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Who will be cloth diapering???

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I didn't CD with my first two but am going to CD for this baby!!! There are sooooooooo many kinds out there, I am confused!!! I just want it to be simple....I know I will not be making my own because that would just cause me more stress and money then i need or have....so I am going to buy them. I just wish I could just order what I need and be done with it but there are too many options out there!!! Any suggestions?!?!? I also wanna see who will be CD out of all of us!!!!

Happy pregnancies!!!
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We used cloth with our dd who will be 5 in September. Some of my favorite diapers are Christensen Creations, or Suzie's One Size (SOS) diapers,


and Full Moon Baby Gear dipes, (FMBG)


Both are very well made dipes and quite absorbent. I used a lot of other dipes before and I like these best. The SOS dipes are a one-size dipe and fit from around 8-35 pounds which can be very helpful as you don't have to keep buying bigger dipes.

If you are interested in trying out the SOS, I would suggest that you buy one or more of them used on eBay first. They can be hard to get new from Suzie. You will definately want to subscribe to her email list too, as she posts to that list when she is putting new dipes up on her website. The last several weeks she has been posting at random times and days or the week - instead on Fridays like she usually does - and that has worked well for me. I snagged 2 of her dipes a couple of weeks ago. :-D

I haven't decided yet what I am going to do for newborn dipes. I may use Kissaluvs for newborn dipes because they are considerably cheaper than the SOS or FMBGs. We may also use the diaper service for a little while after babe comes too, but I"m not sure about that. It can be nice to have one less thing to deal with after the baby is born, you know? But I wasn't that thrilled with the diaper service and prefolds in general when we used the diaper service when dd was a newborn. Newborn poop is so runny that it will leak out of prefold dipes and get on the cover almost every time. So then you have to wash the poop off the diaper cover. It doesn't seem like there is much of a time savings in not having to wash diapers if I am washing several diaper covers by hand every day. When we switched to fitted diapers when dd was around 3 months old I was so much happier not having to wash the covers every time she pooped. A good fitted dipe will usually contain the poop so it doesn't get on the diaper cover.

Good luck on deciding what type of dipes you want to use. There certainly are a million different choices out there now!
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We cloth diapered ds and plan to diaper this child as well. I still have my prefolds from when ds was a baby, but I despise prefolds so I've been scrounging around on the TP and other places and have managed to get about 30 Kissalauvs 0's at reasonable prices. I hope to be able to sell them on ebay for as much or more than I paid for them.
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I'm planning to CD too. I do make my own, so that saves me alot of money - I can use the really good materials and not break the bank, thanks to wonderful fabric co-ops.

Of the commercial ones, I've used Fuzzi Bunz (good but just don't fit my son's weird body shape well), tried on a Happy Heiny (*really* didn't fit my son's weird body shape), Luke's Drawers (fit), LHC (fit)... and I've used Bummis SWW covers and Prorap covers when he was an itty bitty thing, combined with prefolds. I still have the prefolds, but hope to have enough fitteds that I won't have to use them! Prefolds are super cheap and versatile, but I go through love and hate cycles with them.

I haven't tried any of the other popular WAHM diapers, since I learned to make my own and couldn't see spending the money on something that may or may not fit my son, when my own pattern fits him perfectly. But he's just a weird shape - big waist and itty bitty thighs.

You can get some really great diapers used - check out the TP and Diaper Swappers. I'd purchase through those before I'd go through Ebay personally (good places to sell too, since you don't have to pay fees!).

Check Diaper Pin for reviews of various brands. There are some cheap brands that are cheap for a reason (ie, poor quality). So don't let cost of a diaper completely drive your decision. I won't pay $40 for a diaper, personally, but a $10 AIO new just might be too good to be true.
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I would really like to cd with this babe too; but I think we may have to end up using a diaper service (long story, but involves a slightly temperamental septic system : ) Dh is not particularly keen though - I think , like me, he harks back to the days of terrycloth nappies that had to be folded a special way! I need to convince him that CD's are every bit as easy to use, and waaaaaay better for everybody....(oh, and cuter too : )
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Originally Posted by BabyBumblebee
I think we may have to end up using a diaper service
I live in a small New York City apartment and while I know people who CD here, I've avoided it because I imagine the extra work it entails in terms of cleaning. Some of the information I've read online about CDs says you need to do extended wash or a double rinse - the only way I can do this is to do two full wash cycles at $2 per wash. I also don't know about storing dirty diapers in a small space until I have enough to wash (stinky?). And I feel like I would need to do this secretly or my neighbors might freak at having our 2 common washers used for diapers. I don't know...

On services, I've avoided a service because I think that environmentally it is not much better than other options?? and is certainly as expensive here as disposables. But I admit that I haven't fully investigated all this.

Any other city moms out there who've done CD and can offer some insights?
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I'd love to but in no way can I afford this option.
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I cloth diaper now and I have quite a stash. I like pockets (Fuzzi Bunz, Swaddlebees) quite a bit but I also like pref olds and wool covers. I think if you do prefold, a Snappi is a must...I don't like pins. I also have about three dozen contours. Those are really easy and can be used to stuff pockets if you have a mixed stash like I do.

I want to put in another "yes" for Full Moon Baby Gear. Terri is a friend of mine from way back, before kids and she makes wonderful dipes. They work well and look so cute!

For me, using cloth is less about cost and environmental reasons and more about the health of my child. The gel they use in most disposables is full of awful and toxic chemicals. There has even been a link made between male factor infertility later in life and the use of disposable dipes since they don't allow any air circulation and make the testes way too hot.

