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We are outside St Louis and I tried to make due with a raincoat and a heavy coat and it just didn't cut it...so I think I only have the coats I NEED now....sweaters and fleece and capris and jeans on the other hand may be out of control...we shall see this fall/winter/spring. I'm quite proud of what I've done with the summer stuff...so hoepfully that will carry over...I do have to say that everything does fit in my closet and dresser...I don't have boxes of out of season clothes stashed in the basement...so it could be worse!!

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This thread inspired me to dig my mending pile out of the closet. I repaired several skirts and a dress, leaving omly my fave blouse, which needs a button. I can get a button as soon as I get my financial aid in (hopefully within a week).

I've done many clothing purges, and I think I'm about to do another one. I seem to have a variety of skirts I like, with no tops that really go with them, and likewise tops I like, with no skirts or pants to go with them.

I've made a commitment to myself to not buy any more new clothes, by and large, except for undergarnments. I've been learning to sew, and need to sew myself anything else I want.

[QUOTE=cyclamen]I basically wear long skirts all the time. I ride my bicycle in them. QUOTE]

Cyclamen, what sort of pattern do you make your skirts from? I love wearing long skirts, but since I started commuting on my bike most of the ones I have are just a huge hassle. I have to pin them up to keep them from getting caught in the spokes.
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I just did a purge of nice clothes I don't wear (like my Mother-of-the-bride dress that was actually very nice but too formal for me to wear again,) I donated the stuff and found what are my favorite pair of shorts at the Old Navy for $10.
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someone was asking about coats. We lived in western NY until a couple of years ago, and I decided about 4 years ago to completely purge the coats that I had (about 5) and get down to 1 useful coat. First of all, I decided that having a long formal coat was not important to me, even to church (dressy) or formal places (which happens about 1x every 2 or 3 years). I decided I need something that was water resistant/waterproof, something fleecy, and something very warm (i.e., snow). I bought Columbia's 3 season coat (in that season), which has a fleece layer that zips into the rain-resistant layer. I got rid of about 6 different coats. It was great! And it's all machine washable, too! I actually can't wear the jacket pieces zipped together unless the outside high is about 25 deg. F or less, so it's really, really warm. I bought the style that comes down to my thighs, because I hated jackets that ride up my back.

It's exciting to find something that works for you ... Oh, and I was looking for a dark color--mine is a plum, I was looking for blue or grey or something. When I was in Melbourne, Australia for our honeymoon, it was cold and my jacket was very bright ... I felt out of place ! So I wanted something with color but muted, so that it didn't feel too out of place. But I can roll in the snow.

(DH liked the idea so much he did the same thing the next season).
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I cured myself of buying too many shoes by not buying any for a whole year--I used to buy low quality shoes and have lots of pairs, but I wanted to buy a sewing tool (a snap press for sewing diapers and covers) that was very expensive and we didn't have the budget for it. I figured out that if I made due with the shoes I had for a whole year and didn't buy any new ones, I could afford the snap press. After that year, I didn't have the urge to buy lots of new shoes all the time anymore! I am slowly purging out the ones that I bought the previous several years. Earning the right to buy more shoes took away the urge!

This is a great thread--I hadn't seen it before!
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Coats, I have my ski jacket that I'll use in the bitter cold part of winter.

I also have a lighter (but lined) jacket and a light spring jacket and a rain poncho.
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Shoes, I hate shoes.

I have three pair and that's it.
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Shoes and coats:

I have 4 pairs of shoes: One pair of ren sandals (based on Irish ghillies, were last in fashion about a thousand years ago, I get compliments on them all the time), in a lightish reddish brown, a pair of black flips I got at Target specifically to go with my new brocade that are horribly uncomfortable, an old pair of black work boots my sister gave me, and a pair of slippers I wear to do yard work. I HATE wearing shoes and try to have as few as possible. I will probably get a pair of 2-button boots from the same people I got the sandals from, in black, some time in the next year. They'll be dressier for work and not clash with anything.

I have a ridiculous number of coats and wraps, particularly given I live in Arizona. From warmest to coolest, they include a black Navy issue peacoat (wool), a light brown trench coat (nice w/ dresses, not as heavy as the peacoat), a red wool ren cloak I occasionally wear with mundane clothes, a white zippered fleece I got this summer in Santa Cruz--practical wardrobe item as I often steal DH's in winter here, and souvenir--and a hand-woven wrap I got at a ren faire several years back that I like to wear with my mundane clothes. Oh, and also a denim jacket I've had since I was like 16 that has a bunch of patches on it. Doesn't fit so well around the middle any more. I probably ought to take off the patches and make a pillow with them or something, I never wear the jacket any more.

