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Slowly but surely...

This weekend I got rid of my "telephone table" and replaced it with a white cedar bench my grandad made for me. (The bench had been malingering in my boudior; I like it much better in its new location.)

I also got rid of two house plants, two terracotta pots, and a Rubbermaid tub. (Not to mention the bin liner full of things ready to donate to the charity shop. )
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I'm in - I'll be focusing on my laundry/mudroom. It hasn't been touched since we moved in nearly two months ago and is in general a disaster.

I want to get at least one shelf, to store vinegar and laundry detergent on... right now it's just sitting on the dryer. And I want to organize all the junk that's in there (xmas tree, tools, etc)... somehow.
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I'm woefully behind already. I've gone though one (!) bookshelf (there are 4) and that's it. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more done today.
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Little by little

I got rid of two more bin liners full of "stuff", plus two buckets and a stockpot.

I still have major clutter to eliminate, though, so it's not easy to tell that anything's been purged! : Does anyone else have this problem? How do you stay motivated?
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I am totally falling down on this one. I drug a couple of bags out of my closet, and just put them back in, mostly full. Can I have some cheese with my whine?

Still have 1/3 of the month left, right?
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I got a lot done yesterday! I've gone through all of the bookcases now, organized and purged (a bit) I also moved the couches and cleaned the baseboards etc. Went through one stack of papers and recycled about 90%. I have two more stacks to go though, CD's to organize/purge and 4 drawers in the bookshelves to organize/purge.

DP was inspired, cleaned off the top of his dresser and is looking for shelving for the bedroom closet! Looks like my August room has been chosen for me
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I'm joining in late, but needed the extra motivation to complete my decluttering of my office/spare bedroom. Organized the book shelf, actually put bedding on the spare bed and cleaned out a catch-all box. I'll keep at it.
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