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How to love, or even like, BF?

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My son is two weeks old, and I dont like to BF him. It lasts FOREVER, it kills my back, and I just cant stand it. I want him to be breastfed, as I know it is the best for him, and I would never FF him. He is a good nurser, but it just seems like he takes forever to eat, and it seems like he is ALWAYS hungry. I'm not sure if I am not feeding him enuf, or if he is just a slow nurser. I want to like BFing him, I really do. How do you do it??
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It was hard for me to get comfortable at first, too. The side-lying position (on a bed, couch, whatever) was a life-saver for me and my back. Lay down in bed, turn on your side, turn baby towards you, and latch him on. And there you go. Finding a good pillow to prop him up on and leaning back in a comfortable chair also works for times when you can't lay down.

My son also seemed to be a slow nurser at first. But the longer they nurse, the older they get, and the stronger their muscles become, the more quickly they can eat their fill in one sitting. My son found his groove at about 2 months old. Now he nurses for about five minutes and is OUT like a light.
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It can be really time consuming and trying the first weeks. My babies magically got their groove between 6 and 8 wks too. This time I prepared for nursing --tons of pillows and two boppy pillows.If you can get set up to nurse(if you have the time or a helpful friend/hubby) with pillows supporting your neck, back, elbow, shoulder, baby then the back pain will go away. It always took 1 or 2 boppies on my lap and another pillow under the arm supporting babies head. I liked to recline while nursing. Side lying is cool to once you get the hang of it. It takes a few minutes to set up my pillows just right so I made what I called my nursing nooks in my bed and one on the sofa so that I could just sit and nurse comfortably. and drink a bottle of water or tea. Hang in there it's gets so much easier and better. You'll love it--I promise
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ya....i think LLL recommends you give it a minimum 6 weeks....
Personally, we hit our groove around 7.5 weeks....and again at about 12 weeks, things clicked even more.....it has been a lot easier since then.....

Also, if your back is killing you, use more pillows, more support....you need to get in a comfortable position, and then fit the baby in......don't lean in to the baby.....
i was doing that at first (still do sometimes, lol) and not doing it really helps......
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it took me a good 2-3 months to really love doing it. it hurt me up to that point. now my main objective is to prevent him from squeezing my nipple off!

it really is an accomplishment to ebf in our day and age! hang in there and try to find something to read while you spend your time nursing. i really used to get bored sometimes and that made me not enjoy it as much. i looked into his precious face often, but after awhile that gets kind of boring, kwim??

your doing great! just give the both of you a little time to get into a routine of sorts (although we still dont have a real feeding routine at all...some do).


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I am all for BF and I was having similar issues with DS, baby #1. DH asked me why I kept saying the baby wasn't hungry yet. He would feed forever, every 2 hrs. Finally an LC confirmed what I suspected, his tight frenulum was giving us issues. I took him to get it clipped and all the problems were resolved in 3 days.

Now, not to say most issues can be cured in 3 days, but the feeling like it stinks can be common at first. Usually the first few weeks are the "breaking in period" where you are getting used to putting someone else 1st all the time, couple that with having your body be part of the caretaking and it can get you down.

Remember that babies do get much more efficient with feeding in the first few weeks and a 6 week old and a 3 month old are so totally different to nurse. Be willing to admit your feelings to someone who is supportive of BF.

For the back pain, try a good pillow or two behind your lower back and hoist that little newborn up to your breast with a folded blanket or towel. If you are leaning over or getting tension you may inhibit your let down due to the stress and discomfort too. try to relax and get someone to rub your shoulders a little at the start of a feed.
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I am going to go along with the general theme here. It really does just take time.
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I understand what you are feeling.

Before I gave birth I told people I would breastfeed for 6 months.

When my DS was I could not wait until 6 months came around so I could finally stop. When my DS was three weeks old I remember thinking thank god a month has passed and I only have 5 more.

Now my DS is 9 months old and I tell people that I will be one of those moms who nurses until their DS is 5 years old!

Once your child learns how to properly latch automatically your situation will greatly improve.

Just give it time. I promise you will begin to love it.


If your back is really hurting I would highly recommend a good chiropractor.
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Thank you all so much for your replies. I am glad to know it gets better. I dont know why, but I thought it would always be like this, YKWIM?
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I felt the same way you did until about 3 months. That's when he became more efficient, it felt right to me, and it was so natural. He's bigger now so I don't haave to support his bottom anymore, which is definitely easier on the shoulders/back. And when they start sleeping through the night or most of the night, your attitude improves by leaps and bounds just becuase of the extra sleep! Keep with it mama, it's so worth it.
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you don't have to like it all the time. heck, you don't even have to like it while you are breastfeeding, at least not right now... maybe just liking the IDEA of breastfeeding your baby will be enough to get you through this time until things start to click.

so glad you can come here for support, and hoping you can find some in real life and local mamas to support you, too...

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My 7 month old takes 40-50 mins for a feed.(normally 20 mins each side) and he goes for approx 3 hours inbetween feeds. I had an overactive letdown so always sat leaning back or lying down to feed, and never got a sore back. I also didnt like it at first, ds was always a very distracted feeder and I ended up going into the dark bedroom for feeds. Try accepting it for what it is, problems and all and you might feel a little better about it. Sometimes we have such high expectations, theat when it doesnt live up to them, we feel disapointed.
Keep your chin up, your doing a wonderful job!
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