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Hey mama's. Im so excited to be able to join the "my baby's here" talk J.C is nursing like a champ!! I put him to the breast at 20 min. old and he stayed there for an hour! No problems latching or anything! And he loves to eat!! Leave it to a man to have no problems eating! LOL!!
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Originally Posted by EcoMama7
anyone have any luck w/ sports bra nursing bras???
I have ONE good nursing "bra" that's actually a bra, and the rest of the time I wear sports bras (either nursing with clips/hooks OR regular sports bras that I can pull down under my boob), or those tank tops with the shelf bra built in them, that I can just pull down under the boob. I'm not real big on clips and panels, personally, I'd rather just pull whatever it is down and then back up again...one handed, for sure.

I'm a full D when nursing, so I'm pretty big, but not gigantic.

Even when I go shopping or whatever, I wear the sports bras or tank tops under whatever else I'm wearing (and the tank tops hide my tummy when NIP ...the only time I broke out the "real" bra with DS is if we had a special occasion and I was wearing nice clothes, and I plan the same this time around.

Just my $0.02!
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Thanks again Mamas for all your suggestions earlier on in this thread...
We finally made it to the lactation consultant on Friday night. What a relief to find out what was going on! We did a pre-weight, then feed, then post-weight on each boob. Sadly, she hardly got any milk Only 6 milliliters total. She was hungry and continually dropping weight (3 more ounces since the last dr. appt). So now, I am bfing, then pumping, then supplementing with formula. I'm taking fenugreek, trying to stay very hydrated and well rested and hoping my milk supply increases. I'm not sure why it is low--we could have been having latch issues early on, I may just be a low milk producer, I don't know. I'm just so happy that she's getting food now. What a different baby! I'm trying not to be too sad that I can't just be this ultra free bfing mama and to keep in mind that it's about my dd, not about me and I need to do whatever I can to keep her healthy. She's getting about 1/3 breast milk now which I am grateful for. I didn't know this could be so hard!
The other interesting thing is that she loves being at the breast--even if it isn't giving her much. I feed her there first and she always comes off with this contented happy look on her face. It makes me feel so good that we can still have that closeness
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I'm glad you got help, Krissy!
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I have so much milk I could feed an army! :

Thanks for the suggestions mamas, I think I'm gonna look for a nursing tank. I have a tank w/ a built in bra that I'm wearing right now but it sucks having to take off the straps every time he eats so I'd rather have a snap, like a bra. And plus I wouldn't have to worry about my breast pads moving around as much.

Elijah eats like a bird alot. Just nibbles here and there. I think as he gets a little older (he's 12 days old today) he'll eat more at a time.
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I think our latch issue is resolved, either I've figured out how to trick her tongue down, or she's figured out that things work much better if she keeps it down herself. My nipples finally aren't screaming every time she latches on and I think are on their way to healing.

...and if I ever had any worries about whether she was getting enough milk or not (which I wasn't), they were put to rest at a quick weight check today (Doc said usually they like BF mamas in 24 hours after discharge from hospital, but since I had done this before with DS, didn't need to see me until mid week)....


Birth: 7 pounds 8 ounces
Discharge : 7 pounds 3 ounces (4 days later)
1-week (3 days after discharge): 8 pounds 1.5 ounces :

The nurse took one look at the scale and said, "Sooo, uh, guess I don't need to talk to you about beastfeeding, huh?" HA! Doc says, "Looks like you're making cream!"

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starting pumping??

Hi all
I just posted a new thread on the breastfeeding forum because I want help/advice for starting pumping.

I am at a loss (and pretty intimidated) about where/how to begin ... though I do have a hand-me-down medela pump,n,style

I need to go back to work in the next 2 weeks (PT) and will be travelling and then FT working again in Sept.

I don't know how to put in a link to my other thread, but if you have pumping advice, please post it for me there.

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Originally Posted by TryingMommas
Hi all
I just posted a new thread on the breastfeeding forum because I want help/advice for starting pumping.

I would start pumping now to build up your freezer stash of milk. I pump almost exclusively and I'm so used to it now that I have fallen asleep pumping...not a good idea though!

