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Too cute Karma! My future SIL wants to cast my belly and paint it, she's a portraiture artist in Red Bank. After seeing your pic I am really excited for her to do it!
My shower is not until August 12th, I'll probably be about the size of a VW Van. I am a little freaked out by everyone watching me open gifts too. I don't want to seem greedy, but we really hardly have anything we need for this baby so I really hope people actually buy some of the stuff on our registry. Also, I have a huge family and all my interior girls (classmates) wanted to come, so my mother invited, like, 40 women to my shower. I hate being the center of attension.
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These all sound like so much fun. I had 2 showers with my dd. My first I wasn't allowed to go to since I was on bedrest. It was all my friends from work and was a joint shower with my friend who was also pg. I'm still bummed that I didn't get to go. The other was a family one. Supposed to be a couple weeks before the baby. Ended up being a couple weeks after and the dr said I shouldn't bring her because there was some weird bug going around.

I'd really like to have a welcome baby party this time after the baby is born. Just to celebrate our new little person. Don't know though.

Oh and a question about dying onsies, what kind of dye do you use? I have a bunch of white ones from dd that have yellowish stains and I figure it would be easier (or at least more fun to dye them than to try to bleach and scrub them, lol)
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Somebody had brought the tie-dye kit to the party -- I think they got it at a craft store -- it worked really well and we did it all inside on the kitchen island, not too messy.

I can't wait to paint my belly cast -- I want to do a tree that grows up through te middle and leaves that rain down over the breasts
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Thanks, I'll see what I can find. I've heard that the Rit Dye doesn't work too well and there is something better but I don't know what it is.

I love the idea for painting your belly cast too. It sounds really pretty.
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