For me, using cloth is just one extra step after the baby dirties the dipe (washing) as opposed to an extra step before (having to go out an buy). It depends on what kind of dipes you use whether or not you need to wash twice, use anything with poly in it (pockets for example) and you really do need that extra wash, but if use cotton with a PUL cover, one wash will work. You won't be storing them for long either unless you get a service. I wash dipes every other day and when babe isn't eating solids and breastfeeding only, you don't even rinse, just wash them as is.

I also found 80% of my dipes second hand and they have lasted over two years and should last through this babe as well...

Check this link out for making an entire stash for $30 http://fernandfaerie.com/frugaldiapering.html
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I CD'ed dd and will this one as well. I just use pre-folds and then whatever covers I've bought from WAHMs. I don't find CDing a big deal, DH complains sometimes, I might break down and buy him some fitted pre-folds this time. I do it for enviromental and health reasons, I use disopies when we travel and i just cringe when I have to use them.
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I CD and have never bought a new one save the Gerber prefolds I bought at Target 7 years ago. No all mine come as hand me downs or from other mamas who are downsizing. So I don't have a brand preference but just love to see what's on the top of the pile. I just bought a slew of diapers from my friend and fellow MDC'er Crayon and I can't stop stroking them and dreaming of the little babe who will fill them. Do other people get this excited about cloth? I've never had newborn Cd's before and they are soooo cute!
I feel an unnatural pride at seeing rows of CDs drying in the breeze on my clothesline too. Like I'm going to convert someone just by the beauty of drying cotton and hemp
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When I was taking care of my niece full-time, they were using a service in Manhattan...I don't know which one. In any case, they apartment was tiny and it never smelled bad. And I found it extremely easy to change dipes. But now I am looking into it for myself, and I am overly confused by the different options. I did love that site, BathrobeGoddess, but am afraid that it is another one of my dreams that will get started but never get finished! Does any wise and experienced cd'er feel like going through all the options and explain what the differences between all these types of dipes is? and not use too many abbreviations? It would really be appreciated...
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Me! I CD'd my DD, but didn't start until she was about 14 months. I have a whole newborn stash ready to go from my last DD that we never used.

Anyway, I bought all mine used, mainly from friends (on-line and IRL) who had finished with them. My newborn stash consists of a dozen preemie and a dozen infant prefolds, a dozen Kissaluvs size 0's and a few other random diapers I bought from another mama. My covers are an eclectic collection of used things.

CDing does NOT have to be expensive, you just can't get caught up in the excitement of getting the latest and greatest thing. If you're willing to use prefolds, it can be VERY cheap.

I also knit, and have made several wool soakers. They are very fun to make.
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I spoke to my midwife about this and really a CD service is not any better for the baby or environment than a disposable one - they both use bleach. She said there are some services that are a bit more friendly, but at the end of the day the difference is not that great. The best option is going with an organic diaper...they are more expensive though. I think we'll go that route for a little while, maybe the first 3 mths or so and then move to the reg. ones.
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I cloth diapered my dd for a few months and then my ds also for a while (starting at around 9/10mths until he started using the potty). This time I plan to mostly cloth diaper. I will use mostly prefolds w/covers. I did buy some gerber AIO/newborn dipes here on the trading post for really cheap. I might buy a cute diaper here and there used if the price is right but for me cloth diapering is about saving money.
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I would love to CD but I don't think it is realistic as I will be on my own and I live in an apartment. It would mean taking the laundry out and paying $2 for a wash, $1.50 for a dry. I think that would be too much for me to do with a new baby. I might see about a diaper service (unless it is too costly).

BathrobeGoddess, that is scary about the link between disposables and infertility! It makes sense though.
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I'm planning to CD with my first...dh is skeptical, thinks its "weird" but I figure the cost factor will win him over (plus the fact that most of the dipes will be changed by me anyway!).

I was considering using one of these "test drive packages":


but I'm not sure...would it be cheaper to just buy a variety of diapers from ebay or something to experiment with rather than this test drive set?
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I will be doing EC... but I also use cloth when I diaper...

We love prefolds with a "Bummis" cover... I started off with 4 covers and 2 dozen small prefolds and that cost about 70-80$ and then I paid the same when ds hit 6 months and grew out of the small prefolds and small covers...

After that when I was near the Bummis store I would go get a cover or two in the next size (11$ each)...

With EC we don't use many diapers anyways so all of the newborn stuff is still like new... and I might just buy a few more covers for older babes...

I have tried AIO's but I don't like them as much as the prefolds...the y take too long to dry IMO and I find them a lot bulkier....
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i'm CDing my dd and plan to CD this baby as well. we use proraps and prefolds during the day, and FBs at night. it works well for us.
there are soooo many cute CDs out there, but i've tried to keep things practical and simple for us so i wouldn't spend a lot of money.
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We cloth diaper and love it.

There are lots of options and as you go you'll experiment with more of them. The standard inexpensive way to start is prefolds and prowraps. Thanksmama is a good site for ordering, our local shop is Peapods and they are very helpful also.

When dd got older I branched out in the cover department a little bit, but stuck with the prefolds. I also added a snappi at some point and a hemp doubler at night.

All you need for an infant- IMHO is prefolds and prowraps. As your sweet little baby grows you can change things....

Good luck and keep asking questions!! I think cloth is great- I can't stand using sposies, I feel so guilty pitching poop in the trash- except for that one time on the airplane.....
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okay, now I am coveting the dipes that I've seen The service I found looks pretty good (and environmentally responsible) but they don't have anything nearly as cute as some of the SOS (for example)

What we really need is a fairy godmother :
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