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AF back and now gone again ????

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AF came back last month. This month no show after 4 days late. Is it possible that I won't get another one for a while or do I need to buy a prego test?:
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I got mine back after about 10.5 months. Then two months later my ds got the flu (he nursed like he was 3 weeks old again) and I was 2 weeks late! It varies according to how frequently he nurses(if he is teething, etc.). Just take care of yourself and give it sometime! It isn't unusual for
unpredictablility the first few months!
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Yeah, and meanwhile, use some birth control. Unless you want to get pg, that is!
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I didn't mean to sound irresponsible. I do use bc since we are spacing our children, but nothing is 100%. If af dosen't come on time that is the first thing I think of since I was use to a very normal and regular cycle before this ds.

I just wanted to know if it was unusual to resume af and then it go away again for awhile, or the cycle to be very inconsistant. I know for af to come back when ds was 4 months was not uncommon, however I'm not sure how common it is to be late or af to go away for months.

I believe you mamas have answered my question. I would like to hear other experiences.
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Hi kass
I wanted to share that after I got my period back after my first ds he was 11mos I had one more cycle when he was 13mos and thengot pg again. So, mine definately was irregular. It had been relatively regular prior to having him. If you are worried why not get a test to put your mind at ease? Hope it works out how you wish.
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Sorry, mk, I think I sounded flip when I posted. Me bad.

have you seen this thread?

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totally normal. It all depends on how your child is nursing. When I got mine back my NFP teacher asked me if I wanted it to go away again and told me ways to send AF packing. So if you can make her go away (or at least make a good attempt) then I am sure it can happen just as easy natrually.
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My cycle stayed away for 21 months, then it was 75 days before my next cycle, and they slowly got shorter. I think the next one was about 55 days, then 42?, then 35? ....(something like that), then I got pregnant again. My DS nursed an average of every 2 hours round the clock for at least 2 years. We also did not use pacifiers, we co-slept, and I never pumped (I have a work-at-home job). That was my experience. I hope this next one is the same.
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Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I still haven't seen AF and hope she stays away. I was looking forward to a year without periods like many of you and my mother experienced.

My baby is exclusivly bf, no solids yet, co-sleeps, but just started sleeping through the night before my last period and I think that is why it came back.
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