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We use straight Lavender EO
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An herbal book I have (got 3 new ones at the same time, so don't remember which advice was in which) said that plantain (the flat leafed "weed" in most yards in america, I had to do a google to find out what it looked like, didn't know the name of it) leaves are good for bug bites (& burns & something else (bruises maybe?). It said as long as you know the yard hasn't been treated w/ pesticides, to just pick a leaf, chew it up to make a "spit poltice" and then slap it on, supposed to draw out the poison I think . . . going on memory here.

Anyway, I filed that away in my brain as a quick easy way to deal w/ all kinds of "we're outside playing & got hurt" type things, since it's right there).
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Sweetpeas, explain thyself.

Your post didn't make a lick o' sense...

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Hmm, my brother and I are both O- and get bit more than anyone else around us. If we're standing in a group, we'll be the ones that get eaten alive. I always thought it was cuz we love soda and maybe our blood sugar level attracted them or something
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we use plaintain. i don't chew it, though. just crush it with my fingers until it's juicy.

spastica, here are links about it:




there is a broadleaf plaintain (pictured in some of the links above) and a narrow leaf plaintain and they both have medicinal properties. you can google for a picture of both. i can't say that it's a miraculous itch cure for us, but it does seem to help and doesn't seem to hurt.
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it grows in moist shady areas like floodplains. 2-3' high, soft green leaves, and little orange flowers that hang down like an earring. bruise the leaf in your fingers and rub it on the bite.

not sure what areas it is in, but we had tons of it in ohio.
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My dd gets HUGE welts from her "mosskeetoe" bites. I tried a dab of plain old white vinegar and you can barely see it this morning.....this on a girl that swells beyond fifty-cent piece size! for vinegar
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