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Woah! This baby likes to kick me!

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I'm getting kicked ALL day long! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I love it (though I do sometimes worry that I'm doing something wrong, i.e. eating something the baby doesn't like to cause all this kicking), but it's really surprising me. I NEVER felt my boys kick this frequently with my last pregnancy, and I thought twins were supposed to move *more* than singletons (or, at least, that the moms would be feeling more movement). I wonder if maybe they couldn't move as much since they were smooshed in there, and now this baby has my whole big stretched-out uterus to himself and is doing a little dance in there. These are not the subtle kicks I would expect of a 20+ week fetus either. These are "woah," make-my-tummy jump type KICKS.

Anyone else have a super kicky baby growing inside them? IS there anything I should be worried about with this? (Does it mean he's more likely to get tangled in his cord or something like that?).

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I am 21 weeks along, and my little one also likes to kick quite a bit--not just little taps, either, but very visible kicks. My husband has been able to feel the kicks for over a month now, as well. I am rather thin, so I was wondering if that was a factor... I don't have any fat around my middle to muffle the kicks!
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This one has been kicking me ALOT!! I keep joking that he is doing martial arts in there. I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and I could see it is a boy...which I had already told my husband for about a week before because of all the kicking. My girls were not like this!! But they say every pregnancy is different so it might not be b/c of a different sex (?). I just hope that he isn't quite as violent when he gets bigger b/c it could get really uncomfortable.
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I am getting kicked alot too. I have been feeling the baby for a while. But this past week - week 20. This little one has become quite the active dancer. So much fun to feel all this movement. I think with my daughter, at this point, I was mostly only feeling her at night when in bed.
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This baby is moving quite a bit too. I don't remember dd being this active this early but it's probably more because it's my second pregnancy than anything else. Dd was an active little muffin herself in utero. At prenatal classes last pregnancy they told us that the times the baby is most active in utero is indicative of their activity levels when born. We'll all be in trouble if that's the case.

I have a bit o'paddin around the middle going into this pregnancy so the movement isn't noticable on the outside. I'm rather impatient for it to happen so dd can feel it as well. I think she'll get a kick out of it.
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This little guy is very active too. I've been feeling him for awhile now, but it's increasing quite alot. He's not quite as active as my first DS who's still VERY active, but more than my last 2 kiddos. I'm loving it. DH has actually managed to feel some nice hard thumps the last couple weeks.
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my 2nd one was like that. It was so crazy my belly looked like waves lol this one seems to be mostly doing it around 7pm and all night!
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YAY! Dh got to feel the baby kick for the first time tonight. I think dd might have felt it as well but I don't know how much faith I should put into her yes. She seemed a little freaked out by the whole thing. Shortly after though the baby in her belly started kicking.
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