Okay, and also the brocade/velvet jacket and brocade long jacket mentioned in my previous post. Forgot those. See, ridiculous!
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Originally Posted by Ravin
I've made a commitment to myself to not buy any more new clothes, by and large, except for undergarnments. I've been learning to sew, and need to sew myself anything else I want.
Cyclamen, what sort of pattern do you make your skirts from? I love wearing long skirts, but since I started commuting on my bike most of the ones I have are just a huge hassle. I have to pin them up to keep them from getting caught in the spokes.
Oh me too! I'm not buying any new clothes at all! I think I haven't bought anything new since May. Is there a "proud" smiley? My sewing skills are adequate but not spectacular, so that's why I made the switch to skirts. Too much work trying to find or make pants that fit.... Men's pants seem to be much easier in terms of fit. Right now I'm plotting to sew new winter long sleeve shirts from old summer tees, and flannel-lined pants for dh.

Anyhow, for bicycles, I have discovered that a heavy, stiffer fabric, such as linen, denim, or medium weight wool is less likely to get caught in the spokes. Here is the pattern I used: http://home.aol.com/lclacemker/goreskirt1.html

I used three equally sized and shaped gores, the length goes down to a little above my ankle bone, and the bottom circumference is about 72" (which is apparently almost the least it can be without needing slits for mobility). French seams seemed to make the skirt fall better and I put a drawstring at the top. I'm in the process of making a long circle skirt but I think it might be too full to ride my bike on. The a-line shape seems to be the best for riding a bicycle.

My bike isn't compatible with this (no back bumper), but I have seen online instructions for skirt guards: http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive...irt_guard.html
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i haven't bought new clothes since may either. I only buy to replace something that is worn out.

learning to sew is way down on the list---but i'll get to it eventually!
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heh and here I felt guilty for wearing the same two skirts for months now. I have not bought any new "bottoms"(skirts/pants) for atleast 8 months..

I bought a tshirt last week but other then that about the same amount of time for tops.

I HATE clothing shopping. I'm preggo and can't find anything comfy..and so I have a brown broomstick skirt and a long jeanskirt..

I plan to go shopping near the end of this month because we have family visiting, but otherwise I feel happy and fine.. I don't see the same people very often and hubby doesnt seem to notice I wear the same stuff all the time..
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I sort of went through this when I was pg and couldn't afford many maternity clothes.
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It's been a few weeks, so I thought I'd revive this thread for fall/winter. How's everyone doing? I've been doing too much thrift store shopping lately. Gah! I just went through all of my clothes and found a bag full of stuff to give away and some of it does contain recent thrift store "bargains". I either need to step away from the thrifting or practice more self-control.

So, ladies, how goes it?
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My clothing is starting to multiply again. Luckily, we are having a garage sale next weekend, so I will get rid of a bunch of it. I went looking for some new jeans last week. I found some, then returned them for another size. Then, returned those because I didn't think they fit well either. Then I bought a jean skirt that I thought I loved in the store, but it is more than I wanted to spend. So I'm returning that too.

SOOOOO...I pretty much hate shopping retail, in malls, etc. I just need to go to the consignment store where I can find some nice broken in clothes. Arrrgh. I got a few new t-shirts that I love. I could have done just one, but I got crazy. I love it and it loves me. Plus, all my other shirts are stained, stretched out, etc. Oh, and I got a long sleeve white t-shirt and a long sleeve black shirt. Versatile and comfy.

I'm starting to think about winter...and realizing that I really want a nice sweater. So I will be on the lookout for one of those. Otherwise, I think I'm good.

I do feel like I'm drowning in clothes though...mostly because we've been traveling a lot and so nothing ever gets put away. It goes from the suitcase to the washer to the basket to the suitcase. :
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I'm so good on everything, save perhaps t-shirts. I love the layered t-shirt look, but I don't know what type of t-shirts to do this with. I assume they should be quite thin. And then I don't know if it would be all that flattering on me because I'm a bit busty. Hmmm.

I still want a pair of Keen Bronx shoes, but between my Keen Seattles and my Pumas, I don't see how I can justify another pair of sporty shoes. :
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I love this idea! I have actually been toying with it for a while but everytime I go to just DO IT , I chicken out, but I do always end up getting rid of something which is good too.
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Hi, can I join in?

