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Hi. My name is Amanda. I’m 37 years old, mom of one four-year-old boy. I’ve been integrating traditionally prepared foods into my diet for about three years now and my health has improved as a result.

My diet is primarily meat, vegetables, and raw milk. I eat grains occasionally when I’m out, but that is pretty rare since I generally brown-bag it. My beef is local – from a rancher here who has water rights to a major creek and keeps his pastures green. The milk comes from Organic Pastures which is in our area, but we have set up a home delivery at my dad’s house so that we get milk weekly. A friend near us has a Jersey that is about old enough to calve, so we may have a closer source soon that would allow us to get milk more often.

What our diet really needs at this point is more raw meat and more fermented vegetables. As the summer moves along, the fermented vegetables will likely happen. I’ve got a lot of beef in the freezer, so I really need to be more diligent in at least *looking* for raw meat recipes.

We live on nearly five acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills, on the southern edge of the Sequoia National Forest. The southern-most stand of giant sequoias is about fifteen minutes from here and the higher country is gorgeous, there are some elements of Yosemite and Kings Canyon here depending on where you go. It is about a thirty minute drive for us to get into that high country and it is phenomenal.

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My name is Elizabeth. I'm 23 and just got married this month. DH and I recently moved clear across the country from NJ to WA. It's been a little difficult...he works and I don't, so I haven't made a single friend in the 8 months we've been here. I'm really missing our old friends and family. I also really love it here in Seattle though. This feels more like home to me than NJ ever did.

Since I don't work, I get to spend a lot of time on food, which is pretty much my passion right now. We currently have no children, but I'd like to get my diet as healthy as possible before we start TTC to give our future babies the best start I can give them. I also love reading about other mama's experiences, and it's good to meet people who have similar philosophies.

My diet is a hybrid of NT, low-carb, and the paleo diet. The traditional preparations of NT, combined with lower carb foods, and mostly eschewing beans, grains, and dairy (sorry, Sally Fallon). The NT and paleo aspects appeal to my inner anthropologist, and low-carb appeals to my body; I find I have much more energy and lose unwanted weight when I do it. My carbs are typically between 40-90g/day. We eat a lot of meat and veggies, especially leafy greens.

I <3 food!
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I'm Jill, married 12 years with two kidlets who are nine and six. We started into NT eating in March. We are getting almost 100% of our meat from pastured sources, and all our dairy (except for butter and some cheeses) raw. I don't eat many carbs, in part because they cause weight gain and in part because I'm too lazy to do the soaking/sprouting thing yet! So far we've incorporated some ferments, crispy nuts, kefir, and bone broths, though we need to increase the ferments and broth. We take Blue Ice CLO -- you could've knocked me over with a feather when both my kids got on board with that, even the ultra-picky nine-year-old! Haven't done organ meats yet...I take dessicated organ capsules while we try to find a palatable way to eat liver. We haven't started into raw meats either, though I did try a bite of raw steak one day and it wasn't bad! But for now we do cook our beef, albeit rare.

I have weaned down to 1/2 dose of my antidepressant and plan to go off it entirely. My energy level is much better and I don't have any gastrointestinal issues. We've been very healthy since starting NT! I still make a lot of allowances for the kids in changing some of their favorite foods over, and we aren't super strict when it comes to eating out, but all in all I feel like we've come a long way!
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I'm Persephone. I'm turning 24 this month (July), and I have a 5 month old dd. I also am married to a 26 yr old guy who eats basically whatever I cook. I'm realizing how fortunate I am for that. We live in the middle of the city, in a one bedroom apt, and homestead as much as we can on our tiny patch of grass. We have a clothesline (very short), a wood pile (because our apt comes with a fireplace, and we can get free firewood), and a garden (comprised of three small raised beds filled with lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, a couple of cuke volunteers, and a collection of pots of herbs: lemon balm, oregano, lemon thyme, basil, and parsley).

