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Toddlers and their love affair with nursing

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Just when I thought my 2.5-year-old was possibly starting to nurse less, she let me know just how important it is to her.

A few weeks ago she woke with an upset stomach and said "can I have some milk? That will make my tummy happy."

And last week I was telling my 18-year-old that when I become a grandma I can repeat with his kids all the cute (not) things that he is trying to teach his younger sister, my dd said "mommy, I don't want you to be a grandma. I want you to stay my mommy so you can nurse me."

Dh asked dd if mommy's milk was the best thing she ever had and she nodded yes as she nursed. He asked her what it tasted like and she said "strawberry milk". Now, I don't know when she's ever had strawberry milk...maybe she knows something I don't .

Well, I'm glad I'm good for somethin'

Anyone want to share their precious moments?
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My 2.5 yo dd still loves to nurse with no signs of letting up at all. She calls both nursing and my breasts "nipple". She tells me "Me looooove nipple!" and likes to hug them. If she's upset she'll nurse then say "Me feel MUCH better now." When I get home from being away from her she'll ask me if I brought the nipples home then declares "Me nurse them!"

One day she commented on how big they are and how small hers are then said "When me grow up my's nipples will be big big big too!" I told her how my breasts weren't so big until I got pregnant and nursed and she nodded and said "Mama's nipples happy now!"

She loves nipple and fortunatley, I do too.
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That's sooooooo cute! I love it.

And I agree with you, I love nursing dd just as much as she does
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My little one just became a toddler, but her love of the "nurses" is already apparent. She loves to play peek-a-boo with my breasts. She pulls down my shirt, and when she pulls it back up she gets this grin on her face like she's seeing an old friend for the first time in years. Sometimes she just sings quietly to herself "Nurer Nurer Nurer" in the cutest little sing song voice. Then she pats my breasts.

You know nursing was really hard for us in the beginning...I'm so glad we stuck with it.
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Kayla is 18 months and just entering the "terrible" 2's. Sometimes she hits me or pulls on the my breasts when getting ready to nurse and I tell her to be nice to the ninis. She hugs them. Now she hugs them or gives them a kiss even when she doesn't want to nurse. That would sound so weird if I shared that with people that didn't do extended nursing. But, it is so sweet.

Edited to say: Ditto Ellie's Mom, we had major complications from a drug for c-sec and I had to use an SNS and pump whenever I wasn't nursing and I was ALWAYS NURSING. It took us until Kayla was 3.5 months old before we could exclusively breastfeed.

Hard to believe when you look at us now.
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Wow drytushies, you rock!

It's hard enough to keep nursing when given more common hurdles like thrush, etc. but talk about dedication! You go girl!

Elliesmom, I loved your description about seeing an old friend. That brought a smile to my face! So sweet!
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2 1/2 y/o Bonnie hugs me, very tight around the neck, then she hugs each breast and says' "I love Mama milk!" . Sometimes she gives them kisses and sometimes 'eskimo kisses' or what she calls "noses". She also plays the 'steal your nose' game with my nipples. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. And I can't tell hardly anyone about it.
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When Dh pretends he wants milk (he won't try it for real) dd says, NO, you only drink Beer! But the other day she asked him, "Are you tired" he was nodding off on the couch, "yes"
she said "Drink boobie!" She offers it to people when they are sad. When she see's someone upset, she says, "he wants boobie."
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"When Dh pretends he wants milk (he won't try it for real) dd says, NO, you only drink Beer!"

ROFL!! My dd is pretty possessive, too, and says "No, Daddy beer!" when he pretends he wants to nurse. (he won't try it for real, either). She is very fond of her "boo-aa," (her made up word for nursing) and often pats them proudly after she's through nursing, as if they have done a good job, lol!
Amy, mom to Tsuneo, 09/12/01
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ahw, so cute aren't they saturnine
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"I tell her to be nice to the ninis."

Drytushies that's exactly what I say to my dd. She sometimes tries to grab them like handles (ouch!) and I tell her to be nice and she gives them hugs and kisses. She says "nu nu nu nu" in a cute little sing-song then she giggles histerically until she's FINALLY latched, liked she's starving. My dh calls her a teat freak. In the middle of the night she wakes me by saying "up, nunu, up, nunu" over and over until I roll over and nurse her. I'm so lucky to know her like this
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