I've been thinking about my wardrobe lately. I've always been poor (we are doing better now!) and so I've never had a great wardrobe, so I was going to buy a few pieces for this fall/winter that are good quality and that all go together (what a concept!) I am pretty much building my winter wardrobe from scratch. And I am really excited about what I've read on this thread!

BTW, I live in a very cold area, and I do just fine with only two coats: a charcoal colored wool peacoat, for when I want to look nicer/dressier, and a white ski-type coat for more casual occasions. The charcoal color is great because it hides dirt-- I've actually never washed it. (And I've had it about 4 years. Is that gross?) The casual coat is on its last legs and was a cheap buy, so maybe next year I will invest in something more durable.

I love long skirts, so I am going to invest in a couple of good ones. (One in corduroy!) I can wear them with thicker tights during the winter and it works well for me. I am also going to be nursing, so I am going to invest in a few good nursing tops, and maybe one nursing dress since I need a dressy outfit. Oh, I will also need winter shoes too. I want to buy one pair of boots and one pair of flats (like ballets or mary-janes) that I can dress up or down-- but I may have to only get one pair this year.

Anyway, I know I'm coming in this late, but I love this idea, thank you!
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ah, the thread that never dies! or is it that it keeps on giving?

I thought I had it all together with the summer clothes. Weeded out a lot and was down to some beloved basics --- BUT -- I made the mistake of not having colour in there. I kind of narrowed everything down to black, white and grey. This was sort of inadvertant, as these were the things that worked the best and looked good, but I've got grey hair and pale skin and I just looked kind of washed out and faded. So now I'm looking at my fall and winter stuff with a wiser eye. I live in Toronto, and it stays grey for months after the leaves fall off the trees, so colour is my new mantra. Make that colour AND simplicity.

This thread is so fun that I vote we all keep coming back with our wardrobe revisions. By the way, Ravin, what is "ren"? I'd love to hear how everyone else is doing.
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"ren" is short for "renaissance", as in "renaissance faire". The folks I got the shoes from are at www.nativearth.com

Cyclamen, thanks so much for the link to that skirt pattern! I made myself a slip last weekend (out of this white muslin with tiny blue polka dots that's too lightweight and blah to do anything else with) to try out the pattern. The only remaining test is if I got the fullness right to ride in it--I based my measurements on the hem length of one skirt I have that is full enough to have free movement in but not so full I have to pin it up to keep it out of the spokes--unless it's really windy. My only concern is that that skirt is knit so kind of stretchy and that might have been a factor.

If it works out, I'll have a new slip AND measurements to make my grey corduroy and red paisley (can't accuse ME of neglecting color!) skirts.

Oh, and I took the elastic for the slip from an old pair of boxer shorts in which the casing on the elastic was chewed up.
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Hi! I don't think I've posted to this thread yet (I can't remember, though) but I've been following it and thinking about and acting on this idea. A couple days ago I went through all the clothes hanging in my closet and got rid of everything that either didn't fit, didn't fit well, or I never wore. I have about 3 garbage bags of clothes I need to donate.

I really like the idea of having few really well-made clothes that look great and will last a long time. For as long as I can remember I was all about buying a lot of cheap clothes that would last for a year or so - then I'd have to buy more. I did this with shoes, too. Well, no more!

This past weekend I bought a pair of Dansko clogs. They were expensive, but *so* comfortable, and totally worth it as I will wear them everyday when the weather turns cold. They also go with just about everything I will wear - they can be dressed up or down. So, I will most likely get rid of several other pairs of shoes that I won't be needing.

Some other things I've found I will need this fall/winter: a pair of great jeans (who has really good jeans that fit well? I also hate going to a mall to try things on, but then again its not good to order stuff and have to spend money sending it back either), some "basic" long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve shirts (maybe 3 or 4), and a long-ish skirt. I have plenty of sweaters. I actually need to go through them again and get rid of ones I don't wear.

When I was younger and in school I *had* to wear different stuff everyday for at least 2 weeks so I really had a bunch of clothes. Now, as a stay-at-home mom, it doesn't matter if I wear the same thing 2 or 3 times a week. I still like to look nice - and I do most days - but I don't have to wear something completely different everyday.

I like the idea of periodically updating, too, and I'll try to do that.
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