My diet philosophy is very relaxed. I have no dietary restrictions, though I would like to move towards keeping Kosher (Biblical Kosher). I think that a healthy diet is basically whole foods, unprocessed, and sprinkled with a few indulgences here and there. Something that might make me unique, especially in the natural health world is that I consider vitamins and supplements to be processed food. They act more like drugs in the body than food. So, I don't take any. I naturally ate foods high in folate right before my pregnancy and my first trimester. (It was asparagus season! ) I also drank nettle and RRL infusions. Since having my baby, I've gotten away from that, though I did add fruit and yogurt smoothies to my diet for breakfast. Anyway, I just recently read NT all the way through, and I found it interesting that some of the excerpts in the margins echoed my beliefs on supplements. To me, diet and medicine are one and the same. I think it was Hippocrates that said "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." I've found recently that herbal medicine, food, and health and diet all swirl together in my mind now. If I did have any health and diet "gurus", they'd be Susun Weed, whose Wise Woman Tradition resonates in me through and through, and the NT philosophy which also resonates in me.

As for the other things I'm working on, I'd like to learn how to make fermented foods and drinks, and sourdough bread (which I made when we were first married a bit, but I neglected my starter.) I'm also interested in the raw dairy, but it might be a bit cost restrictive right now. Basically, I intend to move towards a very NT diet, but slowly, one step at a time. I'm still waiting to own the book.... gosh, it's expensive! And I'm interested in that book Full Moon Feast too... it really seems to resonate with me! Eat Fat Lose Fat seems like another diet book. I'm not into any kind of "diet", because it's too hard to stick to. Has anyone found this book to be worth reading, or the diet worth following?
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My name is Honor. I'm 35, mother to an almost one-year-old boy, and this is my first roll call. I came to NT via lurking here several years ago, and have been doing it in a fairly spotty way since then--but I've been a whole-foods, slow-foods enthusiast for a long while now, and I love to cook, so even when I'm lapsed, I don't feel too lapsed (except for occasional visits to Krispy Kreme). As far as NT-centric activities, I do broths, ferments, soaks, CLO, milk culturing and (sometimes) sourdough.

I'm really bad about working enough veggies into our diets. Don't hate 'em, just don't love 'em (except sauerkraut). Our biggest NT omission is raw milk. I'd be fine with it, but DH would not, and since I'm not sure where to find it or if I could afford it, that's really been on the back burner. The other big NT challenge for me is that quality food is expensive. I understand and appreciate why that should be, but figuring out what to cut elsewhere in order to afford the good stuff has been a bit of a pain.

Our health overall is good, although I've been carrying around a bunch o' weight for the past 10 years. I thank NT by and large for a very smooth pregnancy and delivery, great milk supply and my extremely healthy little boy. I didn't follow it religiously (I'm so bad at this "following religiously" thing), but I allowed myself tons of good fats and proteins, kept soy to a minimum and tried to limit sugar. I had no emotional or physical complications, literally lost all the weight I gained (all 18 pounds of it) within six weeks of DS's birth, was in labor for just under eight hours, and DS has been a healthy, calm and happy child even by mothering.com standards. The plural of anecdote is not data, but for me, this confirms the value of NT more than anything else and has really increased my commitment to it.

I love this forum, not just for all the advice, which I suck up like a sponge, but because its participants tend to be so smart, informed and thoughtful. More broadly speaking, I find that WAPFish concerns dovetail with many of my beliefs about the value of home and local production, small farming, the function and rhythm of family, and traditional patterns of life. I'm so glad that there's a subforum now because I think the discussions are only going to get better.

(And Persephone, I actually agree with you about the supplements, although I'm too chicken to give up my pre-natal vitamin).
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Hi, I'm Sara. I'm 34 and just married my fiance of 10 years this February. I've called him my DH for year, and we went through the formalities more to make sure our house and finances went to each other in case something were to happen. I've been moving towards the NT way of eating for a few years now without having been able to put a name to it. My DH adopted my eating lifestyle a year ago and we've been strictly NT for almost a year now. We do not yet have children, and honestly up to recently did not think we would have children. We have two very mischievous cats that are on the BARF diet.

We live in Northern Virginia, which we do not consider very NT friendly. We have access to Whole Foods and Trader Joes, but while they cater to people looking for organic, there are few NT choices. The things DH and I miss most are being able to buy ready made snacks that you don't have to do anything to before eating and going out to a meal where we can eat all components of the meal. I also miss premade frozen meals. We do have a couple of CSAs nearby, one which delivers to this area, but I missed the signup for this year. I recently found some farms near me that are organic and am looking forward to visiting them some weekend soon and obtaining some farm-fresh pastured eggs and locally grown veggies.

