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How long a stretch are your little ones awake for?

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Just wondering what's "normal" for this age. At almost six weeks, I think sometimes Bea will go two hours awake, but she's exhausted by the end of it. What about your babe?
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Kirsten is awake in the evening from about 7:00-10:00, so about three hours. But she's pretty fussy for much of that time . During the day she's awake for an hour or so, here and there. She sleeps for 3 hour stretches all day and all night. So unlike my other children. Unfortunately for us, awake usually = screaming bloody murder! She's not a happy bean if she's not asleep.
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weston has been 2-3 hour stretches now. yay!
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judah varies...he will be up 2 hours or like this evening he was awake for almost 5 hours!!!!!
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well currently William is awake, he woke around 645 this evening and with the exception of falling asleep during nursing sessions has been awake since, and its now 1045, so 4 hours WOW thats his longest awake session yet...normally 3 or so hours at a time....hes not cranky at all, he's been in an excellent mood the whole time tonight, talking smiling the works its so cute...and dd went down about an hour ago so its nice for dh and I to get some time with the babe .....He's 7 & 1/2 weeks, will be 8 weeks on thursday...its crazy how fast that time has gotten away from me!!!! on a side note I'm really hoping this long stretch of awake time will buy me some great sleep tonight (fingers crossed) we shall see.....
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My babe will stay awake for stretches of an hour or two during the day. Then she usually has the fussy period from 7-10pm. She sleeps better than any of my other children did at this age - last night we had a 5 hour stretch, then 2, then 1. Not bad for a nursing co-sleeper!
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Reed is awake for 2-3 hours at a time. During the night, he doesn't eat very much (cosleeps), but he wakes up every couple of hours to have a quick snack, and I think, check to make sure he's not alone. He's a very unfussy baby for the most part and the complete opposite of my high needs first child.
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Wow! I guess I'm alone here, but Grant (7 weeks today) can keep himself up for 5+ hours at a stretch. It's exhausting. He's hungry all the time and he won't sleep unless he's on me and even then it takes a little while. If he falls asleep on his own, he's more likely to nap/sleep for less time than if I'm say, wearing him. I'd love him to sleep more, but dd was this way too. She'd barely sleep for days, then would sleep pracically all day, then repeat... Argh, I was hoping he'd be my sleeping child... NOT! LOL
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I'd say 2-3 hr blocks, both sleeping and waking. Some days she takes loooong naps lying in her bouncy seat, some days she'll only take a long nap if I'm holding her or BW her, and other days she cat naps off and on all day whether I'm BW, holding her or not.

I'm enjoying the popability of the pouch now that she likes it.
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Alayna will sometimes be up for 5 hours at a time, just depends. She either does one long morning nap (2-3 hours) or a couple cat naps, and the same thing in the afternoon. The she will take another 1/2 hour-hour nap around 7-7:30. Usually one of her long naps is in the sling, and the other ones in her crib.
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DS will be up 2-4 hour stretches during the day. He is 9 weeks today. A lot of times he tries to fight the sleep when he's exhausted himself. What a funny little baby. He swears that he's going to miss something.
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Unfortunately we can hardly get Michael to nap. He's so overtired. But, I just found yesterday he has reflux and we've started Zantac and so far today he's taken 2 naps! Crossing my fingers this helps him.
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Oscar will be 6 weeks saturday. he wakes for about 1-2 hr periods several times a day. Am still holding/slinging for naps...that will have to change since i have a 3 yr old to takt care of too!!!!!!!
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Eden was born 5/18 too!

I honestly couldn't really tell you... I just don't look at the clock often enough I guess.

She wakes at about 4 a.m. and comes to our bed from her hammock, I latch her on and fall right back asleep. I can't even tell you if she actually nurses before she falls back to sleep. Her diaper is often dry so I'd guess she doesn't nurse much.

Wakes again around 7 to 8 a.m. and this time she is HUNGRY. I potty her/change her, and nurse her. Then the rest of the morning she's in the sling, awake/asleep/nursing. I get her in the hammock most days for a 2-3 hour nap. Then in the evening she's mostly awake, with a 20 min catnap in there.

Then she's down for the night around 10 p.m.

She doesn't cry much. When she's being changed, or if I'm trying to just finish making dinner before feeding her. She's constantly juggled among her siblings. They all fight over whose turn it is to hold her, and they all come running when she's awake. I can set her on my bed under the ceiling fan and she'll coo at it for 10 minutes. I scarf dinner before she tires of it.
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