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in a cookbook dh says he is going to get published for me

It originally started as this

Two lbs ground beef
4 cups elbow macaroni
16 oz of tomato sauce
1/2 package of American Cheese
3 tb Jess Halls seasonblend
3tb salt free lemon pepper
3tsb garlic flakes
2tsb onion flakes
2 tbs worcestercire ( I know I spelled that wrong its late and I am tired lol)
brown ground beef with spices and 8 oz tomato sauce
boil macaroni
add macaroni to brownedbeef and cubed american cheese and remaining tomato sauce
sprinkle with parmesan cheese

then it morphed into
2 lbs ground turky in place of beef

1/2 lb ground turkey
1/2 lb reconstituted tvp granules
two 15 oz cans of Muir Glen organic tomato sauce
and sometimes
2lbs of TVP granules reconconstituted
and vegetarian worcesterschire