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5 months and huge?

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I am pregnant with my 2nd and I swear I look like when I was 8 or 9 months with my daughter. Am I just not remembering what it looks like to be 5 months pregnant or am I secretly having twins? : FWIW, the u/s are all only showing 1.

I even lost weight since the beginning... what the heck is goin on!
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I was bigger earlier with my second too. I'm now preg w/ my third I'm bigger now than at the same point with my 2nd (or at least I feel bigger). I've read it's because everythings already stretched by the first pregnancy so everything falls into place earlier with subsequent pregnancies.
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your first baby made room in your uterus so the second isn't so cramped and it easier to see your prego

I am 21 weeks with twins and trust me I am HUGE lol I can't see my feet anymore and i do the ol prego roll to get out of a chair.

With my first no one could even tell i was prego until around 8 months or so. With my second everyone could tell my 4 months....
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I feel like I'm huge too. I was much smaller with my last preg (2nd preg, but 16 yrs after my first) and this one just seemed to "pop" out so much faster. I even had one insensitive friend comment about only being half way there and hoping I didn't get twice as big!
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this was at 18w


i am always a huge bellied pregnant woman.
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I'm usually to the poitn I can't see my feet around 3 months. I get big fast. Bigger faster with each one. I'm 21 weeks now and most people think I'm ready to have the baby lol
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Phew! I'm glad to see I am not alone.

Happy Pregnancies to all!
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This is my first, but I already look very pregnant. Everyone swears it's twins! I haven't had an u/s yet, so I don't know, but my belly looks like a lot of the bellies of moms due around September!
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I'm big too - I just had to pass a mat blouse onto a friend 'cos it's getting too snug, and it's one that I wore when I was 7 months pg with dd.

I'm finding it's not just the belly, it's the bazooms They're definitely filling out again
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Here's me at 20 weeks!!!! Exactly half way and I feel huge!!!

oh and here is a pic of my other two....gotta show them off too!!!

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Also, your stomach muscles and ligaments are stretched out from your previous pregnancy, and your skin is more elastic. Basically everything is already prepped for your belly to stick out earlier. I'm expecting my 4th, and I swear that I get bigger sooner every time! I still don't feel pregnant, tho. That's wierd. Maybe I'm just too used to it.
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I feel bigger this time even if I'm not. I haven't gained as much weight this time so far, which is fine, but I *feel* big because I know I have so long to go until the baby is born. I also feel very bloated if I eat too much at a meal--I'm trying to use this to help change my eating habits. Instead of eating just because that's my portion, think before I eat, "Is this going to make my belly really uncomfortable in an hour?" And "Can I save some of this for later, if I decide I'm hungry then?" Yesterday we had Burger King. I ate a few fries, drank a little of my soda. Then I poured out the soda and put the fries in the fridge while I ate my sandwich. I never got around to eating the fries later. Of course, I know that sandwich alone probably had 1000 calories and 100 grams of fat in it, or something. But normally, I would definitely have eaten the whole value meal.
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