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Breastmilk.............What's it good for?

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Okay, okay I know it's good for babies

But what else is it good for? Do any of you use breastmilk as a remedy for something?

I once read that it was good for ear ackes, chapped skin, scrapes, pink eye and other stuff... even cancer tissue. I wouldn't know how to apply it though.

I personally have used it on my sore/chapped nipples when I first started nursing dd. I also use it on her whenever she has a scrape.

Have you ever tried it for something else besides nursing?
Does anyone know of any other uses? Does anyone know how much of this is true or how it actually works?

Just curious.

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I use it for most anything that I would put a topical medicine on (dh always tries to hide his cuts and scrapes from me ).

Including ear aches and instead of saline solution for noses. It is especially good for pink eye.

I think it works great and at the very least doesn't hurt anything so is worth a shot
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I have used it for pink eye (gone in two days!), styes (two-three days), burns (no scar tissue!), chicken pox sores (again, no scar tissue and healed quicker-my youngest sister wouldn't try it, me and my other sister did and it was great, but didn't help with the itchiness), eczema (sp?) - didn't work, diaper rash-didn't work, a zit-maybe it kept it from becoming infected and less scar tissue - but didn't really work as well as toothpaste does lol!

What really amazed me was how well it worked on burns. I had first, second, and third degree burns on my face. Used ebm and aloe vera straight from the plant and I have no scarring! None! My face is still really sensitive to the sun and other light, and burns easily if i forget the sunscreen, but I never had to do skin graphs like the Dr.'s told me I would.
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Do you run around chasing DH, cupping your boobie, ready to aim and squirt????
Yep, that's pretty much the idea, he is a carpenter and always has hurts. Last summer he cut open his thumb with a chisel and then put 5 stiches in it himself With the ole breastmilk application it didn't get infected. And also has a very faint scar.
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Originally posted by Mallory
Last summer he cut open his thumb with a chisel and then put 5 stiches in it himself With the ole breastmilk application it didn't get infected.
indeed! That's what I call being do it yourselfers! Take that, Dr Man. ag
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Parker had a mosquito bite the other day, I noticed it while nursing, so I placed some on it ... less than 3 hours later it was gone. I swear!! He had some ant bites today and I put some on it ... he still has some scabs from some ant bites he got over a week ago, so I'm hoping this will at least minimize the recovery time .
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DD got a bacterial eye infection immediately after birth in the hospital. After 3 courses of antibiotics (cream, drops, oral) it was still the same (4 months later). Those nice resistant hospital strains, yeah :

After squirting bm in there a few times a day for 2 days, the infection was gone. Forever.
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I used frozen breast milk as an ice pack for my daughter's multiple boo-boos while she was learning to walk. It's magic-no bruises! (Only do this if you feel comfortable "wasting" the breast milk bag-use the ones in the back of the freezer that are probably expiring soon anyway!)
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My older dd had a nasty head cold this fall that woulnd't quit, so I "spiked" her cow's milk with some of my ebm!! And it did the trick, she finally got healthy soon after.
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Originally posted by Mallory
(dh always tries to hide his cuts and scrapes from me ).

My 17 yr old. dd called me "gee....rooosssss!!" When I tried to put ebf in her pink eye!!!
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how do you...?

My aunt advised me it was good for infected eyes, ears, nose, etc. I tried it when he was younger, but it was really hard to squirt milk directly from my boob directly into the nose of a wriggling little babe who did NOT want anything up his nose. Do you pump and then squirt it in with something?
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my dh had something wrong with his eye..but we didn't know what. it hurt him and it was all red and swollen. After a few days, I finally convinced him to let me try breastmilk and within seconds...he said "it doesn't hurt". Within hours, it was gone. It came back a little the next day and we did it again and it went away forever. so cool!

We pumped and then used a medicine dropper to put it in his eye. I would do the same for noses and ears. I did have a friend who used to squirt right from the boob onto her son when she'd see a scrape or mark on him. I always that it was cool
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It's GREAT for diaper rash!
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I wonder how it would go on an umbilical cord site?
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Hey moms, all this bm information is great!!!

I guess I'll empty out my medicine cabinet/1st aid kit... and just put a breast-pump in there instead, how easy!

Can you imagine the reaction of my nosey guests when they take a peek inside the medicine cabinet/1st aid kit?
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