I find that reading a book or watching tv while pumping really relaxes me and it makes the 15 minutes fly by. I suggest making a hands-free pumping setup with an old bra. That way you can easily turn the pages of your book or turn the channel on the tv
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Still VERY tender here, though my blisters have healed. Still some cracking. We're trying to space feedings 1 1/2 hours apart. My mw actually suggested a pacifier because Benny likes to suck so much, but we haven't resorted to that. I thank maybe he was gearing up for a growth spurt though because he nursed nonstop since birth (11 days ago) and now he's been sleeping more the past 2 days. That's what dd used to do before a spurt anyway.

I still have to nurse lying down because its so painful which is a bummer because I'm pretty much confined to home, but were working on healing and latching better.
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Nursing is going well. The only pitfall is that Dawson's dr. thinks he has a touch of reflux. We need to keep him elevated especially when he's sleeping. He's a great little nurser though. Thank goodness. I can't believe he'll be 3 weeks tomorrow.

He had his first appt last friday and he weighed 9.11oz. He was 8.15 at birth, went down to 8.6 so I guess you could say he's loving the milk

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Originally Posted by Marlow's mom to be
I pump almost exclusively and I'm so used to it now that I have fallen asleep pumping...not a good idea though!
That is so true! With ds #1 I had to pump for the first week while he was in the NICU and I had a Lactina hospital pump. I used to call that thing the "narcoleptic machine" because I would literally nod off every time I used it!
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Nursing is going really good here...he has been feeding like crazy the past two days wanting to eat every 30 min to an hour...is that normal? He is only 8 days old and loves to eat. Every time I pick him up he turns his head like he want to latch on. Is that just a natural tendency or does he really want to eat? This is my first baby and I am new to this so I am not sure what to expect. But so far it hasn't been too bad.
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Totally normal! Think about how much weight they have to gain, these little ones have to double their weight in six months! My partner read something to the effect of newborns go through growth spurts with marathon nursing around 10 days, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks. I'm sure it varies a lot more than that in actuality but at any rate there's written confirmation that it's normal.

Make sure he spends enough time on each breast that he's getting the fatty hindmilk, that will help make sure he's satisfied. Aurora does one breast at a time (good thing since I'm having a little bit of oversupply.) She'll eat for 15 minutes, fall asleep, wake up 30 minutes later and eat for another 20 minutes from the same breast. At that point it's obvious that it's drained (it's flatter than the other one) and we can switch sides. But then she usually sleeps for an hour or two first, since she got the creamy stuff and she's satisfied.
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Hannah is a great nurser! and Haleigh loves that my milk is back in. She's gotten a little chubby these past 2 weeks! Tandem nursing is going great! Haleigh loves sharing and helping Hannah latch on to her "boo boo"

I also have started pumping. I have the PIS (pump in style) advanced backpack ( I IT!! ) much better than my older other regular PIS-- I pumped for the first time today once and got 8 oz. I don't have supply issues at all.. But, I figured I better start now to build up!! I don't know what I'm going to do when I go back to work b/c I know I will leak like a broken faucet.
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Just wanted to pass on the fabulousness that is Dr. Jack Newman's All Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO).

I have flat nipples that my little boober is remaking in his own nursing image - so basically, he's pulling out my nipples, the adhesions are breaking down/my nipples are cracking in a circle, and it hurts/burns/stings unbelievably to latch on. It kills just for the first minute or so (toe curling pain) but then subsides, so I know it's not thrush (plus I had my midwife check em out and she agreed - also he does not have tongue tie). Anyway, someone at my LLL suggested trying the APNO, that it saved her BF relationship, so I was all over it. It's kind of weird, it's not a "product", you have to get a doc/midwife to write you a prescription for it and then find a compounding pharmacy who will make it up for you - but it is AWESOME. My latch on pain isn't totally totally gone, but it is sooooooo much better that I want to cry and do and dance of joy (instead of crying in pain). Oh yeah, and I think my insurance covered like half of the cost (was $80 but only paid $40ish - just an FYI).

