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Echinacea and Goldenseal for a baby?

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I took dd (11 months) to try a new family doctor last week and she said that dd's ears were red. She said for me to take echinacea with goldenseal so that dd would get it through the breastmilk. I remembered reading something about echinacea not being good to take during pregnancy, so said to the doc, "I thought babies couldn't have that." The doctor said that she would be getting it through my breastmilk and that is fine. But when I get the echinacea w/ goldenseal and get home, there is a warning on the bottle not to take if you are pregnant or lactating. Does anyone know anything about this? I do not want dd on antibiotics, but she has been pulling and scratching at her ears a lot lately ( and from time to time over the past months and I don't know what to do. Please help if you know anything about this.

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I have taken echinacea with no ill effects, I've even given an appropriate dosage to my ds when needed. I don't know about goldenseal but taking echinacea should be fine. Try taking 15 drops instead of 30. There are a lot of mixed attitudes about echinacea but I think it is fine especially if it is only being transmitted through milk.

Hope your little one is better soon.
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Echinacea is perfectly safe for pregnancy and during bf. I think that all the bottles have that warning, even for herbs like nettles and raspberry leaf. I am curious as to why red ears warrant that combo, though. I'm an herbalist (well I went to a few schools for it, anyway, not working as one right now) so my interest is piqued whenever a traditional doc recommends an herb. Also, echinacea and goldenseal (esp goldenseal) are endangered plants and I bristle when they are recommended for just any old illness under the sun. But taking them won't hurt your babe.
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Herbs for Kids is awesome for babies...just cut the doses.
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put some breastmilk in her ears if they'r red.
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