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Anyone else suffering from heartburn? If I don't keep nibbling, I get heartburn! It doesn't seem to matter what foods I eat. :
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ooooh yes. Monster heartburn here; but since I started following the advice of the mamas on the PG forum here and eating a handful of natural almonds it's been a awful lot better

I have the sneaking suspicion that if this pg is anything like dd's it'll get pretty bad towards the end...ah well
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I just started seeing a new chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women and infants/children. While I haven't been having many problems with heartburn this time around, she told me that adjustments to the T6 vertebra can help reduce heartburn quite a bit - and it helps many of her pregnant patients.

Last time around, I did a lot of skim milk and smooth disolve tums (but I read that since calcium relaxes smooth muscles, you don't want to do too much tums as the uterus is also smooth muscle and can lead to l-o-n-g pushing phase... which I had... so I'm trying to avoid them this time. But man did they help!). The few times I've had it this pregnancy in the middle of the night, I have been nibbling on dried papaya... simply because I can't take antacids/dairy with my other meds that I take at night. The papaya has helped a lot!
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Papaya enzymes have helped me a lot w/indigestion. Also drinking diluted apple cider vinger will get rid of it too. I drink maybe a Tablespoon of water w/ a Tablespoon of vinegar (you might want it less strong or stronger).
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I use a Hazelwood necklace and it works wonders...
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Don't lay down too soon after eating

Eat smaller amounts

One of my students swore by popcorn!
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