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Creepy member

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Just wanted to warn you ladies I got a creepy PM from a new member here with ZERO posts wanting to talk with me on MSN about bf. I assume it is against the UA to state their username, but just wanted to warn you that there is a weirdo lurking around.
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I had a PM from him too. Very creepy.

I have reported him.
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I got one from someone like that a few months ago. I ignored the pm and never heard from him/her again.
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Gross. I've had a couple of pm's like that in my time here at MDC. Tell Cynthia. She is really good about helping with that stuff.
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I reported a creep a few months ago, different name.
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I once had someone ask intimate questions related to my birthstory. At first I started answering to help out - then got another PM with more detailed questions - revealing that it was a MAN asking the questions : I plain out asked him if he was a fetishist or something but he claimed he was just interested in the experience of pain because he had had a very painful gall-stone attack. I guess it COULD be true - but I still think it was pretty creepy though - and it made me wonder if there are actually guys outthere arousing themselfes by reading birthstories : - There - I said it. Sorry to even plant this picture in your heads - but there are some strange people lurking these pages..
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I heard from him too.
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ugh, yuk.
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Wow, he sure was making the round I guess. I reported it to the mods and they banned him.
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ew! That's awful!
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sorry you gals are dealing with that. It is sad that their are those kind of ppl out there.

IRL when me and my ex were still together caring for my son I ran into this lady she was 'really nosy' she looked almost like catherine hicks from 7th heaven. She was 'very weird' and afterwards I called creepy. She was asking questions then she told me she would take me home. I go no thanks . I am shopping then I go out of the restroom and she shouts "STOP I am not done talking to you-that's the freaky part besides her offering the ride. I look 'very young for my age some ppl think I'm 16 and still ask why I'm not in school when it's 'school time'.
Plus I have a very young voice so I turned to her I know I look young, sound young and I do have disabilites but I can handle myself and my son.
Then that gal nearly was almost in tears stating she was just trying to help. Then afterwhile I was talking to a few ppl stating hmm she could have been a 'baby snatcher'.
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Sort of OT, but I used to work at a Birth Center. On a few occasions, we would receive phone calls from "prospective fathers" with questions. They would ask lots of detailed questions about the intricacies of birth and eventually we would realize that they were just calling to get "turned on". It was really creepy.

Its really sad b/c then it made us "suspect" any man that called.
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I belong to a discussion board that talks about OB/GYN care, and the moderators have to constantly block members who turn out to be strange men that get off hearing about things like pelvic exams. It's a constant problem.
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ugh. :
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that's just gross. what did these creeps do before the internet?
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I don't know, but if they think it's so blasted hot, let's get their arses up in the stirrups so they can find out just how "hot" it is.
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ugh..how awful! We get so comfy here in our little world of MDC that we forget that there are lurkers around watching what we talk about!: : :
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Originally Posted by morgansmom
that's just gross. what did these creeps do before the internet?
I know a little bit about what they would do. I used to work for an answering service (one of the worst jobs in my entire life). It was an old fashioned switchboard with the cords that plug into little holes with lights. http://www.tvacres.com/images/tomlin_lily.jpg
Anyway, we took a lot of calls for medical professionals. The pervs would call after the offices were closed to ask questions like that.

I still remember a very persistent "amateur podiatrist" who called a podiatrist's office on a regular basis.
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