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Resuming period?

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DS is six weeks old & has been exclusively b/f. However, this morning I got my period! I thought you didn't menstruate while b/f. Could something be wrong?

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Sorry for double posting the question!
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I think it's just luck of the draw....I can't remember where but somewhere on the boards someone recently posted a poll about this. Some women get it really early even exclusively breastfeeding every 10 minutes, others don't get it back for months if not years.

But if your period's back you definitely can't rely on breastfeeding for birth control.....
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Do you co-sleep? so she can nurse throughout the night? do you use a pacifier? Both of these can cause longer than usual stretches of time between nursings, and stimulate the return of your cycle. But we are all different. Too bad for you! It would've been nice to have a much longer break. The norm is 6 months, but yes, some go longer. I went 2 yrs with one of mine, but he nursed abt every hour all that time. Well, one longer stretch at night usually.
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Unfortunately, I think it's my period...the postpartum bleeding seemed to stop around two weeks ago. We've been room-sharing all the time, and co-sleeping part of the night, but I still can't get the hang of the side-lying nursing. Oh, well - I guess I'm just the unlucky one with this!
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It took me probably 4 months before ds and I were coordinated enough to nurse lying down.....and half the time he still wants to sit up. So don't feel uncoordinated or anything (or to put it another way you're in good company!)
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