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Post partum pads

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Thought I'd share this "recipe" with you gals. A friend's doula told her how to make them...I used them with my last birth and they were really, really nice to have on hand. I didn't use them for very long so I didn't need quite as many as it says, but I was definitely happy I had them.

Here's what you'll need:

-16 - 24 overnight maxi pads

-witch hazel

-lavender oil

-aloe vera gel (this is an edible liquid, not a topical ointment. Lily of the Desert is the most popular brand. You can find it in any health food store)

-tin foil

Unwrap each pad, and pour a little witch hazel, a little aloe vera gel and 3-4 drops of lavender on each pad. She didn't give specific instructions on how much of each to use, so I winged it. You want the pad damp, but not soaked. Wrap each pad in tin foil and stick them in the freezer. Witch hazel and lavender are natural astringents, so they'll help reduce swelling, and the aloe and the cold are very soothing.

I was so glad that I had these when I got home from the hospital. Actually, I found that they tightened things up a bit too much, so I was alternating these with a regular pad and the anesthetic ointment the hospital had given me. Hopefully you'll be more intact than I was (I had a 3rd degree tear), but no matter what, you'll be glad to have these.
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Good to know if I ever tear!

I'm just using trifold hemp/cotton pads this time. I like how they don't "stick" to you like the paper ones do.
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Ooh thanks! I've been looking for the best post partum pad, this will come in very handy.
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