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American Idol- Who's Your Pick?

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I'm in love with Ruben! What a great voice he has! And what a great attitude too. Go Ruben! Who is your pick?
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My fav would have to be Clay....I love them all and am actually glad I can't vote...cause that would be too hard!
I think Clay has it though....and he's humble about it...I like that.

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My favorite is Simon Cowell...

I love the way he puts all of the contestants down. I was hoping he'd kick that Marine's ass.

I suppose you want to know which performer I like best? That would be Julia D'Amato, and I wish Simon hadn't told her to not take a bow, that's the whole reason I like her...
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I love Clay and Trenyce. I hope Clay wins.

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Am I the only one who thinks Vanessa got robbed?
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Vanessa got too much attention for her weight. She shouldn't have argued with Simon about it. I think that would have helped. (I'm bigger than she is, so I can say this, okay? LOL) But I seriously couldn't see what the judges saw in the blonde girl that ended up in the bottom three. I thought she sounded awful.

I like Clay. I think he'll be around a while. Ricky Smith, too. Josh is playing the "I LOVE AMERICA" card a bit too often. I think that'll bite him later.

What the judges say and how the producers choose to portray the contestants makes a big difference, I think. Remember Simon's favorite last year? Christina Christian...she was beautiful and I think she had a large male fan base. Simon chit-chatted with her about his being heartbroken over her being engaged or having a boyfriend or something.

She was the next to be let go. Coincidence? I dunno. Are lady pop stars more attractive if they're single? I dunno...but I suspect the answer is yes.
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I liked Vanessa too...I thought she had a fun quality about her...I did agree that she is like Bette Midler, but hey, that's not a bad thing.

I also don't really care for Simon's choice...and thought for sure she'd be gone when it was down to her and oh....what's her name when Ryan was announcing who was the bottom 3....so I was surprised when she stayed on.

I missed the first 5 performances Tues....so I didn't get to see some of them...that sucks!
This week the inlaws are coming....hope they don't mind if that's on in the background....although I'm sure they won't, Evy loves the "sing" show as she calls it...

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Simon's choice was Kimberly Cadwell, and personally I can't stand her. I think the only reason he chose her was because of her looks and her stage presence because her voice is horrible to me. I love Ruben and Clay, would like to see either of them win but hoping for Ruben.
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I thought Simon's choice was that Nadia or Natasha or whatever her name is....that petite blonde from the wild card show...:

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Does anyone think Vanessa's getting kicked off had to do with her comment made to Ryan as they went to break? "You say you own line. I'm a real preformer. I don't read cue cards like a performing monkey." I was shocked when she said it, but then when they came back from break, Ryan was holding a script page and said that it was in the script and that she didn't say that on her own.

I think she got a bum rap. They shouldn't have made her say that. Put a negative spin on her, IMO. I didn't think she had the best voice, but I'd have put her in the top seven.

I really like Trenyce. Great stage presence and voice.

Clay has an awsome voice too, but I totally agreed with Simon's 'Motown the musical' comment. I told my husband while Clay was singing that he sounded like he should be on Broadway.

Ruben's pretty good too, but Trenyce is my favorite.

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Ah you are right, Cadwell was Randy's choice. She is still a bad choice no matter who wanted her imo.

Go Ruben!
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Even though he does sound like a broadway singer, Clay is my favorite. Is it because he's not Mr. Beautiful American guy? Probably!

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I liked Vanessa best and now she's gone. I can't wait til Kimberly Caldwell bites it-my daughter and I can't stand her. She needs to go and sit down.

I think it will get down to Ruben and Clay and I have always liked Clay.
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Carmen.... ...that was Simon's pick....remembered it on the way to town yesterday.

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Lucky One...you know, now that you say that, I remember saying something about Broadway while he was singing. LOL He was probably in a million high school musicals.
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Carmen, who was Simon's pick, yodels as a hobby. It shows.

Clay and Ruben have great personalities, but I wouldn't buy thier albums. I'm going with Trenyce to win.

And I love Kimberly Locke, even though I really don't want to hear "over the rainbow" ever again.
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I LOVE that nerdy charm.

I also like Ruben, Trenyce, Kimberly Locke and Kimberly Caldwell.

I do NOT like Carmen, Charles (he's sweet and cute but I don't see the talent), Ricky Smith, Corey Clarke, Julia DeMato, and I know I'm forgetting someone but can't figure out who.

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Ruben gave me chills tonight! Wow what a voice he has... go Ruben!
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Not sure who I liked tonight- Clay was great but not "poppy". I liked Ricky tonight. Simon shone as usual (I love songs about mice- boohoo...!!)
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I like Ruben, Trenyce and Clay. Hard to argue with Ruben. I think we'll hear him on generations of Disney soundtracks to come, though I hope his real gig will be more exciting

I've tried for weeks not to like Clay, because he looks like it's the early 80s and he's a college student trying to do a little nervous David Byrne dance, but he just has an awesome voice and something very endearing. The velvet teddybear's toy

I've also slowly warmed to Trenyce. She cheers me up a bit, and to be honest I'm very excited to see a woman with teeny tubesock boobs in a dress cut to heeeeeeere. She's also genuine, without that upperclass b!tchiness that Kimberly C., Julia and Carmen project.

Wow I know the names. You know why I keep watching? My dear little 5-month old fetus loves the singing! What an excuse. Next week you'll hear me say he loves acid :
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