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really, mommy knows stuff!

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wow, my dd is getting fustrating. I read the post about not listening and I just kept thinking about my dd. She does not believe me when I tell her things about the world. Acutally, I shouldn't be so general, she will sometimes. But more often she says "no" when I tell her a fact. I try to just laugh and say "you don't have to believe me, but it's true" and then just move on, but sometimes I get mad. I've lived a whole lot longer than her and I've picked up a few things about the world in that time. (I say that here because I don't want to say that to my daughter and make her feel bad).

I also wonder why she bothers asking me questions when she just contradicts whatever I say....errrr.
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Boy, do I know what you mean. My 4 year old ds is why-ing me to death. Some of those questions I answer but I've started to ask 'what do you think?' or 'what do you think the answer is?' At least this way I can agree or tell him he's right or if his answer is really outrageous I can say 'if that's what you think!'

Sometimes, I 'm sure he's just pushing my buttons just to make me crazy. He is also doing that not listening thing and that makes me crazy too! I surely hope it's just another frustrating phase.
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A friend, who is also an ND, once told me this little bit of wisdom:

children use their parents as a sounding board for their ideas and values - they test and test to see where they fit. Doing so they learn who they are and what they believe to be truth - be happy with your argumentative child - they will be able to better stand up against the world.

hope this helps you to answer all those why's
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My son does that too. I always respond by sayinng Mommy never lies to you. But He'll insist I'm wrong. It's could to hear other kids are doing it to. So I know it's normal, and I haven't created some king of monster. (And we don't want him to blindly follow authoriy when he's grown, so I guess we can't expect it know -- even if it would make life easier)
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One of my son's friends who is 4 yrs. old, argues with me about the most interesting things. Whether the sky is blue, whether trucks can fly, etc. It can drive me crazy, but I just try to take a deep breath and let it go.
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My dd and I will be playing- she'll ask which tea cup I want.
Me "The green one"
DD "NO, that's not for you this one is."
Me "If you're not actually going to give me a choice, why don' t you just give me one?"

DD"Tell me a story about a horse"
Me "Once upon a time.....(then whatever comes to mind)"
Me "How about you tell me a story?"
DD"NO, you tell me, you know the one I want" (And I definetly do not know!!)

I think it is just one of their ways of finding out who they are, and how much authority they have. But it is frustrating. Oh- the latest is
DD"I"M THE LEADER!!!!" To which I just can't help but laugh and shake my head- inside.
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I have what sounds like the opposite problem but it's really sort of the same. My daughter thinks I know EVERYTHING, which believe me, is not as good as it sounds. Typical conversation:

Me: What songs did you sing at school today?

DD: The turkey song. Mommy, can you sing it?

Me: I don't know that song. Why don't you sing it for me?

DD: Mommy, you DO know it. Sing it, Mommy! Sing the turkey song!

Me: Sweetie, I wasn't IN school with you, so I NEVER heard the song. If you sing it first, then I can learn it from you.


You get the idea. Sometimes it's frustrating, other times it's kind of funny, but it all depends on my mood!
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What drives me crazy is:

Me: It's time for supper
Nickwhining) But I want something else!

(He doesn't knwo what we're having) and if you ask him what he does want he doesn't know!!
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Some of your stories are hilarious!

Perhaps, if you have more like that you could post on the "talk amoung ourselves" Funny things kids say / do. Share


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excuse me, Alexander...

but is there any reason such posts do not belong here? Perhaps if you think they belong elsewhere you could notify the moderator Missgrl?
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Re: excuse me, Alexander...

Originally posted by Jenmom
but is there any reason such posts do not belong here?
Er ??? No. ???

Perhaps if you think they belong elsewhere you could notify the moderator Missgrl?
(giggle) I don't think they "belong" anywhere in particular .

But there is at hread that we can also
post into, and since this lot have started shering funny stories, I just thought I would indicate another location where we can share.

Hmm, e-mail tone is hard to interpret. For the most part, the boards here are pretty non-confrontational. More kind of "here's the info" or "What do you think / do"

Just pretty straight stuff you know!

hope this helps.

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yes, it is often very difficult to interpret tone. Thanks for clarifying.
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