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Uh oh...

Busted. Now I'm really toast.
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Can you guys keep your arguments private please?

What if we all posted our marital problems here? Oh, we do.

Never mind then.
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I'd better go get my spanking now, no point in trying to run.
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Enjoy it :LOL
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Well my top favorites are Kimberly Caldwell, Ruben and Clay.
So there.

This is one of the only shows my kids and I ALL enjoy together. (Along with Hamtaro and Sabrina.) I tape it and fast forward a lot.

The selling of the patriotism is a little nauseating to me...not the patriotism itself, the SELLING of it, the making the war a PRODUCT. Which is why that FF button is a beautiful thing.
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I guess Trenyce will have to be my new hard-throb.

Sorry, Simon...
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I am a Clay fan!! He works with Downs Syndrome children and he seems very sincere.....
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What next...?

Turns out Trenyce is a convicted felon.

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I don't know, HB, after seeing Kimberly Caldwell and Julia standing there together, Kim definitely looks like she has some good T&A. Not as much as Julia, I suppose, but at least as much as Trenyce. And there is always Kim Locke, for that matter. There is Carmen too, but she'll be getting the boot before long (I hope, I hope). Although I think she must be sucking something of Simon's for him to keep complimenting her week after week.
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Well, I don't usually like blonds very much, which is why I'm not so keen on K.C. And when she broke down at the end of the show, and her makeup started streaking all over her face she reminded me more of Alice Cooper, or Tammie Fay Baker.
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Alice Cooper! HA!

That's not a really great picture of Trenyce, huh? How come she can stay but the girl with bare boobs couldn't? One of them got ARRESTED. Sheesh.
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And yet another Idol has been booted from the show for being in trouble with the Law. Bye bye Corey!


I hope Ruben doesn't have a checkerd past, it would break my heart...
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Does that mean there won't be a show this week?

He was about to get voted off anyway. Maybe they should bring Julia back as a wild, wild card!
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New story about Corey!!

Beating his younger sister!! Nice........:


Check out the picture!! Talk about BIG HAIR!!!
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Oh, good, I couldn't stand him anyway. His voice totally irritated me. Every time the judges praised him I was thinking, "What are they hearing that I'm not?" Same for carmen...she's still there, isn't she? I bet she gets the boot this week. Anyone else have predictions?
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I thought there was someone missing when they would show commercials for the show and who the finalist were....:

Tonight's show should be interesting then.....I wonder if they'll say anything....probably not eh??

I'd like to see Carmen go....don't really like her singing too much....but we'll see.

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OMG Ruben tonight! His voice is sooooo sexy and smooth, I'm in love! He can sing for me anytime
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The Marine should be court-martialed for his performance tonight.
Sick, my ass... he's got no talent.
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What the heck was wrong with Simon tonight??? I cannot believe he gave Carmen a better review than Clay!!!!! I just think he can't admit that his wild-card pick sucks. Two shows ago he told Clay that he was the one to be beat in this competition and tonight he totally slammed him.:

I thought Kimberly Locke was pretty good tonight. Hated the outfit, but her voice was terrific.

Ruben. Can you wear anything else but 205 jersies???

Briss, you're right about the Marine.

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