, for some of us it takes days, for some years. But its okay, and she's healthy, and you're awesome for having done all you could possibly do. Your strength is incredible, your little girl is so lucky to have such an amazing mama to look up to and learn from.
Much love and best wishes!
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You did an amazing job, mama! The more birth stories I read, the more I feel that women are the strongest creatures on earth. Not only do we live to tell the tale after birthing 6,7,8,9,10(!) pound babies, but we are the physical, emotional, and mental warriors for our families. You are amazing, and did SUCH a good job bringing your beautiful baby girl in to the world. Enjoy that babymoon!
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Thanks for all of your love and support, ladies, I knew i could count on you. I'm doing better. Ruby is still having a bad latch, and i have the lactation consultant coming on tuesday. She's lost the regular amount of weight, and nursing on demand, but she likes to fall asleep... and since it's about 100 here right now, a cold cloth to wake her feels too good to annoy her and wake her up.

I still cry daily when I think about how it all went down, and I'm sure I will continue to. My MW came by today to weigh the baby and check on us all. and we both cried when we talked about the birth. I'm so glad she was my MW.
Oh... duty calls.
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Beautiful name, baby and Mama!

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