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HELP -- dairy intolerance

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Please help. Does anyone know if there is a way to speed up the elimination of milk proteins from my body?

DS has had bad eczema since he was a month old. In the end of January I gave up all dairy but it still didn't go away. 2 weeks ago I gave up eggs and it got a ton better. So. . . yesterday I had pizza. Today his eczema is back, he's super fussy, refusing to nurse and throwing up everything he does eat. He's miserable.

I have acidophillus (sp??). Should I take it? Should he? Anything else I can do?

Thank you,
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I have no idea, but wanted to send my support and give this a bump.
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Dairy detox

Eat fresh pineapple in the morning...or whenever...and avoid soy for awhile as it will mimick dairy. If you can's get fresh pineapple, try getting the freshest most natural pineapple juice. Also drink lots of water. For more info go to www.marilu.com
Great support there and anyone would be happy to answer your questions
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Thank you Bella. I will check out the site and pick up some pineapple.
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Sorry, I've not been on the ball here. I'm going to move this to the breastfeeding forum where I think you might get more advice.
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