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your name and age (if you want)
Erin, 24 almost 25

# of children
3, a girl a boy and a boy on the way

ages of children
Issy is 3, Isaac is 20 months and Liam is due in September

how long have you been cding?
Since Isaac was 6 months

what's your stash made up of?
Fuzzi bunz and Little Lambs AIO's for Isaac
I am sewing fitteds for Liam so i can splurge a little on wool covers and not feel guilty Not to mention, i am having a lot of fun sewing. Who knew cloth diapers could be so addictive?
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Oh wow! Tiffany told me this place was back to normal so I had to drop by!

your name and age (if you want)
Holli, 36

# of children
1 girlie

ages of children
Mari is almost 22 months and has been home for over 14 months now

how long have you been cding?
buying since '04, putting on a babe since '05

what's your stash made up of?
diapers: FCB, Mudpie, Bizzy B Hive, and Righteous Baby
wool: Bizzy B Hive, and variety of knitted (Koolsheep, Sit on Knits, etc.)

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- your name and age Lia, 27

- # of children 2

- ages of children 4 and 2

- how long have you been cding? 2.5 yrs, I started cd'ing Roman when he was about 18 mos old.

- what's your stash made up of? Luxe, Peenut, Fussybutt, QdPies for fitteds and alllll kinds of crazy wool for covers, mostly, Mosaic Moon, Julie of TCT, Sissy Crabapple, and Kiwi and Fussybutt covers.
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I'm Katie 26 yrs old
: I have 3 children ages 1, 3 and 5 and have been cloth diapering for 2 years at the moment I am using pf's, flats, fitteds, aio's and a few pockets.
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I am debi, 28(29 in August)wahm to four kids.

my kids are 8, 7, 3.5, and 18 months.

I have been clothdiapering on and off for over 8 yrs.

We have a dozen OV swaddlebees, a bazillion prefolds, and lots of mama made wool.
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I'm Carey, 33.
Kiddos are 7, 3 and 5 mos.
We cd'd part time starting last fall, now full time on dd2. dd1 is going potty!!
Stash is mostly fuzzibunz, some AI2's, a few fitteds & covers. The ipfs never worked out for us, but I may try again with reg pfs. now that shes bigger and less scruchy LOL!
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your name and age (if you want) I'm Carrin, 33 years young
- # of children Just 1 so far
- ages of children 3 months old
- how long have you been cding? 3 months
- what's your stash made up of?
FB, ME, Nature Babies, Kissaluvs
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your name and age: i'm erin and i'm 23
- # of children: 1 girl, ella
- ages of children: 15 mo
- how long have you been cding: we just started, so about 10 days
- what's your stash made up of: prefolds, a few fitteds, a few fuzzibunz and bummis
nice to meet you all!
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Your name and age (if you want)
Amy, 24

# of children
2 Boys (5 and 2) and a girl (11 weeks)

How long have you been cding?
For a long time, over 5 years

What's your stash made up of?
For the little lady I have been using prefolds made into fitteds and KP covers. The few fitteds we have are FM. I like the simplicity!
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Originally Posted by Mama Bear
I am SO glad that we are all back together again. In honor of that and the fact that I hardly recognize the names over here, can we do a cding mama's roll call???

Let's do this:
- your name and age (if you want)
- # of children
- ages of children
- how long have you been cding?
- what's your stash made up of?

I just realized today that the boards were back together!

I was a part of the Diapering community when it first took off and became "the place to be" back in 2002. Like the Muppets song "It's not starting over...it's just moving on!"

I'm Jesse (obviously lol) 27yo SAHM, I have four children. I have been cloth diapering for over 5 years straight, have lots of experience with different brands, wahm and mass alike, experience with having two in diapers, and though I may not have any more babies it looks like I'll be cd'ing for about another year if less.

I started of cd'ing when my ds2 was 2 months old and ds1 was 2 yrs old. Ds1's stash was toddler cpf's and gerber plastic covers lol. Ds2's first diapers were red kissaluvs and peanutbutterkisses.

Right now my stash for dd, whose 21 mos, is made up of FCB size 2 fitteds (and one AIO that is her fav, she grabbed it and insisted I put that on lol), Swaddlebees org fitteds and some bummis covers. I still do have a few leftover prefolds, which was once my primary thing, but I got sick of always losing the pins : no matter how hard I tried and won't fold up a prefold to set in a diaper cover before putting on so, here I am now!
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Hi- I am Launie, age 36
One DD aged 9mos (or will be on the 6th)
We have been CD from very near the beginning. I actually had to wait to use the CD until she was 4wks old- she was born early and was too small for her PFs.
Our Stash- 2 doz Premium CPFs, 4 BSWW, 6 SBs, 7 FBs, and 2 Wonderoos. The CPFs are the daytime dipe, and the pockets we use at night stuffed with 2 MF towels.

It's nice to "meet" everyone!
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- your name and age (if you want)
Tracy, 42 (frighteningly older than all of you!)
- # of children
- ages of children
nearly 16, and two year old twins
- how long have you been cding?
18 months
- what's your stash made up of?
Everything in it is WAHM made by many different, talented mamas.
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Hello everyone! Nice to see some familiar faces and some new ones, too!!

I'm Jesse. I'll be 31 in a week! Eeek...time goes too fast.

I'm the blessed mama of 3 babes. Jade is 6 1/2, Adam is 4 1/2 and Luke will be 2 in less than a week.

I've been cd'ing since Luke was 2 days old. Still kickin' myself that I didn't cd with my first two, but hoping and praying that I'll have another bum to cd someday!

My stash is made up of mostly flats, prefolds and made by me fitteds. I've got 3 AIO's and some hyena wool. Too bad my mister refuses to wear it.
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- your name and age (if you want) Ellie 24
- # of children 1
- ages of children 12 months
- how long have you been cding? 4 months
- what's your stash made up of? prefolds and a few pockets
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- Valerie, age 36
- 2 - 1 ds who is 2 yrs and 1 dd who is 2 weeks old

cd'ing a year and a half
Well, with a newborn here I have been ordering new stuff like crazy! I'm still trying to convince my DH that we are saving money

12 birdseye weave (love these on my newborn but I know no one likes 'em)
3 doz. infant cpf's
2 doz. prem. indian prefolds
6 dappi nylon covers small, med and large (i looove these things!!!)
6 WAHM wool covers
6 snappi's
8 daiper pins
1 small bumkins
1 small happy heiny
1 small swaddlebees
12 basic velcro wraps
2 large BSWW - velcro and snap (I hated these! I really should swamp them for somethig else)

6 med. FB's
6 large FB's
24 microfiber inserts

I think that's it!
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- your name and age (if you want)
Heidi, 32

- # of children

- ages of children
dd 2.5 and ds almost 3 months

- how long have you been cding?
2 years

- what's your stash made up of?
Well, dd is pretty much potty learned except nights. Her stash that isn't getting used is mostly FCB 2 AIO's.

ds stash is 12 fluffymail aio's, a dozen clothmopolitan (little fishy) aios, lots of prefolds, BSWW covers, kiwi pie covers, luxe pull up cover.

I also have way to much random hyena stuff just sitting around, like 3 MM soakers, several girly wool sets, newborn hyena fluff coming out my ears!!
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