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Okay, I feel lousy, anyone else?

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I'm really surprised. With both DD and DS, I felt absolutely no symptoms at all until at least 4 weeks past conception. Nothing, except for maybe a little breast tenderness. But I'm only 2 1/2 weeks po here, and I feel like crap. I'm weary; I fell asleep in the middle of the day yesterday and then again today. I get dizzy if I go more than an hour without a snack, and my stomach is NOT HAPPY. Oh, and I'm irritable, like really cranky, like the way DD gets if she doesn't nap.

I was really hoping for a two-week grace period before I started really feeling pregnant. I don't know how mamas with many little ones get through the first trimester-- I was trying to rest today and DD kept pushing on me and saying things like "mama, up" and "mama, go" and I don't know how I'm going to keep up with her for the next two months.

Anyone else feeling really pregnant already? How do I manage the first trimester with a not-quite-2-year-old?
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Uh-uh, me too. Tired, dizzy, spacey, crampy and achy. Oh yeah and nauseous. I am taking progesterone so that might account for some of it.

I was thinking the same thing today about moms of 3+. How do they do it? My 3yo has more energy that I know what to do with on a regular basis, but now :! Plus I watch another MDC Mama's 6mo 4 days a week and the two of them together is a lot of work. Honestly it makes me a wee bit nervous for when I have 2 of my own, but I am thankful to be getting a 'trial run' of sorts.
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Feeling the same way here. It is definitely different (more difficult) when you have kids already.

My crampy-ness seems to have finally passed but I am so tired and spacey I can hardly get through a book a with the girls and I find myself falling asleep

I am also on progesterone so I was attributing some of those symptoms to that, but I'm not too sure.
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I'm with you guys. This past week I've been sooo tired. Tired doesn't even begin to describe it. When I get to the point that I simply can't move anymore, I set up DD in the craft room, give her tons of paper, glue, sequins, glitter, and put a smock on her and let her go to town with that while I lie on the floor by her and close my eyes for about 30 minutes. It seems to help me recharge a bit.

Llyra, I also have this hitting sooner this time that before. I wasn't even tired until the last couple of months before. It's surprising to me too.

Paisly, I can't even begin to imagine watching a 6mo old on top of this. I'm impressed.

Alisa, yay that your crampiness has passed!! The nausea and exhaustion make me feel lousy, but the cramps make me feel lousy AND nervous.. who needs that?
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I am with you mamas on this too. I am so tired all the time and hungry. I am trying to get ready to go away for a week and we have been running all day every day this week so DS hasn't been napping which means not so good nights either.
I agree I don't know how moms do it with one or more dc.
I am looking forward to next week where grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles can watch ds for me. Only two more days.
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OMG, Llyra, I'm so with you. I've been dozing off and on all day, and I'm still yawning as I type this. I was just wondering if everything starts earlier with #2 - I know you tend to show earlier and feel baby move earlier.... do symptoms start earlier as well?

My DS is 19 months, I am worried about how I'm going to be able to handle the extra work with him and being pregnant, especially since I've just moved into a new office where I had planned to bring him to work with me part time - I was thinking that was going to be great, now I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to handle both my pregnant self and him!

We'll see, I guess!

Glad to know that someone else is feeling not so hot. I hope you feel better soon!
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I got my BFP today - and started feeling pg today! So maybe it's all in my head : . But truly, I've been getting really grouchy when hungry for the past week. But today I have that queaziness in my tummy...

Let it all pass quickly for us all!
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Joining you guys

Well, I'm gonna go ahead and join you guys. I'm due 3/5 and I'm right there with ya'll, I totally lucked out with my DD1 (she is 21mths) with hardly no symptoms but tiredness. But this time I'm TIRED, very dizzy and lightheaded and having trouble concentrating. SOme of this may be contributed by still working overtime at my job, which we have been doing since that B***h Katrina hit. But I have to say today I felt good, I haven't stopped since I woke up at 7 this morning! Clothes, vacuuming, shoe shopping, pet shopping, wash and brushed the dog and just got back from league bowling - but I have a feeling I'm going to crash in a little while. Lets hope all of our symptoms pass quickly!

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I am much more nauseated than I was before. My stomach growls but the thought of food makes me want to puke all day long. There are little lulls but for the most part, I feel sick all day.

I manage to choke down vitamins and a green drink and (yuck) cod liver oil in the morning.

Meat tastes okay sometimes.
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I don't really have many syptoms yet, i'm tired and its starting to hurt when DS latches on. I'm hoping I don't get much morning sickness this time around.
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I'm exhausted almost constantly. I took a couple of naps today. I can't help but fall asleep, it seems! At least my DS stays out of trouble, as long as I lock the deadbolts! He actually agreed to play in his room earlier just so I could get a nap!
I really have to clean the house. Especially the spilled cereal from this morning. But, where oh where do I find the energy?

I'm not experiencing much in the way of nausea yet. I only get a little nauseated if I'm hungry, otherwise, I'm fine. I'm hungry a lot, though. I'm trying to watch my weight gain this pregnancy. I gained 50 lbs with my son, and I don't want to go that high again. Plus, I'm starting off heavier this time than I did before. But, it's hard to watch my weight if I'm hungry and/or craving certain things! And, boy, have I been craving protein lately!
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I'm right there with you all! So grateful for this thread...I'm due 3/13 and starting to really feel pg this week. Emotional, crampy, exhausted, dizzy. And the nausea is creeping up again. But I have to say, I've been sleeping hard and good, so that's been great! My anxiety seems to be at bay...

Hope we all start feeling better soon. And I'm so excited to be pg again!

Congrats, Ladies!
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Hm, I'm on my first and not on progesterone, and I fall asleep about four hours after I wake up! You ladies aren't helping me in my ongoing debate with DP on one child or two...

I don't feel bad, though. And I have energy in little spurts throughout the day. I just get so tired, so easily...
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Yeah-- I'm more exhausted than I ever was (of course, I also have 2 children!) and I started getting morning sickness a few days ago, which is 2 weeks early for me. At least it goes away when I eat!
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Originally Posted by Yo Becca
I got my BFP today - and started feeling pg today! So maybe it's all in my head : . But truly, I've been getting really grouchy when hungry for the past week. But today I have that queaziness in my tummy...

Let it all pass quickly for us all!
i know! as soon as i got a the nausea hit HARD, i did have other symptoms though, but goodness the nausea makes me just want to lay down all day! i have tired days off and on, today i wasn't, yesterday i felt drugged i was so tired!! boobs are good so far... i had one 5min streach yesterday while i was actually on mdc that it felt like they were letting down HARD, but good beyond that...i just in general feel : and of course i found out RIGHT BEFORE we are going to move across the US!! i hope the nausea gets better b4 i'm trapped in a truck for over 26hrs!!
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ooooo, raversangel, that's gonna be fun... I just got back from spending a week on the other side of the continent finishing the packing and overseeing the loading of all our stuff. The four plane rides were not my idea of a fun way to spend early pregnancy...
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I feel pretty lousy today. I've been exhausted and moody and dealing with my 2-yr-old who has been testing me all day. Argh. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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The nausea is the worst part! With #1 I don't think I felt too much. But this time around I just feel like the hang over without the night before. ohhh, and I have to check my boobs to make sure they are still attached after each time I b/f. Anyone with ideas on how to calm the nausea?
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I have been very lethargic and moody. I am hoping I don't have 7+ months of MS like I did last time.
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