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Was it planned or a surprise?

Poll Results: Surprise or Planned?

  • 35% (21)
  • 64% (38)
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Just curious to see where we all lie on this one. Was this pregnancy planned or was it a surprise?
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Planned-- we just started trying and, bang! But we've been wanting and waiting for years and years...!
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Hey, I was just getting on here to post a similar poll!!!!! No fair stealing my ideas!!!!

Seriously, I've been TTC for almost a year. This was our 11th cycle of trying. So this baby is very much planned.
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This was a big surprise for us. We had planned to start TTC for number 2 next year. We haven't been super strict about contraception though. I was pretty sure we were past my fertile phase but I guess we weren't.

Considering it took 7 months of very well-timed BD, while I was charting etc to conceive DD, I am SHOCKED that this happened so easily and quickly. I know exactly which, um, evening this pregnancy resulted from.
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Planned and worked very hard for! 10 cycles of TTC and 2 m/c's and now finally here we are!
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I can't really say . . .I had problems TTC my 2nd DD (no issues at all with #1), so I was almost 100% sure I couldn't get pregnant. I thought I'd need progesterone again.

This was only my 3rd cycle PP-- the first I didn't chart, the 2nd I did but didn't temp on "the" most important dates (to count my luteal phase) 'cause I was sure I wasn't ovulating . . .but I knew our timing was all wrong anyway . . .and then this cycle.

So, we didn't think we could conceive but were not TTA.

Far too much info than what you're asking!
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I'm with Paisley - vetrans of TTC 6 months +! Although in our case we were no birth control for over a year, charting for only four cycles. I started weaning off psychotropics in Feb or March 05, in anticipation of TTC. So very, very much planned.
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Sorta both? With my endo, we knew I had a VERY small window of opportunity to get preggo again, but we weren't going to officially try for another month or so. DH was going on a business trip, I told him I was gonna get some before he left--two weeks later we had a BFP!! LOL
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Both, kind of!

We had sex once this month. We've been not trying for a second pregnancy, but not preventing it either. I just have kept reminding DH that we have to do the deed if we want another one... but apparently, once is all it takes...
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A surprise? - A shock more like!!! - but a very nice surprise of course! I have one DD - 16 months, and was planning on waiting until she was 3 or 4 to try for a second. This was some kind of miracle baby since DH and I are pretty consistent about contraception! VERY EXCITED FOR #2 - March 5 2007! I got my BHP YESTERDAY MORNING after figuring out I was 5 days late for AF.
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Second month of TTC, last month I charted and worried about getting pregnant. DH got upset with me and said stopping thinking about it. This month I didn't chart and didn't think about it and just had sex whenever and it happened.
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Definately planned as we are two women! This was our second month trying.
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Hi Sam! How fun to see you here!

Planned, but still surprised that it happened so quickly!
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kinda both

We decided this month to not try, but not not try. I got pregnant in the first month. We got pregnant with my daughter the first month trying also. I guess we are both just very fertile people. Thank G-D I was on birth control before we were ready to start TTC.
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Big, huge, monstrous surprise! There is still the possibility I will wake up tomorrow and find that this entire day has been a dream...so surreal. I'm really worried about how dh will take it.

I'm getting excited though...it's kinda nice to have the decision taken out of my hands...
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Planned and conceived during 1st month TTC! Though we haven't tried to prevent pregnancy in years this is the first time we actually said "the time is now" and I guess it was!
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Planned, after 6 months of trying!
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Planned, we tried for 6 months.
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