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I'm freaking out (Mind if I vent?)

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So I went over to my mom and dad's today to sneak a look in the boxes of maternity and newborn things I had stored from my pregnancy with baby Winter and the clothes and such he outgrew. I haven't told them I'm pregnant yet because they know how dire our finances are and I know they would not be supportive or kind about it at all.
Anyway, so I found that they had put everything in the basement. And come to find that all the water leakage from a burst pipe they had in the basement ruined EVERYTHING. I'm freaking out because we are so freaking broke it's not even funny. I can't even consider replacing it for months, and we have a $2400 homebirth to pay for and I don't have insurance. I am absolutely bawling because we are overdrawn on our bank account, 2 car payments behind, owe my mom and dad $1300 and combined our income barely pays the bills with nothing left over. I get child support from my older sons' fathers but not reliably at all. Once every couple of months, maybe.
This is just the last straw, you know? I don't even know what to do because I can't go back to work full time because the cost of childcare would be what I would earn. Right now we work opposing shifts so we swap the kids but there's only 4 hours available for me to work before he goes to work, he works the latest possible shift at our job.
Anyway, thanks for letting me freak out. I still don't know what to do but at least it's not all bottled up inside.
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to you Lydia. I don't have any advice, but I wanted to give my support.
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Thanks dear. Where did you disappear to at the diaper circle? It seemed like one minute you were there and the next you were gone!
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I am sorry things are so tough right now, I hope they will look up soon!
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
Thanks dear. Where did you disappear to at the diaper circle? It seemed like one minute you were there and the next you were gone!
Dd turns into a pumpkin around 1:30 or 2:00. She's put herself on this nap routine and if she misses one, she's freaking miserable. I've tried to get her to nap on me or in a sling, but she hasn't done that since she was 3 months. So, I'm unhappily married to a nap schedule. Sometimes, she'll nap in a stroller : if I have somewhere I absolutely have to be. But, she's happier at home on our bed or in her crib.

Anyway, your boys are very handsome and I got a kick out of seeing Winter in person after all the pics you've posted.
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I am sorry that your stuff got ruined. I bet lots of us have lots of baby stuff sitting around. If you can think of stuff you need, maybe some us can mail stuff to you!!
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I'm so sorry it's so tight and that your stuff was all ruined! I hope your parents aren't jerks to you. Nothing like being stressed and chastized.
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: i'm so sorry...i can only imagine how stressed you feel. i'm sure many of us can pool our resources and give you stuff. especially by the time your newest one is closer to arriving, when we won't need our *baby* stuff anymore, kwim? i know i'm happy to donate anything i don't need anymore to you.

have you looked at www.freecycle.org? there's probably a "chapter" local to you...it's a great resource.
: hang in there...
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Just ask for help DiD. What size do you wear for maternity? What things do you like? What sizes of baby clothes got ruined?
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i have a ton of maternity stuff for sale (med/large). most of it is Motherhood but there is other stuff there too. be more than willing to send it to you if you can cover the shipping.
try these links...maternity stuff is in there somewhere...





im trying to get rid of all my size 8 stuff too so the maternity is mixed in with that. also, E has outgrown everything thats smaller than 9 months. i got rid of the very small baby stuff already but have a lot of 0-3 and up stuff left. again, would be more than willing to ship it to you if you can help out on the shipping.

so sorry things are so tough on your right now. i am sure that i woudl feel the same way if it were me. hopefully your dh is very supportive...you need someone. and try to tell your parents to keep their opinions to themselves if they cant be supportive.

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I'm sorry you're so stressed over this whole thing. Like everyone else said, it's got to suck being so stressed and afraid to tell your parents. I would be really afraid to tell mine too....I'd be afraid to tell my dh even!

I'd be willing to help too..I've got lots of baby stuff, boy and girl. Let us know what you need! I think I have some maternity left too...I know I donated a bunch of it but I did keep some.
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I've gotten a few PMs from some of you wonderful mamas, but if anybody has anything maternity, I normally wear a S or M at the beginning and end up a L by the end So pretty much any size works for me.
The baby clothes that got ruined were mostly 0-6 months, onesies, sleepers, diapers and covers.
Anyone that needs me to pay for shipping, let me know. Payday is Friday and I can probably swing something to cover it.
If you guys want to PM me for my address and let me know if you need some help with shipping.
you guys are the best DDC ever.
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pm'ing you now!
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We ARE the best DDC, we've now got over 26k in posts!!! Gee willakers, I wonder if they'll let us stay here for much longer.

Anyhow, I'll see what I can spare. Are you very crafty? Almost all of my maternity pants are coming apart in one way or another that I don't feel confident in stitching back together.
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I have some things I can send too......pm'ing you!
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