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Ode to my uterus

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My last appointment with the MWs is next week, so as a thank you, I am giving them a book and a uterus I knitted. I'm not the best knitter, so to be sure they can tell this pink wooly thing is supposed to be a uterus, I wrote a poem to go with it. Now, I am no poet (the best I ever come up with is silly limericks on the spot for my 3rd and 4th grade students), but I was amused with this little ditty and wanted to share:

Thank you to my uterus,
You once looked like a pear,
You grew big like a watermelon,
Often making strangers stare.
You did your job so perfectly,
You must be well aware.
I still have one question, though:
How’d Phoebe fit in there?
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That's adorable! I want to give my midwives something, too. I'm getting teary thinking about how I won't see them for a good long while.
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That is great ecoteat! I am sure they will love it and display it proudly.
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VERY cute!!!
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That's so cute! Your mw will love it.
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I love that!What a great idea and poem!I'm curious about the knit uterus.Is there a pattern?Did you use realistc measurements?I'd like to try making one for my kids.Maybe a purple placenta and a baby too....

You could sell this,you know!
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Aww, cute poem!

I knitted my midwife a womb too. KRS- here's the pattern I used:
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I love it!
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Originally Posted by busybusymomma
Aww, cute poem!

I knitted my midwife a womb too. KRS- here's the pattern I used:
That's what I used too (thanks for posting the link!). You can't sell things you make from knitty patterns, though; the patterns are all copywritten. The pattern is free, though, so knock yourselves out. It's a little tricky for a beginner like me, but it didn't turn out too bad for being only the third thing I ever knit that wasn't a rectangle!
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Oh my, only your third non-rectangle project? You go girl!

I confess, I knit the body of the womb in flat and seamed it up, but did the fallopian tubes in i-cord. I just cannot master DPNs, I'm going to have to have some IRL help.
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Thanks for the link-not as comforting a visual as I was somehow expecting...

I'm amazed that you are even knitting-that is a two-handed activity!I have a fairly content baby,and I still never get enough two-hand time to use the bathroom,nevermind a craft!Very impressive.
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I dunno about Amy, but I knit my womb at 38 weeks. I haven't picked up the knitting needles since just before my due date. : I'm hoping to get a hat knit this weekend though. :
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Michelle, I made mine before Phoebe was born and did it flat, too. I tried the DPNs, but it just wasn't going to happen. I'm anxious to get knitting again before I forget how; I just learned last November! I have done some other wooly stuff, though...I dyed some roving and made felt butterflies for my friend to hang in her new baby's nursery (when the babe decides to come--she's 20 days overdue!). When I get a chance I'll make some for Phoebe's too, even though she never spends any time in there!
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Whew! I was getting a complex just picturing you knitting away on DPNs.

Oh my, your poor friend. Six days was hard for me, she has my best wishes!
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