My biggest trouble with NT is time. I'm the career-oriented one in the relationship, and I'm also the one who keeps us NT and does all the cooking and most of the grocery shopping. DH does contract work part-time and also works on a couple of hobby businesses that we own. He is a SAHH and does most of the cleaning and house maintenance including most of the laundry. DH will gladly shop if I provide him a list, but in order to live NT affordably, I find I need to visit a couple of grocery stores a week and buy what's on sale or available that week. I just don't think DH would have known to load up on the Nimon Ranch bacon when they went on buy one get one free sale or the organic collard greens for $1.29 a bunch.

DH went strictly NT for me. About a year ago in April, I became severely ill with allergies accompanied by a chronic cough that wouldn't go away for several months and escalated into frequent asthma attacks. It got to where I couldn't sleep in my own bed or take a bath without an asthma attack. After a series of visits to my allopathic doctor, I renounced conventional medicine and started doing my own research. I self-diagnosed a milk allergy and found that I was really chemical sensitive. We went mostly organic and strictly NT. We also swapped all chemicals in the house for green products and I started taking large doses of Vitamin C after trying various natural herbs and supplements. Over time, I found that I could eliminate all my allergic reactions with a minimum of 10grams of Vitamin C a day and by omitting milk from my diet. However, taking 10g of C a day for life just didn't feel right in my gut.

Fast forward to today -- I drink well-fermented kefir every day and I make our own lacto-fermented veggies. I am no longer on vitamin C except when I feel a cold coming on (usually only occurs when I've been traveling). I am still very chemical sensitive, and still cough from smoke and get a mild headache from white board markers. But my milk allergy has been greatly reduced and I can now tolerate raw milk cheeses and yogurt in small amounts where I previously could not. We plan on signing up for raw milk as soon as the cow share farm calls us back to answer our questions. DH has weaned off from his reflux medication and we are looking to work with his doctor to get off the bipolar meds as we have found his mood swings have all but disappeared. We eat a couple of pieces of fruit a day, do broth and liver about once a week, and eat lots of fermented foods and meats and veggies cooked the old fashioned way. We still eat grains daily, but soak all our rice and oatmeal and eat a lot less wheat than we used to. I've been the same weight for about 9 months now and within my ideal weight range. DH lost 30 lbs when he first started NT and have recently lost 15 more after I introduced coconut oil and reintroduced bacon into our diet and began cooking with bacon grease.

I love this community and am very happy to have found you guys. Thanks for reading my LONG post.
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I'm Deb and I'm NT "lite". Since about March I've been trying to incorporate more stuff from Eat Fat, Loose Fat (which just seems like NT with more coconut emphisis which is just as well since it is the same author) into our diet while also being pregnant with #1. I also have a 4.5 yo and a 3 yo. We moved to TX about 2.5 years ago from Seattle. We were typically eating a mostly organic omivorus diet.

I found out about NT from reeding the nutrition boards here and have slowly been doing more NT things. We buy raw milk through a local farmer, we eat more meat and cook with coconut oil. I've been loving the recipes in EFLF because of their Thai flair and Thai is one of my favorite types of cuisines. I've been adding more kefir into the diet as well as homeade yogurt.

I still have lots to change but am doing it slowly and am still learing where to improve through this forum.

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Hi! I'm Suzy, mom to 3 boys aged 5, 3 and 9 months. I've been moving towards NT for a few months now. Not really very long! I do lots of pastured meats and eggs, raw dairy and am trying to incorporate fermented things, though not very successfully. I just DO NOT like sour tasting things. I hate yogurt and so many fermented things just taste sour to me. I am currently waiting for some NT ginger ale to finish fermenting. I'll try it over the weekend and see if I can stomach it!
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Another "NT Lite" here...

I'm Suzanne, 33, and I have a 17-mo old son. He has some dental issues (lots of cavities), and I decided that was incentive enough to move towards a healthier diet. I read Weston Price's book a few years ago but didn't implement any of his suggestions. I actually haven't read NT (yet). I read "Healthy Teeth Through Proper Nutrition", and I think the recommendations are similar (minus the emphasis on fermented foods). I recently found a farm nearby with raw milk, and I just bought some today! I'm just starting with a few changes here and there. My husband is lukewarm about some of this, but I'm working on him. Luckily he likes the milk.
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Hey Zann,
My "M" is Marcus also! Great name!