Just wanted to pass it on for any other sore-nippled mamas out there - I don't think I would have heard of it had it not been for that LLL meeting, and I was pretty much at the end of my rope.
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Hi Everyone. I just found this, and thought I'd vent my frustrations here and give you all a little background. After Evie was born, I was 100% determined to breastfeed. With my son, I bf him for 4 months b/c of supply issues. Well this time around I was prepared and arrived at the hospital with fenugreek and started taking it the moment Evie was born. After we got home, I never really *felt* the milk come in, and she continued to loose weight. Of course her ped made us supplement, but with guidance from my midwife, we tweaked what they were saying and got her weight up. After numerous weight checks, we were told we didn't need to supplement anymore. (I had to use formula, b/c when I pump I get maybe 1/2 oz.) I have also been taking Reglan to up my supply. But now, I am going back and forth about breastfeeding. She has literally been attached to me and the booby all.day.long. today and yesterday. I am trying to tell myself that it's just a growth spurt, but I just am freaking out that I'm not making enough milk and that's why she's so hungry all the time. The reglan is about finished and I need to make an appointment with Nancy for my 6 week checkup (how did THAT happen)?!? and I guess I'll see what I can do from there. And I know it hurts my supply, but I gave her 4 oz. today in a bottle and she stopped fussing. I swear I'm ~~this close~~ to throwing in the towel. I just want a healthy baby that isn't fussing all.the.time. because she's hungry. If I could just be assured that she wasn't starving and I could actually leave the house with her then we would be fine, but instead of nursing sessions actually getting shorter b/c she's figured it out, they are getting longer and longer. I swear she could stay on for hours at a time. No joke she was actively sucking throughout the Price Is Right this morning and I just can't keep on doing this. Not to mention that I can't do anything with Caleb except puzzles/books if she's nursing all day. I took a bath with him 2 nights ago and it was the first time I've had a chance to just be with him without Evie in the same room since she's been born. So, I just think that it would be easier on everybody if I'd just bottle feed her and then I wouldn't have to worry. But I'm also afraid that I'll regret it if I do stop bf, but it's not about me, I want what's best for her, and I just don't know what to do. I just thought I'd see if you all had any helpful advice. I'm so frustrated, I'm just crying. I really thought it would work this time.
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Newborns nurse a lot, it doesn't necessarily mean you aren't making enough. I had the opposite problem (oversupply and overactive letdown) and she was still nursing every hour around the clock some days. How many wet diapers does she make each day? That's one way to figure out if she's getting enough.
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Same here, I wanted to add that I know ds is getting PLENTY (it comes out his nose while he nurses and he makes 10+ poos a day and wets about every 30 mins day and night) BUT he still wants to nurse constantly. He will nurse for 30+ mins, sometimes on each breast, and within 10 mins after hes pecking at me, desperately sucking at his fists and screaming. He's gained a ton of weight. I just don't get it. I figure he must just really like to nurse. He refuses to suck on anything else but me.

Anyway, you may be having supply issues, but I just wanted to chime in and say that frequent nursing doesn't necessarily mean you don't have enough milk. And, on the upside, the more she nurses the more milk you will have. I know its frustrating. There are times I feel a ton of anxiety because I feel trapped by the constant nursing and I feel horrible for poor dd being so neglected and bored. Its a tough thing, I totally understand, esp with the fear that you're little one is hungry. I worry about that too even though all signs say he's well fed. I just can't stand the thought of not meeting his needs.
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Elimination diet, anyone?

I don't remember if anyone else posted on this thread about dietary restrictions, but it seems I'm gonna have to go off dairy, fried foods, and onions/peppers/etc., cause DD seems to be getting distressed. Sigh. I LOVE milk. LOVE IT. Ah well, I did it for DS and lived, I'll be able to do it again.

And on the plus side, giving up fried foods will help me drop the weight faster, right?!

Anyone else??

I'm gonna pick up some gripe water today and see if maybe that will help too - anyone else have any other remedies that worked for them?

I'm going to go over to the BF forums, and see if I can find any threads, though I hate "searching" without the search function.

DD hsa started to cluster feed from about 6:30 -9:30pm, but this time I know what's going on so I'm not freaking out. With DS I was freaked until I found Kellymom and read about cluster feedings. Whew.

How's everyone else doing?
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Originally Posted by The4OfUs
I don't remember if anyone else posted on this thread about dietary restrictions, but it seems I'm gonna have to go off dairy, fried foods, and onions/peppers/etc., cause DD seems to be getting distressed. Sigh. I LOVE milk. LOVE IT. Ah well, I did it for DS and lived, I'll be able to do it again.

And on the plus side, giving up fried foods will help me drop the weight faster, right?!

Anyone else??
I'm off of all dairy products now as well. This is the 3rd week of it. I spend a lot of time in the store reading ingredient labels over and over for hidden milk ingredients. I don't really miss the dairy but I miss the ease of eating whatever sounds good.
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