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Originally Posted by veganf
Wait until you have more kids (If you do). No matter what others say, what your own kids say can just melt you.
While getting his pajamas on tonight Ryan just said, "Wait! Mama....you are sooooo beautiful!" then gave me a kiss. Nothing could've been better!
That is so sweet.
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I've been having the same sort of issues with people at work. I'm in the Air Force, so I wear the "maternity tent" uniform nowadays. I don't think it was flattering even when it was in style in what... the 60s? I get everything from "you've only gained in your belly" to "well, you're over your max allowed weight, aren't you?" <--- (it was supposed to be a joke, since pregnant women in the military don't have a max weight -- we just have to be back to an "allowable" weight within 6 months.)

Mostly, I don't care, because I'm getting out of active duty after maternity leave, but the comments can be brutal, even if not intended that way. I'm the only pregnant woman in my command (there are only 4 women anyway), so the men don't know what to do with me half the time, or what to say. Usually it's something like "You look awful!! Are you getting enough sleep?" The answer is, of course, NO because I have to work every day! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...lies/dizzy.gif

My husband tells me I'm beautiful, and I know that should be enough... but like others have said, I was self-conscious BEFORE I got "fat" and now I have my midwife (yes, they let us have midwives in the military now!) telling me that gaining 30lbs at this point is too much and I need to be more careful. I wonder if she says anything to the non-military women she sees.

Sorry this was so long. I wanted to vent, too! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...s/innocent.gif
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ambotchka: That is ridiculous. There is NOTHING wrong with 30 lbs weight gain at this point! Lord, we are almost DONE! That is basically exactly average- if it even matters which it doesn't since we aren't all the same and neither are our babies...I am surprised a midwife said that. Mine always tells me to calm down when I am freaked about weight gain. She says you will gain whatever you need to and if you are eating healthy then not to worry, which sounds right to me!
Hang in there!
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I've gained 40 and I still have 5 weeks and 2 days till I'm due.
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Gosh, I'm up 35 at 33 weeks. Which is what I gained total last time with a 9lb5oz. baby! So who knows what's in store. But no worries here. It'll take time, but it'll come off eventually.
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Yup, people are insensitive and thoughtless.

My (least) favorite is when one person gives a sweet compliment, and someone else immediately either shoots it down or somehow renders it moot. For example:

Person 1: "You look amazing! You can't even tell you're pregnant from the back!"
Person 2: (eyeballs me like a prized heifer) "Suzy Q. was even smaller than that, and she had the nicest glow..."

Or the "un-compliment" that folks often offer, which sounds like a compliment but is really a put-down. "Oh, look at you! Your ankles and face have hardly swelled at all!"

Eh, what? I'm not swelling, dangit!!!

: Ladies, we are beautiful! To quote a bumper sticker, Mean People Suck.
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My sister told me about a shirt she wants to get me which says "Goddess with a Bump". I suggest we all get one!
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Originally Posted by SummerTwilight
My sister told me about a shirt she wants to get me which says "Goddess with a Bump". I suggest we all get one!
Cute! Any idea where from?
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I don't remember the name of the site...let me google it...
here it is!
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I'm visiting from the November DDC, but I've got a great rude comment my mom said to me when they were visiting a month ago. I showed her my preggo belly and she said, "ARe you sure that's the baby?" : : : OMG! I wanted to punch her! :

I have a very normal preggo belly - it is very obvious when you see my bare belly that I am pregnant. People just don't get fat with a belly like this! lol It really pissed me off that my own mom would say something that rude to me, especially since she knows I worked my butt off to lose 26 pounds last year! I did not have a big belly when I got pregnant and I have not been eating that much because I am still sick with the lovely marathon sickness!

urgh! We are supposed to go fly halfway across the country next week to see my family. I am NOT looking forward to it. It would be so nice if my mom could actually compliment me for once. I look damn good! Most of my friends are asking me how I am losing weight when pregnant!
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RosesToys: That is beyond obnoxious. Being that it is your mom can you tell her how rude she is being and that she hurt your feelings? And you don't have to EXPLAIN your belly to anyone! That is the point! Or any other part of your body! People would never be so bold as to critique you to your face any other time. So when people take to critiquing my body now, I am just gonna do it right back to them!
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