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I'm Margaret. I'm 33, married to a great guy who eats almost anything so long as I cook it. I have 3 great children who sometimes eat whatever I cook, and sometimes not.

I grew up eating very similarly to NT, just because my parents couldn't afford anything processed. We grew our own beef, pork, chicken, and rabbit. We used lots of raw butter and lard for fats, as my mom couldn't afford store-bought oils. We had our own cow for raw milk, and had a huge garden that produced lots of veggies. What we didn't grow, we often picked at U-pick farms, or bartered with other families for. My mom made all of our bread, cookies, and junk food. We had very little in the way of cereal, juice, sweets, etc.

I went veg. as an adult (much to my family's consternation!), and thought I'd be veg. forever. I had 2 healthy pregnancies, and breastfed those babies for a combined total of 5 years. My third pregnancy was apparently healthy, but I experienced lots of emotional issues, gained a lot of weight, had lots of swelling, was constantly exhausted, and had a long labor.

My dd was subsequently extremely sensitive to anything dairy. I could feel my protein options significantly shrinking (I can't eat very many legumes, don't do soy, and was concerned about my dd's reactions to pb), so I began to research eating meat again. I sort of stumbled across NT, and realized that it made perfect sense.

I've been working for the last 18 months to become more NT-oriented. It's been a long road. At the moment, I make yogurt, kefir, sourdough, and bone broths. We eat lots of grass-fed beef, and when I can get it, pastured chicken. We eat lots of pastured eggs, and enjoy raw milk from a pastured cow. We eat lots of fruits and veggies, and usually enjoy something raw or fermented every day, several times a day. (There are days where I am too tired or lazy to make something, so we eat junk.)

We are eating way fewer grains and sugars. When we do eat grains, I try to make sure they are soaked or sprouted (waffles, sourdough, etc.), and use only natural sugars such as honey, maple syrup, and rapadura for sweeteners.

My mom and I share a big garden, and usually freeze or can enough to fill both our freezers for the winter. We take advantage of the local fruit farm for apples, strawberries, peaches, raspberries, and blueberries. They aren't local, but they are very low spray, and then only as a last resort.

I think we have a long way to go, but am encouraged to keep working at it by reading others' stories. AnnC in particular encourages me: I know she is older than I am, has had health issues, and has worked at NT for 10 years. I think of this as a journey: small consistent steps will eventually get you to your destination.

Thanks for reading my novel! I'm enjoying reading other's stories!
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Hi, I am Rachael. I would say that I am a NT lite too...I love the ideas but am really bad at implementing and I have allergy issues with the kids too which makes it harder for me and my dh is incredibly picky...sigh. We were getting raw milk and fresh eggs for a while but when I had to take the kids off dairy I was the only using it so I had to quit getting it...I miss it terribly. We do buy raw cheese at trader joe's and I buy sprouted bread at the store. We try to buy organic meat and if we can afford it fruits and veggies too but they are second to meat. I do make kombucha, water kefir and I tried cream cheese once and it was weird..lol I have also done sauerkraut but didn't like it..not sure if I messed it up or was just not my thing...I need to try it again...
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My name is Deborah, I am 24. I just found out about NT this year. I have a 13month old son and 24 year old dh. Dh is totally on board with NT and wants us to move into it faster because he has a lot of food sensitivities and feels much better when we eat more NT. When we slip up he spends a lot of uncomfortable time in the bathroom, and I get gassy but we are still just only getting into it and have a LONG way to go... I am taking butter oil and CLO to try to heal my teeth too. I have always had lots of dental work, and I am tired of it.

I fermented some garlic, which is very strong and all turned blue. We call it "punch-face garlic" because it is really strong but we like it
I made ginger carrots too, but since dh is allergic to carrots he wont eat them and I dont really like them. Mostly we have been eating Bubbies brand pickles and kraut. We love those and kimchi from an asian market. I don't know why I haven't seen any home recipies that have shrimp paste in them, I think that is an important part of the flavor of kimchi. And a great source of fat soluble vitamins

I just got a kombucha scoby last week and my first batch will be done soon! We have been drinking bottled kombucha for a while now from a local co op. I just paypalled Gale Force for water kefir grains, so we will have that soon too.

