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Sick Baby!!

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Peyton is 11 months old and has been sick since monday afternoon. It started with diarrhea in the afternoon. Then the Temp rose to 104.8 monday night. Then she started vomiting Tuesday and today. She nurses and no sooner does my milk let down she is puking.

I am trying to limit her nursing or should I say limit the amount she gets at one sitting,but when should I start getting worried??

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If it were me, I would worry under a few circumstances...

1) if the fever lasts longer than two days, sometime into the third day I would become concerned.

2) if my child became lethargic I would be VERY concerned.

3) if the wet diapers decreased and my child showed signs of dehydration (dry eyes when crying, dry mouth), I'd be very concerned.

But you know what? We all have different levels of tolerance for illness and pain in our children, and if you're concerned now, then I suggest you act on it. You'll feel better if you do. I hope Peyton feels better soon.
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My child was just doing the vomiting thing. He ended up having kept nothing down (so it seemed) for 40 straight hours, although he maintained his wet diapers, so we worried a little less (thank goodness for cloth!! A great tool in determining dehydration). I was trying at first to limit nursing, because I knew he'd throw up, and I got tired of having my entire boob covered ... I finally decided his comfort was more important and before long he was keeping more down. I really think the constant nursing meant less was hitting his tummy all at once, and helped keep him hydrated and a little less starved.
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Not sure which book but great tip!

Either in Mendelsohns book or George Wootan's book (I think Wootan) there is some excellent info on how to get the baby back to nursing after vomiting. It goes into a lot of detail. It says something like: feed for one minute, than wait 15, then feed for 2 minutes and wait 13 etc. Something like that. Sorry, I can't look it up, I'm at work. Hang in there, I know its hard! Did you try to give vitamin C?

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How is she doing now?
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Hugs to you! My ds has that stomach bug for the THIRD time this winter. I'm going out of my mind with all the puke and squirty poop. Will it EVER end?

Since this is the third go 'round since January, I do see patterns now. He always throws up after the morning nursing. I think there is just too much milk first thing in the morning for his tender tummy to handle. He does better with the later nursings.

My ped did say to watch his diapers carefully. He should have a wet dipe every 4-6 hours. So far we're OK there.

When he's having a hard time keeping anything down, I do limit his nursing to just one side.

Hope your baby's feeling better!
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