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Checking in with our babies weight gain

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This is really a question for my fellow DDCers, whom I respect and adore and love and have a long standing virtual relationship with (has it been more than a year??).

I'm also on drugs.

So did I do that right, DDCers?

My little Grey boy was coughing and coughing and since I was stuck in the hospital with my shattered ankle, my DH took matters into his own tender loving hands and took Grey to the doc to get checked out. Our ped is the best darn doctor, I gotta say. She supported me during the hospital stay and doctors telling me not to BF on the "cocktail of drugs" I'm on because I could hurt my baby. She even called me to see how I was doing. I was doing just fine at that moment, btw, because I'd just received my shot of good ol' Morphine. But back to the original question I came here to pose.

Greyson weighs 12 pounds. At almost 6 months. He's a scrawny lil thing. He doesn't crawl or sit up unassisted or do any of the things some of you all mention which can reduce weight due to activity. He's very alert and knows just what's going on and he can manipulate his environment, socially. 12 pounds seems REALLY small though. The ped didn't seem concerned, but then she's Miss Easy-Going.

Can I get the dreaded poll going on weight. I hate the weight poll but it might make me feel a little better (and get my mind off the pain shooting through my leg right now, pretty please?).
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What was his birth weight?
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Originally Posted by Panthira
So did I do that right, DDCers?

Yeah, except the thread title has tons of information indicating something about breastfeeding.
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He was average, 7 pounds.

And the title does??
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When DS1 was an infant, I had a friend with a little girl born the same month. I believe her little Gracie weighed about 10 lbs at 6 mos, if I remember correctly. She was ebfing her, and her ped was totally freaked out and pressuring her to supplement with formula, yada, yada. Although she had very little support, my brave mama friend persevered, trusting that her babe was okay, just genetically programmed to be small. She paid careful attention to her DDs milestones and dirty diapers, but not to the scale.

We moved when the kids were 3 yrs old, and I haven't seen her since then, (it's been a coupla years), but at that time, Grace wasn't so little anymore. She looked exactly the same as all her little buddies that were born that fall of 2000.

If your mama gut tells you something is wrong, then pursue it. But if you and G were on an island with no other babies to compare to, and no scale to weigh him, would you think anything was wrong?

Oh, and to answer your original question, Will is 15lbs and change, probably the biggest of my 3 at the 6 mos mile marker. He is not yet doing those gross motor activities you mentioned in your OP, either.

Hang in there, mama. We love you, too!
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Well at 6 months Tharen weighed in at 19lbs 2ozs He was 8lbs 9ozs at birth and is a bit of a chunk measuring in the 75% in weight height and head size. My first was a scrawny little thing. He was I think about 13lbs at 6months and only 17lbs at 1yr. So there is a huge range of normal. As far as sitting up and crawling. There is a big range on that as well. It kind of all depends on the baby. As long as he is alert and aware and social I wouldn't be worried. Some babies focus on social and verbal development or fine motor skills instead of gross motor skills. Or just focus on different things at different times.
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Uhm, I think Moira is about 13.5 pounds now. Maybe 14? That's going by my extremely imprecise bathroom scale. She'll be 6 months on the 28th and was also 7 lbs at birth.
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Hey, have you found the newer bf growth charts?

Go with your gut on this.

For my info: DS was 17 lbs even at 6 months. He's now 7 months, and he recently went through a weight gain spurt. I'm guessing 18.5. (born: 9 lbs)

DD at 6 mo was 14 lb 2 oz, born 7 lb 7 oz. Less than 19 at 1 year.

The weight difference is mostly head. DS is 75 %ile for head circumference and DD was ~3-5 %ile.
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My dd was 18lbs even at her six month "well child." Her birthweight was 6lbs 6oz.

On a lighter note, my good friend's babe was 7lb even at birth and is 4 months old now. She only weighs 8lb 2oz. She doesn't roll over and isn't that great at holding her head up. However, she is very alert and in tune with her mom. Her ped doesn't seem concerned. She said that there has to be babies in the lower percentiles or there wouldn't be a chart.

Grayson is a cutie, btw.
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DD has been 14 lb since her 4 month check up and has gained little.

The charts freaked me out, but my ped ( and I ) think she is incredibly healthy.

Your ds has had an unusual last few weeks, so he may need to spend his energy some other way righ tnow than learning to sit, etc.

All in due time!
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Another scrawny babe here!

Leif weighed 13# 4oz at 6.5 months, I think he may have gained a bit since then.

We've been through it with the doctors, they are happy to say he is just fine since he is doing everything he is supposed to do...For the most part I'm feeling better about his smallness. The only kink is that he has a HUGE head (well, relatively - his body isn't on the charts for either length or height, but his head is above the 50th).

In general, I don't trust peds - BUT - on this issue I'm letting it slide and telling myself they know best :
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My girls are just small. a month ago they were around 13 pounds i think.
even on WHO charts they are below 3 pctl.
oh well
i've decided not to worry too much.
they doubled their birth weights by 6 months. then DH read that WHO says they only need to be 7 kg by one year. I think that's a minimum. That's down from 8.5 kg.

I think we're fine.

I'm really REALLY trying to focus on what they can do,how they're changing and developing, etc. It's hard not to look at and be worried by numbers, though!
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Luka was 9 lbs. at birth and 18 lbs. at his 6 mo. checkup a few days ago. He's actually lost some weight lately, but since he's crawling, pulling up, and cruising, and is big to start out, I'm not worried.
Julian was a skinny guy and was only 18 lbs. 13 oz. on his first birthday, after being born at 8 lbs. 3 oz.
14 lbs. sounds normal to me. There are 2 other 6 mo. olds at my playgroup, one is 14 lbs. and one is 16 lbs.
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Originally Posted by mamanurse
...there has to be babies in the lower percentiles or there wouldn't be a chart.
Wow! What a fantastic perspective! Drew is just under 18 at almost 7 mos.
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Reed was 9lbs. 4 oz at birth and is now about 15 1/2 lbs. And I think he looks HUGE because his older brother was a tiny little guy. He weighed 18lbs. at 2yo and weighs 32 lbs at 4yo. Super-healthy, but tiny. He was in the "under 5th percentile" for years. At 4yo he still is tiny, but looks and acts healthy. So during the whole time that people were concerned with baby weights, I just went with my gut. If it feels like something's wrong, I'd say pursue it more, but if your mama gut says everything's fine, go with that.
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dd born at 6lbs 1oz week before 6m her weight was 15lbs 12oz
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Stuart was 17 lbs. and some change at his 6 month visit. He's 27 1/2 inches long. I think that has something to do with it, too--the long ones put a lot of their energy into getting longer, you know?

I'm glad to hear he's average. The ladies at my LLL group must just have big babies! There's a lady there with a 20 lb. 3 month old!! And here I am complaining about how heavy Stu is!
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I tried weighing Hayley today on our cheap Walmart scale by weighing myself and then weighing both of us together and it looks like she is about 15lbs (6months). She was 7lbs at birth.
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Oy, I hope you and your baby feel better soon!

Wesley was 21 1/2 lbs and almost 29 inches long at his 6 month checkup. Which is slightly off the charts the doctor gave me (but for the WHO BF charts, he's probably just high end of normal).
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Originally Posted by amygoforth
Wow! What a fantastic perspective! Drew is just under 18 at almost 7 mos.
Thanks! I have a friend with an extremely petite babe. Her baby will be 4 months on the 11th and is under 9 lbs. Her birthweight was 7 lb 1 oz. I told her the exact same thing when she got bummed out after taking her dd to the ped for thrush last week.
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