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my girls did share the same amniotic sac... it was a very medical pregnancy but it was worth it in the end.

i don't mean to be a fear-monger, but there have been cases of the membrane getting holes, thus making an originally monochorionic pregnancy into a monoamniotic one too.

if you are under the care of a midwife, i would request weekly ultrasounds after viability with a high risk peri with a high resolution machine. with agressive monitoring, monoamniotic twins have a 99.9% survival rate... without it's around 30%.

with a monochorionic pregnancy there is also a higher rate of acute ttts, that happens at birth. a great deal of ob groups and peris will demand a c-section.

do you know if there was only one gestational sac early on? that's the easiest way to rule out a fused placenta.

the ttts site is great, and there is also info here:
http://monoamniotic.org/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi (Happily Misdiagnosed is full of monochorionic mamas)
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I am lurking because it is possible we might be having more than one. (3 good eggs 1 day pre-ovulation, but who knows??? Time will tell.) So, I am looking into your world!

However, I am also a midwife and have worked with twins only if they were seeing an obstetrical practice as well. As you fabulous multiple super moms have said ttts and positioning for birth play an important role in the issue of birth being safe at home.

I would however find a midwife sooner, rather than later because developing a relationship with midwives is very important for any birth, and in particular multiples because of the many different issues that can arise.

Best to all of you! Paige
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Hey there... my boys did also share a placenta and shared a sac with a wall separating them. They were diagnosed with something called TTTS where they shared the placenta unequally and one was getting too much and the other not enough. The good news is, the wall that separates them is good. That will keep them from getting tangled in one another's cords. TTTS is certainly a risk with shared placenta and I would definitely keep a check on them very often with appts. IF they are looking very different in size, that is a sign of TTTS. Also, watch your weight gain, sudden weight gain is also a sign of TTTS. Don't mean to alarm you, but I do want you to know what I didn't... If you find out they do have TTTS, jot me a Private Message...I'll certainly keep you in prayer.
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PS. One sac can mean fused sacs or identical... I think one placenta means more of a chance they are identical.
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Originally Posted by 2winsmamaand2more
My boys had mild TTTS but we didn't know it until they were born. It must have started late as their weights were very similar (5.6 and 5.8) But 1 was yellow and 1 was red. Actually very helpful in identifying them in photos. Up until a year I could pick them out by color - even though it was very slight.
My twin girls are also suspected to have had TTTS. One of them was bright red for several weeks and the other was very pale. They also had similar weights though. I have never met anyone else who had the same situation!
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Yep, sounds like you have identical twins exactly what I have. They told me mine shared one placenta in one membrane and two sacs, translation monochorionic dizygotic. This means you are having same sex babies and will have the same blood type. The high risk factors are TTTS, which mine were 7lbs and one 5 lbs. Which all those utrasounds measuring the babies they kind of missed it at the end. I was induced at 38 wks cause of high blood pressure and my twins were born in an hour, 4 min apart. they were my easiest birth yet! And no Meds. except the pitocin. But my twins were fine with slight complications. No 2 1/2. Keep a positive attitude, get plenty of rest, listen to you body once you reach 6 mos start slowing down, drink plenty of fluids. You can tandem nurse don't let anyone tell you you can't. Congrats!
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