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new to kefir...

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Ok, I know I have read tons of recipes from xenabyte...I have finally started making kefir! I can't wait until it is done to try some of those recipes!!!!
Heres the thing. I bought raw milk, which I don't think lots of people buy at the Whole Food I got to because there is always a ton of it there, and I bought some with an old date. So, a day after I opened it, it is souring. It has been 2 days now I think. I brought it to a boiling point. Anything I need to know about making kefir from souring milk?It smells a little funny is all. I don't need to heat it extra do I?
Please, if you have a good answer, let me know! I will be putting the culture in soon. i am making a quart of it. I saved an old raw milk bottle for making kefir in. I bought the yogourmet culture. Is there a better one? Does it matter which one I use-like is one brand healthier?I am clueless, inform me!
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Leilalu -- Just give it a shot. It sounds like you are making kefir with a powdered starter and not the grains. (You confused me at first.) THis is probably a good way to use the milk.
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Yes, I didn't know another way to start it. I don't have any kefir grains now.

I went ahead and made it. I can't wait to see how it turns out It is sitting on my window sill above the sink.
So, I can just use grains from this batch, correct? And make more as soon as this is done? How much do I need for the next batch?And I just save it and put fresh milk directly in, correct?No heating?
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... Kefir made from powdered starter won't make any grains. Grains can only propagate from kefir grains. You can save some kefir from this batch to make your next kefir, and supposedly it can go a few batches but eventually it will lose it's culturing power.
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Leilalu -- you definitely need the grains to make more grains. Post in this forum to see if anyone has extra.
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