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I've really gotta stick with Simon. He is the only one on the show that is consistently entertaining.
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I LOVE Ruben. He can sing me to sleep whenever he wants. And he seems like such a sweetheart, too, doesn't he? I also like Clay (but yeah, he is the broadway-singer type more than a pop star), and I think Trenyce is a great performer. But my heart belongs to Ruben

I'm bummed that Charles Grigsby isn't doing better - there's something about him I just love!

And I agree - Carmen can't sing. I don't know what the hell Simon was thinking when he picked her.
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Ruben ruled last night! When those first few notes came out of his mouth, I was hooked. I too think it will come down to Ruben and Clay. And that'll be tough for me cuz I love 'em both!

Carmen can NOT sing. I felt bad for her after she was done and the judges were trying to be nice about it. Somehow, when you know people are tiptoeing around you, it makes you feel worse (at least it does for me).

I wanna know how Corey Clarke got first place this past week??? Wasn't the order of the singers according to how they were voted.... I'm sorry but he's not that good and I really don't enjoy his singing.

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I love Ruben, Trenyce and Clay. Clay seems to be really popular, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was the ultimate winner.
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I haven't seen tonight's show yet, but I've been hoping that Julia will be let go. Or Carmen. Carmen has a strange voice and she needs more training. Julia just seems downright lackluster. I definitely thought Vanessa was much better than Carmen and Julia in the Motown show. And then Rickey missed his entrance during that show, and came in on the last two notes of the line instead of just waiting for the next line. No one seemed to care.

Last night while Carmen was singing, I asked my husband to tell me what he thought. He looked up at the tv screen, said, "Too skinny" and went back to his computer. I told him to actually listen to her. He said, "You asked me what I thought, I think she's too skinny!" ROFL, glad I didn't ask him to listen to Trenyce. I was actually thinking Carmen had a good butt and bust on her and wasn't skinny.
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I'd like to see Simon get his own show, where he berates people for an hour. It could be called Simon Says.
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I'm watching it now. Darn, you mean Julia didn't get the boot?

I thought it was funny to watch Simon doing push-ups.
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I can't believe that Carmen wasn't in the bottom three! Julia has been in the bottom three twice now, and Carmen has deserved to be there both times as well. Who is voting for her??? Ugh, I wish Julia had gotten the boot instead of Charles. I haven't liked her since she sang Son of a Preacher man, and she's just gotten worse.
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Julie needs to go- like Mrs Pips said last night, she just doesn't seem to be enjoying herself. Clay I love, but I hate the way he gets that overly sincere look when he gets paid a compliment (sort of "gosh darn-it, what, ME??). I was sad that Ruben didn't have a partner in the couples song tonight. He was just stuck in the middle looking sad. The velvet teddybear needs love too. So because of that, I know want him to win. Yes, I know, I need to get a life.
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Ruben is awesome. When he smiles, you have to smile, he just has that charisma! Plus his singing is always so nice.

I have to say, I looked at Simon in different way when he was up there doing push ups.....hmmmmm....
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Julia has been in the bottom three twice now
Julia can be in my bottom three anytime...
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I missed both shows this week.... , in-laws were visiting...

What was the song themes this week??

Thanks all!

p.s. SDmummy....
overly sincere look when he gets paid a compliment (sort of "gosh darn-it, what, ME??).
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Originally posted by wwhippetcrazy
I missed both shows this week.... , in-laws were visiting...
I didn't notice a theme, actually. I forget now what most of them sung, but maybe it will tell you on the Idolonfox website. Or maybe they were supposed to sing songs from soundtracks, since a lot of the songs did seem to come either from musical or movie soundtracks, thinking about it. Charles and Kim Locke both sang songs from The Wiz, Carmen sang one from Grease, Josh sang one from Armageddon, Trenyce sang a Whitney Houston song.

Duh, OK, I just went to the website and saw that the them was The Movies. I didn't realize there would be a theme every week. Next week is Disco. I TiVoed the thing and fast forwarded through all the useless filler and only listened to the performances. The darn show was 2 hours long, and then the next nights show was an hour long. Overkill for what they need to do IMO.

Ruben sang A Whole New World from Aladdin. Just like Peabo but without Regina Belle. Clay sang Somewhere Out There. Julia sang What a Feeling from Flashdance. Here's a recap: http://idolonfox.com/recap/week9_tues.htm
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Amywillo, I totally agree about the length of the show! It's ridiculous! And to stretch the announcement of the loser to an HOUR is just torture, pure and simple.

Does anyone know if the shows get shorter as more people get eliminated? I mean, when there are five people left, how can they possibly have a two-hour show? I didn't watch it last season, so I don't know this stuff...
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Originally posted by LunaMom
I mean, when there are five people left, how can they possibly have a two-hour show?
It will probably be three hours by then, with our luck.
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Thanks Amywillo.....

I don't remember what they did last year either in regards to the length of the show...but 2 hours does seem long, and the one hour results show....that is crazy!

Disco eh?? Hummmm.....

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My Apologies, Ms Briss...


I only wish Carmen had left before her.

I was laughing hysterically when Caldwell's makeup was running like a river and nearly drowning everyone in the building in a sticky, black tarry mess. I even CACKLED. My husband thinks I'm truly evil to hate someone whom I've never met so much that I want to see her cry.

But it wasn't that I wanted to see her cry...I wanted to see what she looked like without the freakin' eyeliner. How DO you get that much to stay on your lower eyelid?

Woo. That was all very cathartic.

I was sad Ricky was in the bottom three. I like him bunches. I'd like to see Carmen go...then Corey, I think. He hasn't shown his true self yet, I don't think.

And what the heck happened? I thought this week was Disco week. I wanted to BOOGIE!

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Sigh. All of the good **** & *** left with Julia.

Now I only have Mr. Cowell to make me happy.
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Yep Julia was good riddance, and the makeup was priceless.

the country thing bugged me, too. Was that in the context of unbridled nationalism or something? That "Idol wannabes for America" was gross to say the least. And then twice!!!

I wanted disco, too. And then that marine cowboy started chewing his jerky! you're so right, HB, thinking that his deployment will make the war worth it.

I'm getting a bit tired of the favorites and "nice" contestants though. Reuben always making his inclusive arm movements and his smiling his perfect-sil smile, Clay always quivering his eyelids and looking modest, Ricky always being the grocery boy who's so happy to be there, Kimberley crying over the stupid USA song, Trenyce opening her mouth a little bigger every week till she's gonna stack the jury members and eat them like a burger...
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"Julia can be in my bottom three anytime..."

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