I plan to get a sourdough starter going as soon as the wheat berries I ordered arrive. I am borrowing my mother's grain mill, but it is amazingly loud so I haven't given it much use up to this point. I am afraid it will make ds go deaf, or at least cry. I haven't used it since he was born. I know the cats really don't like it though...

We have been eating a lot of pasture-fed local lamb, and loving it. Still haven't tried the organ meats. I have two livers in my freezer. I will probably try to cook one next week with onions. I have made several batches of chicken broth and gotten over my fear of "dark meat" and eating fat and skin. It still icks me out sometimes, but if it is crispy I do a lot better. I actually ate the fat around my lamb chops tonight, and enjoyed it I have lamb bones piling up that I need to make bone broth with, so that is an upcoming project.

So far ds seems to eat just about anything and actually throws a fit if he doesn't get to lick the CLO spoon after I take some so hopefully he will continue with this as he gets older
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I'm Aubin, 36, mom of 2 boys (6 yrs and 7 mos), married for 18 years to a stellar man who totally supports and even participates in my obsession with quality, nutient-dense food. We've been implementing NT/WAPF principles for about 4 years now. I was veggie before that for about a year, whole-foods organic nearly veggie for several years prior to then. I began feeling very hungry as a veggie, and my skin started to suddenly look much older. My main objection to animal products was ethical. Now we buy meat from animals that we're confident were raised in a manner that aligns with our values - fully grassfed beef slaughtered at the ranch, pastured pork and chickens. We keep laying hens for eggs, and buy raw dairy from Organic Pastures (which is regional for us, if not strictly local). A milk cow is very likely in our future. We buy local as much as possible, which I think is just as important as "organic", possibly more so. Home is N. CA foothills.

My first son had enamel problems with his baby teeth, which I also had as a child. I was largely motivated by his issues to tweak our diet, which lead me to learn more about nutrient-dense foods, and to realize quality animal foods were essential. I'm eager and slightly apprehensive to see how the new baby's teeth are, wondering if my different diet during his gestation can overcome that enamel problem.

I rarely have time to post here since baby #2 was born, but I've been around awhile, will be lurking and very occasionally posting.
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Toraji, checking in!

I am 32 y.o., married to my best friend of 12 years, and have a 3.5 y.o. daughter. I found NT after being a strict whole foods vegan for 5 years, which I was during pregnancy and lactation. We made everything from scratch, no packaged or junk foods whatsoever, ground our own flour, made tempeh, tofu, soy milk, seitan etc. I supplemented with nutritional yeast for b12 as well as taking a multi during pregnancy. Despite all my efforts, however, my family's health failed and DD suffered the brunt of our "clean" diet. She developed rampant tooth decay at the age of 1.5 years old (she also has severe food allergies, and had bad eczema as a baby). After doing some in-depth research, we switched our diet and made numerous improvements in our health. Our full tooth decay story is on this thread (post #3): http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...d.php?t=419877

I modify NT principles to suit my needs, I eat TONS of vegetables more like the Garden of Eating diet, and don't do many grains and no dairy (though DH and DD do). I've recently started eating within the locavore philosophy, eating only foods which can be grown in my area, as well as growing our own. I am still trying to heal my chronic health ailments (allergies, mercury detox) and it's been a long road, but each improvement reinforces that I'm on the right path.

I don't get much time on the computer lately, but I do try to post on my blog. I've got lots of pictures there of our farmstead. We have goats, chickens, wild turkeys, ducks, and pigs, and we are aiming for self-sufficiency.

Glad to have this forum!
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Originally Posted by toraji
I don't get much time on the computer lately, but I do try to post on my blog. I've got lots of pictures there of our farmstead. We have goats, chickens, wild turkeys, ducks, and pigs, and we are aiming for self-sufficiency.
Just read it, and now I feel like A TOTAL SLACKER. Thanks.

We, too, are aiming for self-sufficiency, but aren't as far along that road as you. Love the farmgirl photo!
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Originally Posted by AJP
Just read it, and now I feel like A TOTAL SLACKER. Thanks.

We, too, are aiming for self-sufficiency, but aren't as far along that road as you. Love the farmgirl photo!

Compared to my DH, I am the TOTAL SLACKER in my family. I just sit around and look pretty.

