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Quick questions re: Hylands Teething Gel

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Can I use Hylands' Teething Gel and their Teething Tablets at the same time? Should I maybe wait an hour or two in between just to be safe?

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im pretty sure they are safe to use at the same time, but if you wanted you could wait 1hr between
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I don't want to hijack this thread, but do you (OP, PP, or anyone) notice a difference between the Hylands gel and the Hylands tablets? I read many raves about the tablets on this board, but, for whatever reason, I bought the gel, which seems to have zero effect on my poor, teething DS.

Should I get the tablets, keep using the (seemingly ineffective) gel, or use both as the OP suggested?
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I never saw the gel helping much, but we used the tablets all the time with good results.
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I haven't tried the gel yet because I've been using the tablets. They work ok for us, but only if we use 3 at a time or do the multiple doses every hour thing.
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Just started using the tablets here, didn't know there was a gel. DD likes the tablets & we see a huge difference in her comfort level.

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We use the gel. I've never used the tablets because my dd spit everything out (seriously, unless it was breastmilk, it was coming out!) All of my friends love the tablets though! I did notice the gel sometimes worked and sometimes didn't for my daugther. I think when she was in a great deal of pain, it worked better. I'd rub her gums with it and she'd finally pass out.
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Personally, I use the gel to numb my skin before I pluck my eyebrows, it really does help for that! LOL BUt it never seemed to phase my son with teething pain.
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We've tried the tablets three times and they seem to have done nothing. The only time they sort of made any difference at all was when I dissolved them in apple juice (the first time, about 1/4 t) because I wasn't sure she'd take them in water. The apple juice got her attention, but as soon as all traces of that were gone, she was right back where she started.

Maybe I expect too much. I was really hoping for her to get some relief.
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If a homeopathic isn't working, it means it's not the right homeopathic remedy at that time.

I'd highly recommend getting a good book on homeopathy, or having a consult with a homeopath, and really start to match symptoms, for EACH bout of teething, and perhaps find some single remedies that you can bring out depending on the EXACT symptoms in that episode.

For instance, sometimes DS's symptoms match more with chamomile than with the other things in Hyland's. I can give him Hyland's till the cows come home and it won't do anything. Then I'll pop out a pellet or two of Boiron's chamomile, and boom, he's better. Same with other single remedies, even those inside Hyland's....

I find it fascinating that the gel and tablets work differently, as they are the exact same remedies! Weird! Difference is that the tabs have lactose, and the gel has "Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben". Weird!

Since they are the same thing, I personally wouldn't go back and forth. Doesn't seem like any reason to do that. On the other hand, since they are the same, if you HAVE both, I guess perhaps there's no reason NOT to...

For the person who uses it before plucking, that's wild! It must be the b'donna that reduces the redness and inflammation, b/c it's not like there's arnica in the gel (or tabs) to reduce the pain...I'll have to keep that in mind!
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