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what pump should i get?

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I've been using a pump in style, which has been great. but it was a loaner and must be returned tonight. so i have to go pump shopping tomorrow. n way can i afford a pump in style-- we could mybe spend $100 but less is better, so what's a good, cheap pump? dd is not eating solids, just bm, and i work/pump 4 days a week. so it needs to be up for that.

thanks moms
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I got the Avent Isis hand pump for forty bucks. I love it. It works better than my electric $179 Medela pump. The only problem I had with the Avent one, is that you really have to squash your breast into it the first time to build the vacuum up. Once you have the vacuum pressure, it's cool! It took me a few days to get it right, I almost returned it, but once I had it figured out, it was so much better. Also, no more pain, like with the electric one. I also am able to pump more. AND it's quiet! I don't feel like everyone can hear me pumping LOL!
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I agree. I have an isis and a pump-in-style and I like the isis best.

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I love my avent Isis. I have to do a lot of manual stimulation (sorta hand expressing the high ducts while pumping - I know it sounds weird but it is really effective ) but I can get as much or more in the same amount of time as I did with the PIS. You could get two and douple pump if you are really tallented. I have always wondered if that would actually work.. Like I said though. EVen though I am only doing one side I can usually get about 10 ounces in 10-15 minutes.
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I love my Medela mini-electric, single. It was $80 at Target. I work 40 hours per week and it works fine for me.
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I also love my medela mini electric - more than the Avent Isis. However I only used the Avent Isis when my dd was about 3 wks - I think it would probably work better for me now that I know that I can pump...
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thank you all for your advice! i actually found a pump in style for $75. I was thinking about the Isis, but the PIS is the only pump i ever used, so I'm happy to get another one.

and this one is the back pack style. Very Fancy!!
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For $75?! Wow - you can't pass that up!
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