W00t! I made it! Senior Member! Geez, does that mean I need to think of a title now?
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I'm feeling old : so I am not going to tell you how old I am. However, all the CLO has definitely made me look younger.

I'm probably most famous for living in the same country as MT. Except I'm at the other end to where she is.

I spent 20 odd years as a vegetarian/vegan. I came to NT after the birth of dd#3. I really wish I had found it earlier. Both dd#2 & dd#3 had excema & reflux or colic stemming from me eating either legumes or nuts. With dd#2, I changed to rice milk & my hair all fell out which was very scarey. I could see the line of my head thru my hair. It was dismissed as post partum hormones by everyone I consulted about it. At the same time, I discovered the truth about margerine out. With dd#3, I was getting pretty desperate. Oat milk is pretty disgusting too. Co-incidentally I tripped over a farm selling raw milk. They only home kill their cows so I felt it was an acceptable compromise. I came across NT & it made so much more sense to me than processed soy milk & soy meats. To be honest, I'd never been big on legumes at the best of times & we eat none now at all other than peas & broad beans from the garden.

dh has never been vege & has had issues with me bringing the kids up vegan. More so if they were boys apparently : So he has been pretty much on board with NT from the start except he's not so good with the lacto fermented veges & won't eat cultured butter. & he still loves his junk food unfortunately.

I make all our sourdough bread. I made an earth oven but dh decided he wouldn't let me light it as he had put part of the roof on the new house & thought it was too close. So currently it is a garden ornament & a testament to the durability of cob as it has been uncovered in the elements for the whole winter. It only had one layer of plaster on with no lime in & it looks almost as good as new.

We live on a 4 acre bush block overlooking a very windy harbour. We are in the throes of building a new house which will be part cob. I am probably going to start cobbing in about november I hope. I am limited to room in terms of what stock I can keep as I am not about to mow down all that beautiful bush so I only have chooks. I breed rare breed chooks as a hobby. We eat the spare roosters. I am an avid permaculturist & grow most of our own veges but am continually frustrated by the howling gales & cold summers which limit what I can grow. I have a big garden of local native plants to counteract some of the frustration as they grow well in our conditions.
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Hi! I'm Ruth, and I've only been on the NT journey for a few months. I've been battling depression for most of my life, I've had FMS (fibromyalgia) for several years, inner ear/balance problems for years, and I've recently been diagnosed with liver problems. In other words, I'm almost 34 years old but I feel like I'm about 90.

I take several supplements because I see them as "drugs" that might help me. I'm trying to wean off the supplements and get more nutrients directly from my diet, but I keep the supplements available for the days that I haven't eaten as well.

I keep strictly kosher, and it's often hard to find items that are both kosher and NT. I don't have a source for pastured meat or free-range chickens that are kosher, and I don't have the background in Jewish Law to slaughter my own meat if I could find a source for live animals. So, I'm using "conventional" beef and poultry, at least for now. I'm doing a lot of bone broths, and I'm eating chicken liver at least once a week. I have yet to find a source of kosher beef liver (that isn't frozen in a pate made with hydrogenated soybean oil.)

I'm making sourdough bread right now, but I still use white flour products such as pasta, especially when I'm too tired to cook anything else. I'm eating a lot of fermented veggies, and staying away from unhealthy oils, but I'm not always able to get organic.

My DDs often give me a hard time about unfamiliar foods, but they're in sleepaway camp for a month so I'm hoping to focus on my diet and really take care of myself while they're gone. I'm planning to loosely follow the "health recovery" plan from EFLF. Oh, and my food stamps finally came through so I can do some serious food shopping again!
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A little disclaimer to start with... I have been actively reading the MDC Nutrition Forums for a long time just focusing on the NT related posts and now I only read the Traditional Foods forum. I found out about this great resource while searching for other NT topics. I must however come out of the closet... I am not a mother or even a woman. I hope that I don't get run out of town on a rail over that but I just love this site.

My name is Marc. I'm 30 and I have no children. I've worked in the natural food industry for 7 years. I have degrees in culinary arts and dietetics. I have been vegetarian for 13 years and vegan for 11 of that. After much research and soul-searching I have been trying to move to a NT diet but after so many years vegan, the jump is a very broad one. I've been trying to psych myself up for the switch for several months but just like some other posters on here, it just has to happen when I am totally ready.

My current fascination is lacto-fermented sodas.
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